It's ok, but not as good at the original11/1/2011 10:59:55 PM

Pros: Price - Bought it for $109 shipped. I love the overall design. Easy to switch inputs and is a nice sleek design.

Cons: Difficult to change the settings, two different monitors look the same but are completely different.

Overall Review: I bought this monitor for a dual monitor setup. The other monitor is a acer g215h abd that i bought a year ago on newegg. These are not even close to the same monitors. The g215h abd is a much better monitor. With a contrast ratio of 50,000:1 instead of the g215hv's pathetic 20,000:1. It's the same with the brightness, the g215h abd is rated 300cd/m² and the g215hv is rated at 200cd/m². Sitting fairly close to the monitor they look exactly the same. If you stand up or change the angle that they are calibrated for the g215hv looks really fuzzy. I will sell this monitor and get a g215h abd. I took off an egg because it's just not as good as the original is.

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Great12/5/2010 10:04:03 AM

Pros: Bright display, large screen, very thin and modern design.

Cons: Just as other reviews said the factory configuration is terrible. You have to play with the settings to get them right but when you do the monitor looks perfect. The 5 buttons on the right side of the screen are hard to use at first.

Overall Review: My configuration settings: eColor Management Brightness: 97 Contrast: 60 Color Temperature: Cool I bought this monitor on black friday for $100 shipped, it's worth the original price, i'm extremely happy.

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Great2/24/2008 9:54:20 PM

Pros: 7200rpm, 16mb buffer, perpendicular recording, IDE (getting harder to find), supports locking

Cons: Drive noise maybe?

Overall Review: Great hard drive, i bought 3 of these, they come in a antistatic sealed bag without a box. At first glance i was like "what did i get myself into" but i was wrong. These drives performed flawlessly. I used these drives to mod xbox's and they all worked perfectly. The load times with 16mb buffer is amazingly fast. I will probably buy 10 to 15 more hard drives in the future.

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