Great Product, Great Quality9/27/2019 11:20:42 AM

Pros: Easy installation, system immediately recognized it. No issues at all, fast, accurate. Looking to buy 2 more modules soon.

Overall Review: You can save money buying no-name brands, but you'll see a difference when you buy from a known brand like this. Don't skimp on RAM, you need it more than you know.

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Well packaged, perfect fit9/19/2019 9:39:55 AM

Pros: These cables came 3 to a package, each neatly twist tied separately, clean connections with no problems. The angled head reduces strain on the connection and makes it easier to hide the cables.

Overall Review: Good, clean, solid cables. Well worth the low price.

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Great Product, Great Price9/7/2019 7:48:58 PM

Pros: Bought it for my laptop just to have more storage space and get away from a spinning drive in a laptop that sees bumpy road and aircraft usage. Very reliable and noticeably faster than the previous spinning platter hard drive.

Cons: Due to the difference in design, I could not clone my old drive's configuration to the new drive. I had to fresh install all of the programs and copy and paste all photos, documents, music, etc. But the finished product was worth it.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this drive for someone ready to get away from mechanical drives.

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