Thus far, a worthy Descendant of the Samsung Syncmaster line...2/6/2021 4:01:23 PM

Pros: Full 144 Hz Frequency now in Res above 1920x1080. Full 1 ms Response Time now in Res above 1920x1080. (DisplayPort Cable of powerful Caliber required for this... As of the time of this Review, i'm using the Cable: "Coboc CL-DP8K-6BK DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.4 Cable, DP 1.4 Male to Male - 8K@60Hz Resolution Ready DP to DP Cable in Black - 6FT" Also purchased here on NewEgg. I DIRECTLY advise against attempting to get away with using ANY DisplayPort Cable of lower caliber then 1.4 Standard for 144 Hz + 1 ms, & Length greater then 6ish Feet!) Looks epic good! Compared to the prior Samsung Syncmaster, imho the Stand is sturdier & feels less scary to manipulate & position, like when carefully scooting around the Desktop trying to fine tune its Desktop Positioning. (& I mean the Hardware Desktop, not the OS Desktop mind you.) I'm not totally sure on this, but it feels to me like the Curve of this Screen is even better in terms of viewing comfort then this Monitor's Ancestor... Compared to the Syncmaster, unplugging & replugging Locking DisplayPort Cables is less uncomfortable & difficult for thicker fingers like mine.

Cons: This Monitor's Instruction Book swears that the Monitor can be tilted up, but I can't figure out how to do it... it can't quit seeming like the Stand is 100% rigid & inflexible & no attempt to push forward on the Monitor Screen Bottom & push back on the Monitor Screen Top at the same time to make it tilt like how I did with the Samsung Syncmaster Screen ever makes it move & i'm afraid to try pushing hard or it feels like i'll break the connection between Monitor & Stand... & the Instructions are useless as to telling me HOW to perform the Screen Tilting. This aspect of the Monitor Instructions is in dire need of fix. Lucky for me i've changed my mind about trying to Tilt the Screen up after discovering my Center Speaker of my "Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System - THX, Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Certified - Black" (Guilty Confession: Bought elsewhere... regret...) turned out to not be able to sit in the space under the Screen & in the nook of the Stand Legs, let alone without blocking access to the Monitor On/Off Button. Gonna add a Desk Riser to my Strategy to address this Issue + raise Monitor to Eye Level as a substitute for Tilting Screen up. I'm curious if the Monitor Making Devs somehow never expected any User of this Monitor to 5.1 Speaker instead of 2 Speaker... I humbly suggest please taking 5.1 into account in the future... 5 Speaker Surround Sound is useful for better enjoyment of many kinds of Games, including but not limited to "Hunt: Showdown"...

Overall Review: This Monitor's rocked thus far once I got it Hooked Up, Old Monitor Drivers booted, New Monitor Drivered up, & games I play changed to new Res Setting. Also took notice that compared to the Syncmaster's Menu Interface, this one's seems improved in Display Performance. This is written from the point of view of usage for a Gaming PC running on W10 Home, & a "SAPPHIRE Radeon VII DirectX 12 21291-01-40G 16GB 4096-Bit HBM2 PCI Express 3.0 x16 ATX Video Card" Graphics Card. (Still have no clue why Hunt: Showdown even on this bad boy is averaging 55 - 70sh FPS... CPU might be Bottleneck...?) My condolences to those who live the dreaded nightmare of getting this Monitor then falling victim to Factory Defect &/or Shipper Mishandling. P.S. Hope my Review wasn't too yappy.

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Looks like a Pokeball!1/3/2018 4:02:13 PM

Pros: - Performs at heavy duty power on USB 3.0 Power. (Averaging 800 - 900 Mbps & Max Bars of Reception through two walls!) - Cable Length usable amount of long. - Blue my fav color so LED Color bein Blue is a bonus. - Looks cool. - Combos well with my D-Link DIR-890L Wireless Router.

Cons: D-Link's Driver Installation Software's never been any good... don't even bother using it, (Seriously, throw the provided Drivers Disk away or hang it from a string in your Garden to try to repel Crows with it instead.) let Windows 10 Driver this dude up, then go into your Device Manager & Right Click this dude & tell it to search for Updated Drivers & have it Driver itself up to Full Power instead.

Overall Review: To be fair, the Internal Walls of this House are not Insulated, i'd estimate Range from Router to my Antenna at 30ish Feet, & I can't speak for how this Antenna would fare trying to service to & from a non-D-Link Router... I can only speak of my personal experience. Also I paid 2 bucks to get this dude a couple days sooner instead of doing the Super Egg Savings & it still arrived at Super Egg Savings speed of about 7ish days... when my Main Computer was out of Internet Power & needed fast delivery of this dude BAD... >:( I won't dock Eggs from this dude though cause this is an Issue with NewEgg, not the Wireless Antenna itself... it's innocent in the matter. It gets 6 Eggs for sheer raw power & brawn plus looking awesome, then loses 1 Egg for D-Link'd Driver Installation Software never being competent, for a grand total of 5 Eggs. P.S. To the Reviewer below that advised letting W10 Driver this dude up itself & ignore D-Link's Drivers, I followed this advice & got Internet up right away, but wasn't able to Download faster then 4ish Mbps until I went into my Device Manager & had it search for Updated Drivers, so I thank you for your info & hope this can serve as a 2.0 Revision to that good advice.

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