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Good Idea, Not Quite What I Was Looking For.

ICY DOCK Dual Bay RAID 2.5 SATA HDD SSD Hot Swap Mobile Rack Backplane Cage for 3.5 Drive Bay - ToughArmor MB992SKR-B
ICY DOCK Dual Bay RAID 2.5 SATA HDD SSD Hot Swap Mobile Rack Backplane Cage for 3.5 Drive Bay - ToughArmor MB992SKR-B

Pros: Allows you to add a simple RAID1 solution when you only have a single SATA port to work with, limited expansion room to add a full hardware raid controller solution, or if the project does not warrant a full hardware RAID solution.

Cons: I was looking for a RAID1 solution that would fit in an exact 3.5” HDD form factor. That in turn was to be placed on a tool-less 3.5” hard drive tray that then slides in to the computer case and connects to the computer case’s built-in SATA data/power backplane. The chassis is exactly the full width and height a typical 3.5” HDD, but, it is about 1.5 centimeters longer. IMPORTANT, at least to me, is the placement of the SATA data/power connectors on the back of the chassis. They do not perfectly mimic a standard SATA drive. These details are difficult to notice in the product pictures of MB992SKR-B. The misaligned connectors on the back of this chassis means you can NOT use this chassis with a typical drop-in SATA docking station or any kind of backplane that expects the connectors to be in an exact spot. You can only connect this chassis using cables; where you have a bit of flexibility for placement. In addition to the misplacement of the SATA data/power connector, the extended length of this unit (including the key lock) proved to be a problem when attempting to mount it on/inside the aforementioned hard drive tray.

Overall Review: This chassis would be ideal in a plain, older style 3.5” HDD bay that can be accessed from the outside of the case and where there is enough room on the inside of the case to allow for the extended length of the unit. I currently use four other Icy Dock drive chassis (two different models that fit in 5.25” bays, non-RAID) and am very pleased. I got ahead of myself a bit when I saw this device and instantly thought Icy Dock had another solution for one of my needs. Now that I know the shortcomings about this unit for my own needs, I know better what to start looking for. Icy Dock, if there is not a variant of this design that will fit perfectly in a 3.5” HDD form factor, please make one. Make it shorter, without a protruding key lock, and place the SATA data/power connector in exactly the right position to work with SATA backplanes and drive trays.

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Wrong Product

CISCO MGBSX1 1000BASE-SX Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver, for Multimode Fiber
CISCO MGBSX1 1000BASE-SX Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver, for Multimode Fiber

Pros: no pros

Cons: Product description and picture are incorrect. All indications on this product page point to a genuine Cisco MGBSX1 module. Instead, I received "Finisar" brand modules in a static shield bag and a self-printed label on the outside that said "MGBSX1".

Overall Review: Don't waste your time ordering from PC Wholesale via Newegg. The parts I received are outrageously over-priced third party modules and not the genuine modules I wanted. If you are looking for "MGBSX1-compatible" modules, you can find them new for $6 elsewhere. Third party modules will generally function properly but will not report all status details on genuine Cisco switches. Also, Cisco does not provide support when using third party modules.

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Perfect Transaction

Ordered two Cisco 1000BASE-LX optics with free shipping and received them to Florida within 2 days. Will definitely order in the future.

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