Ok drives7/16/2010 4:32:08 AM

Pros: Reasonable cost, and easy to get up and running.

Cons: Had one drive fail in a RAID 5 array after about 9 months. The other two appear to be going strong.

Overall Review: I don't know if I would use one of these as a stand alone drive with a failure rate of 1:3 in 9 months.

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These are not holding up too well6/10/2009 11:54:21 AM

Pros: It works decent when it works.

Cons: The average unit life appears to be about a year. Reliability degrades over time and the units eventually die.

Overall Review: We have about a dozen of these in our office. The first few we bought seemed to work great, so we bought this same model for the rest of the office. A few of the additional units we bought would have issues either loosing their connection to the router, or the computer would loose its connection to wireless adapter. This would happen hourly for some of the adapters. Four or five of the units have completely died after about a year. I am still trying alternatives to see if there is something better on the market. Why is it that there is an endless variety of mediocre to super cheap products for this purpose, but nobody makes a bulletproof Cadillac model for a higher cost? I would rather have a piece of hardware I can plug in and forget about than something I am constantly troubleshooting and then having to replace in a year.

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So far a good router for a small office1/14/2009 12:10:11 PM

Pros: Fairly easy to setup. Works reliably and easily a handles a network with 15-20 PCs.

Cons: Had to tweak the security settings to get everything working properly.

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This works great1/14/2009 12:04:37 PM

Pros: Does what it is supposed to do. I have this set up with three different PCs and had no problems with the operation.

Cons: None.

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They work!1/14/2009 11:59:37 AM

Pros: I installed these in 13 different Dell computers and only had one computer not work.

Cons: It did not work in one Dell Vostro 200 mini tower. However, we have four other Dell Vostro 200 mini towers that it seems to work fine in. There may be a bios issue or a problem with the motherboard in that machine, as the RAM seemed fine when tested in another machine.

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Works fine1/14/2009 11:54:43 AM

Pros: Works fine after installation in Dell Dimension with windows XP.

Cons: None.

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Work great6/13/2008 10:40:47 AM

Pros: Easy setup and configuration. Set them up once, enter the encryption key, and they connect automatically after that. I have about 10 of these I use in a small office network in conjunction with several Linksys WRT54GL routers. I have not had any problems with these and have been running them for about 10 months now.

Cons: For whatever reason, if you change which USB port this is plugged into, it will stop working correctly. You can either switch the port back or reinstall which is not too difficult.

Overall Review: Good product, works correctly. Based on my track record there is a low chance of getting a bad unit. I have at least ten that were bought at different times from different sources.

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A router that actually works6/13/2008 10:31:21 AM

Pros: Easy setup. Third party firmware available (dd-wrt) to make customizing easy. Very stable. I have four of these and all work well. I use one at home to share my internet connection, and three at work to act as wireless hubs for our network.

Cons: I have had no problems.

Overall Review: If only all networking components worked as well.

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Worthless6/13/2008 10:27:28 AM

Pros: Shiny case.

Cons: The web interface would stop responding after any changes to the configuration. Required a factory reset in order to get it to respond. Could not get far enough with the setup to even test anything out.

Overall Review: Junk right out of the box. I am growing impatient troubleshooting bad networking components. It would be great if a company made a product that actually worked.

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Terrible6/13/2008 10:21:49 AM

Pros: works well, when it works.

Cons: I have a small sized network with about 10 windows XP machines. My specific router is the version 4.0 of this model. Ran this for several months on the original firmware and had frequent loss of connections to the network, probably one per hour, but it was reasonably workable. So, to try to improve things I upgraded to the current firmware. This was a big mistake. Now I have more frequent loss of connections, and the router will frequently not assign IP addresses to computers on the network. The router has to be reset about every hour just for minimal functionality. Linksys does not have older versions of their firmware available. Also, they keep their source code secret which prevents anyone from coming up with third party firmware which might actual make the device work correctly.

Overall Review: Don't bother upgrading the firmware. This might work ok if you have 2 or 3 computers, but anything more than that is probably going to have trouble. I am going to replace this with a higher end model.

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Works great1/18/2007 4:47:48 AM

Pros: Easy to set up. Works great.

Cons: None I have found yet.

Overall Review: It took me a little while to get my wireless network up and running, but it was the fault of the wireless card in my laptop. Once I switched that out, the network worked fine. I can now use the internet anywhere in my house (1,400 s.f., single story, stud/drywall walls).

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Never got it working1/18/2007 4:40:41 AM

Pros: Inexpensive Newegg refunded the purchase less a restocking fee.

Cons: Never got it working. Partially worked, causing me to spend many fruitless hours trying to troubleshoot it.

Overall Review: I purchased this card for use with a Dell laptop and a LINKSYS WRT54GL wireless router. I ran all of the setup instructions multiple times for both the router and wireless card. I could connect to the router, but could not get an IP address assigned to the computer. After spending about 8-10 hours trying different software patches and settings, I was unable to get the wireless card to work. I tried the wireless card on a different unsecured wireless router and had the same problem. I tried a different wireless card (a Belkin F5D7010) with the same computer and router and had it working in under 5 minutes. Based on that I think it is safe to say the card was bad. The frustrating part was that the card partially worked, leading me to believe I just needed to find the right software settings. If it had not worked at all, it would have saved me a lot of time. I probably could have tried a replacement card from Newegg, but I had already purchased the Belkin and it was working.

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Works Good10/6/2006 5:47:12 AM

Pros: Easy to install, does what it is supposed to do.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: No problems with the installation. Plugged the card into the slot, plugged in the printer, fired up the computer and put in the install disk. It automatically found and installed the card, the ports, and the printer. I'm using a newer (2006) Dell desktop with windows XP home edition. Dell is so cheap now they do not include these ports on their computers, but really most new periferals are USB based. I needed it for my older printer and my GPS that uses a parallel port. This card was a cheaper solution than getting USB adaptors for both items.

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