Still going strong.11/13/2016 10:32:31 PM

Pros: Purchased 11/5/2012 now 11/14/2016. Still my os drive. Still fast.

Cons: Sometimes I like having excuses to buy new hardware. This ssd has refused to give me an excuse to replace it.

Overall Review: Who know's if anyone will read this review on a drive that isn't sold anymore but oh well. Just like the last review, I've had this ssd for 4 years and its showing no signs of stopping. I recall back when I bought this , one of my colleagues was surprised that I went with Intel at the time because apparently other brands were popular at the time and were boasting better i/o speeds. I simply said that I felt confident that an Intel product would last me a while. Skip ahead 4 years and I'm still using the same ssd while one of his has already started to fail. Fluke? Maybe so but this Intel ssd has has worked for me long enough that when/if it does die or I want to upgrade it, i'll likely be going with another Intel.

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Been a great Drive11/13/2016 10:18:19 PM

Pros: Purchased on 3/3/2011 died earlier this year in 2016. Not too shabby really and it died without causing too much trouble.

Cons: Things only last so long.

Overall Review: So close to 6 years of service but couldn't quite make it. This was my main storage drive and where i stored most of my game installations so it was used quite heavily. I started to notice for a while some hang-ups in explorer when viewing image thumbnails in large folders and when I was playing games that loaded data off the fly, sometimes they would stutter and hang at times. Got into event viewer and found tons of i/o system conflicts with the drive. Drive continued working long enough to backup almost everything I needed with only a handful of corrupted files that I could not recover. I guess this isn't so much a review than it is reminiscing since its likely this drive isn't available anymore anyway. If you still have this drive and it works, good for you!

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Ownership: more than 1 year
We've had this close to 7 years now...11/13/2016 10:06:27 PM

Pros: Its been almost 7 years and this tv is still going strong.

Cons: It's showing its age now as it has hdmi handshake issues with the ps4 requiring the set to be turned off and on sometimes in order for the ps4 to see it. Ps4 works normally on newer tvs.

Overall Review: Getting close to 2017 so we've almost had this tv 7 years now. Still turns on and still has a great image. I'd say it still looks better than a lot of newer 1080p tvs with led backlights. Unfortunately when we bought a ps4, we noticed the tv would not detect the signal from the ps4 quite frequently and would require either resetting the ps4 or turning the tv on and off. The ps4 works fine with newer tvs but just not this one. From what i can piece together from the internet, it might be an outdated hdmi hdcp handshake issue from the tv itself. Not really a surprise there considering the age of the tv.

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Questionable Lifespan2/6/2015 8:34:29 PM

Pros: Powered my i5 2500k and 560ti

Cons: Terrible Coil hum after a couple years of use.

Overall Review: I bought this power supply back on 5/13/12. A couple months ago i noticed a rather loud hum coming from my pc when I was gaming or otherwise stressing the video card in furmark. I eventually narrowed it down to this power supply. It would noticeably vibrate when under stress and return to normal when the pc was idle. About the time I was starting to notice this issue, my video card had started to exhibit some odd wavy lines on my desktop under certain color shades. Swapping out to an older pci-e video card made this issue go away. I swapped out the psu for an EVGA 750 B2 and the humming went away and my system seems quieter and a little more responsive. Sadly, the video card I had been running was still showing the wavy line anomaly. It didn't appear to be a rendering issue as it doesn't show up on a screenshot and games still seemed to run without a hitch as they always did. So basically I can't say for sure that the power supply is to blame for what happened to my video card but it seems that it could be a likely culprit. For the sake of peace of mind and for the sake of your entire build, don't skimp on the power supply. A bad or poorly performing psu will likely effect all of your components and, in a worse case scenario, a catastrophic failure of the psu could take some of your expensive components down with it.

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Wonderful8/12/2013 4:11:40 PM

Pros: Smooth and accurate tracking. Dirt Cheap (was on a daily deal) DPI Button (although I don't use it) Bright and uniform blue led lighting.

Cons: Cheap construction Lights cannot be turned off / may be too bright for some. Side buttons are easy to accidently hit. Side buttons are too small and close together. Driver limitations (more below)

Overall Review: For the price that was paid for this device there isn't much that can be complained about. The tracking is smooth and accurate. The mouse feet are larger than standard feet and glide across my tempered glass mouse pad with ease. It did not come with a driver but there is a driver available at the website if you scroll to the very bottom of the page. The driver is very limited and only offers a small handful of shortcuts you can change the buttons to. The build quality of the mouse feels solid but somewhat cheap. Its hard to say just yet how long it will physically last. The wheel feels smooth and is very quiet. The middle mouse button is slightly harder to press than most i have used. The side buttons are too small and close together. Depending on how you hold your mouse, the side buttons may also be easy to accidently hit. As expected, the polling rate is a default 125hz and there is no options within the Cobra driver application to change.

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Great Fan5/4/2013 9:33:02 PM

Pros: Great Price (shell-shocker deal) Very low noise even at full rpm, practically silent at low rpm Great airflow

Cons: No cons that I can think of.

Overall Review: The original Cooler Master fan from my Hyper 212 heatsink was starting to make some tell-tale noises of imminent failure. And of course Newegg, being as awesome as they are, just happened to have this fan up for shell-shocker on that very same day. This new cougar fan outperforms my previous Cooler Master fan hands down while making a fraction of the noise. I have it hooked to a fan controller and have not noticed any audible squealing issues as others have stated. The color scheme is obviously a personal preference. I see it as a welcomed deviation from the average multi-colored led fans or drab simple black fans. It fits quite well into the ratio of looks and performance.

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Great product2/25/2013 1:18:35 PM

Pros: -Easy application, so long as you don't use the silly card and laughably small cloth it comes with -Perfect Fit -Cheap for 3 of them -Smooth feeling, doesn't leave noticeable fingerprints.

Cons: -Matte finish degrades screen image quality (knew this before purchase) -included fiber cloth is way too small and abrasive to be of any use

Overall Review: The biggest con for anyone considering looking into a matte screen protector would definitely be the resulting image quality. The nexus 7 has a nice high resolution screen with a high ppi. This protector will reduce the image quality considerably when viewing solid white or other solid colors. Luckily these protectors are cheap and they do fit very well. I had no issues applying it without air bubbles or dust. Make sure you use a large microfiber cloth with some very mild cleaner to get rid of any left over oil residue from your fingers and dust. I would have taken 1 egg off for the image quality issue but i knew matte screen protectors tend to have this kind of result and since you get 3 of them at such a low price, it definitely worth it

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great Small fryer9/9/2012 9:43:00 PM

Pros: Fast Heat-up time , Very Fast Closeable lid Easy to clean

Cons: Temperature setting control very flimsy Lid release lever doesn't always open the lid.

Overall Review: We were looking for something that would be sufficient to cook small portions of food for 3 people at a time at the most. Luckily this unit seems to work perfectly for just that. The oil heats up very quickly and holds temperature very well. Something that put me off though was the max/min fill lines. The unit has a relatively shallow cooking basket and with the oil at the max fill line, there seems to be a very shallow amount of actual cooking area available for food. I realize that they put the lines there as a safety to reduce the risk of the oil boiling over the top due to frozen/wet foods but, after some testing with some frozen fries and other food, it seems having the oil a little over the max line is really no issue. After you use it for a while, you'll likely find a level to fill it too that will work best for you. The temperature selection is on a rather flimsy slider on the front. It works fine but it just has this feeling like it could break easily.

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Great So far6/1/2012 7:29:08 PM

Pros: Cheap for a Z77 Chipset Power and reset buttons built on board Digital display onboard for troubleshooting/temp sensor UEFI BIOS easy to navigate, even though my mouse doesn't work.

Cons: Older bios versions on shipped boards may cause some headaches (more below) Cpu placement (more below) Many bios options are not given any sort of explanation although mainly a non-issue for most users. UEFI Bios was not compatible with my mouse

Overall Review: I started running into trouble as soon as i tried to install windows 7. The installer would always freeze up at the first windows logo animation. I tried a safe mode install and while it did get into the installer, it would still freeze at the startup logo after the first reset. Spend quite some time with it trying to figure it out and what it ended up coming down to was a bios update. The most recent bios update for the board is what fixed all the issues so anyone planning on buying this board, plan on having the most recent bios accessible if you run into any issues. The logitech g400 mouse does not work properly within the UEFI, the input is all reversed but is still usable with a keyboard just the same. The cpu placement may cause issues with aftermarket coolers being to close to ram heatspreaders. i5 2500k @ 4ghz GSKILL Model F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL 9800 GTX+ <-- old :( ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro

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Simply Great5/13/2012 4:07:36 PM

Pros: Immediate improvement in temps from idle to full load. CHEAP

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: I finally got around to trying out some overclocking with my older e6600 processor. After about 3.4ghz, the load temps with stock cooling were reaching almost 80c. With this cooler, it doesn't even reach 70c under full load. I got this when it was on special for 19 bucks. Worth every penny. I'll be using this cooler when i upgrade to my new AM3+ system.

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Amazing product3/8/2012 7:53:41 PM

Pros: I was a little concerned at first with the active drawing area size. I have large hands but luckily the drawing area is more than adequate. I also like the idea of not having to worry about a battery in the stylus. My previous tablet used a battery but there was no indicator to let you know the battery was getting low, it would just perform poorly.

Cons: The drawing surface does feel a little "rubbery" at first but i became quickly accustomed to it. The usb cable is rather short but nothing a usb extension cord cannot fix. I did have some issues getting the driver to work properly at first.

Overall Review: For the price these are going for, you can't really go wrong if your looking for a tablet with basic specs that should fulfill the needs of most average and possibly advanced users. If your a serious graphics artist though, you'll probably want to look into the Intuos line.

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Great for allergy sufferers1/5/2012 2:50:35 PM

Pros: Low price for the amount of area the unit is advertised to cover Filters are cheaper than most other units

Cons: Loud fan, even on low setting

Overall Review: After reading a lot of reviews for these types of products it really seems to be a hit or miss with people as to weather this really helps in their household. This could be because of it being used in too large of a room or possibly even the location in the room. It also could be that the unit is advertised to perform at its best with the fan set to its highest setting at all times. Unfortunately the fan is far too loud at the highest setting to be considered tolerable for most people. Be that as it may, this unit has performed wonderfully in my small bedroom. Like a lot of other people who have purchased these, i also suffer from allergies from dust, pollen, pet dander and the such. Leaving the fan on the highest setting while I'm at work and then lowering it down when i get home seems to be sufficient and has noticeably cut down on the amount of dust that would normally collect on my desk.

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Great Performance9/2/2011 8:44:55 PM

Pros: Its memory, its pretty straightforward. Price and performance is all there. Being used in a Compaq CQ60 that only came preinstalled with 2gb. Huge performance increase all around. Well worth the money.

Cons: I don't see any reason to add any cons.

Overall Review: My desktop pc unfortunately died on me and my laptop has now become my main pc for the time being. The price payed for a large performance increase makes using the lower spec hardware allot more tolerable.

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Simply Amazing3/23/2011 10:23:02 AM

Pros: Very little adjustment needed out of box Colors and contrast are better than anything I've seen OSD is very easy to navigate and the touch areas of the screen are non-obtrusive

Cons: Typical glossy bezel that attracts dust and fingerprints. Stand is nice looking but rather simple and doesn't offer much in adjustment. There is an apparent backlight bleed on a dark screen, mine has a slight greenish backlight bleed on the left side. It does effect image brightness and color is a very slight way on that side but not enough to be noticeable unless looked at very closely.

Overall Review: This monitor wipes the floor with the previous AOC monitor i had ordered and returned. I've recently started getting more into image editing and drawing and i needed something with a little more color range and uniformity. This screen fills those needs in every way possible and more not to mention being an outstanding price for an IPS panel. I can see things in allot of my older images that i never knew existed. Gaming on this screen in terms of performance is a kinda love/hate thing for me. The picture quality is obviously still outstanding in game but since my old lcd was a 2ms response time and this is 6ms ( info from LG's site) there is some noticeable ghosting. Basically if you're looking for a monitor that will fill your needs for image editing but also want to be able to do some gaming without worrying about the high response times of most IPS panels, then this is the sweet spot for you.

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Great , but flawed3/8/2011 3:06:55 PM

Pros: Amazing contrast ratio Sharp picture Low power consumption

Cons: Can be rather wobbly Touch controls aren't particularly sensitive Brightness issue (see below)

Overall Review: There's not a whole lot to say about this screen that others haven't. The picture quality is amazing and after some minimal initial adjustments everything pops off the screen. Unfortunately my first unit had to be rma'd because of a brightness issue. The right side of the screen was quite noticeably brighter than the left side. Mostly apparent when viewing pure white and bright colors. I got my replacement back only to see that it had the same exact issue, fortunately its not quite as bad as the prior so I've decided to keep this one, i don't feel like going through another rma, nor do i think its bad enough to bother. I would love to give this monitor 5 Eggs but having 2 units with the same exact problem leads me to believe that it might be a common issue with this screen but will more than likely not be noticed by average users.

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Awesome1/21/2011 4:14:01 PM

Pros: Low Price DD-WRT compatible

Cons: Have to use micro version of DD-WRT due to lower memory capacity.

Overall Review: Had to get a new router cause my old Netgear WPN824 was starting to flake on me, dropped connections, lag, etc. This new asus router seemed to function just fine with the stock firmware but since dd-wrt works on it, why not put it on. So far its been perfectly stable and doesn't seem to run terribly hot under a full load. Cant really go wrong here with the price and functionality. As usual props to newegg and asus, 2 companies ive done business with plently of times over the years.

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