SO FAST11/27/2018 7:44:24 PM

Pros: Write and read 20GB of movies took me 2 minutes Nice quality material Looks good One of the fastest USB flash drive I've ever own USB 3.1

Cons: Nothing so far A little expensive, but worth it

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GET THIS INSTEAD7/7/2018 8:41:21 PM

Pros: SO MUCH BETTER than the gaming chair that's in the $100 range!! Best chair under $100

Cons: Only con is if you didn't get this chair within less than $100 dollar price point.

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Nice for its price6/26/2018 5:48:36 PM

Pros: 24 inch Price is amazing Pretty realistic color

Cons: The stand is a little big for my table, but oh well Had a dead pixel right out of the box and in its in the center.

Overall Review: The exchange policy is that there needs to at least 4 dead pixel to be eligible for an exchange. It is understandable since there are millions of pixels on this monitor. Really wished that the box had more of the word, "FRAGILE", on it so the shipping won't be as barbaric.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Cheap and great preformance6/25/2018 6:54:39 AM

Pros: Cheap Better than the other heatsinks with this level (4 heat pipes) Works well with my i7-8700k and goes minor OC to 4.8GHz below 63 degrees Celsius

Cons: Should've gotten the R1 or my high end CPU, but this is still a good buy. Instructions are clear and it took about 5 ~ 10 minutes of installation after trying my hardest to unscrew a horrible factor stock cooler that was put in by a madman.

Overall Review: Thinking of getting the CRYORIG R1, which has 6 heat pipes.

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AMAZING PRODUCT FOR ITS PRICE (This is literally what's called price to performance)6/9/2018 12:03:00 PM

Pros: -Easy to use right out of the box -Got it for $1100 for double sale and it was a GREAT BUY -The cable management is surprisingly great. (They even use fishnet to organize the cables) -The PC is surprisingly quiet, even when I overclocked -Love the blue LED light on the fans -Very spacious to put other or replace other things (like CPU fan cooler) -Windows 10 is already activated right out of the box for me, contrary from other people's reviews

Cons: -Cheap CPU stock cooler (Whoever buys it needs to really consider replacing it) -600W Plus is okay for normal use, but should get a 750W Gold for intensive gaming -RAM is 16GB, but it's DDR4 2400, but I'm not complaining. (There's 4 RAM slots though so it's good :D)

Overall Review: We're in the mid 2018 year and the price of many PC parts are rising. After considering whether to build a PC of the same specs, this Prebuild is actually CHEAPER. I bought this product because it has 4 star rating, and a lot of people seem to buy ABS. Although this was the first time I've heard of this company, they've really made a name for themselves. Overall this was the BEST PRICE TO PERFORMANCE prebuild PC I've ever seem.

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Great product!10/7/2017 9:46:13 AM

Pros: It was clean, with no scars or scuffs, and almost like it was new! Love the long battery life compared to the Mini 4

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: Been using this for 4 months and it has been amazing. This is the perfect balance between battery life, proficiency, speed and pricing.

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Great product!10/7/2017 9:42:15 AM

Pros: Very fast and efficient

Cons: I was bumped out that there wasn't the 256GB option

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Great Product10/4/2016 11:03:37 AM

Pros: Easy to use, the Surface I got looked great. Barely any scratches, and it looks new. This was my first tablet and I enjoy it a lot and the price is great as well!

Cons: For me, the only problem was its weight. SP1 and SP2 are a bit heavy to hold on certain positions. The kickstand only has 1 position. While Surface 2/Pro 2 have 2 positioning, Surface 3 has 3 positioning, and Surface Pro 3 has a friction based kickstand so it is flexible. If you were to sit on a chair with SP1 on your lap, you'd have to either lay it flat on your lap use it or lean back a lot to use it with a kickstand. But these are not the seller's fault, but the maker, Microsoft.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this to people especially for this price If they don't mind having only 1 kickstand and a tablet that's almost 2 pounds.

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