Smooth, clicky, and bright!6/29/2021 9:10:34 AM

Overall Review: I love the tactile feel of they keys as a depress them, it's very smooth and a nice response back with the click. It works with my mac which is great and the back-light it very sweet. I wish it had a number pad, but honestly it's not a big deal and I knew that when I ordered, plus it takes up a lot less space - so I'm very happy with it.

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Awesome scooter!!4/13/2021 6:18:51 PM

Pros: Super light weight and easy to carry!

Cons: The tires will wear slightly over time.

Overall Review: It charges quickly, and the range is over 12 miles! I love the digital display so I can keep track of how far Ive gone on my charge. The suspension is great, the scooter takes cracks in the road with ease. I am happy with the LED headlight; it gives a good amount of light to see where Im going and to also be seen. The tires are great quality and can handle a little off-roading if necessary. The brakes stop the scooter effortlessly, there are e-brakes on the handlebar and also the fender over the back tire.

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Compact bluetooth and the mouse works great with my TV3/19/2021 7:55:49 AM

Overall Review: I bought this for my Samsung smart TV so that I could type quicker and have a mouse while browsing the web and searching youtube. It works great! I only use it occasionally, so the power-switch makes it easy to flip it on, do some typing, and flip it back off. The compactness makes it nice to fold up and put on the coffee table. I highly recommend!!

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Light weight, not too bright, and multi colored!3/1/2021 5:14:17 PM

Overall Review: It's a sweet little keyboard, great for Windows machines, even has a ctrl+alt+del button! The lights aren't overly bright, perfect for a dark room, and the multi colors are, of course, awesome. Good price, too.

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Great Product9/14/2011 3:02:46 PM

Pros: I purchased two of these monitors about a year ago and have been using them 15+ hours a day since. I haven't had a single problem. The only reason I'm posting this is because of all the negative reviews I see - I'm here again because I'm looking to buy a third (three display setup).

Cons: I noticed that they advertise this monitor that you can view the monitor at any angle and it's perfectly viewable... not exactly true. It's a wicked awesome display, but if it's angled too far it does degrade in brightness. But really not a problem in my book.

Overall Review: I purchased these bad boys with a Ergotron dual monitor adjustable arm stand, and am going to buy a second ergotron single montior arm stand for my third display. Unfortunately, as of 9/14/2011, newegg doesn't have any of these samsung BX2440 displays in stock :(

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Great keyboard3/9/2010 10:52:19 AM

Pros: They keyboard is perfect... if you know how to type. Most people get annoyed by using my keyboard, but i have been using this exact model for over 6 years now and am not going back. Your hands fit it flawlessly and typing just flows, you don't have to angle your hand or think about anything - its just there!

Cons: It's a Microsoft product... :) The arrow keys and (home, end delete...) keys are a different pattern than a standard keyboard but I got used to it quite quickly, and now I like it better. The biggest downfall? I use this keyboard 15+ hours a day, every single day, and the eventually it burns out. Generally it lasts me about a year give or take a few months. But I don't mind spending 30 bucks a year to have an amazing keyboard...

Overall Review: I also like how it is ps2 with a usb adapter, so you have options. I took mine apart and painted the casing around the keys blue, so whenever i replace it i just swap out the cover and i'm back in business. I recommend this to everyone!

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