8/13/2015 7:54:06 AM

Pros: Bought this case almost a year ago and it does not disappoint. Alternate HD mounting allows for great airflow and plenty of space. Includes just enough screws for proper installation. Plain and simple, but performs its function perfectly.

Cons: The case lights are very bright. For my purpose, I did not plug them in at all. The instructions are terrible. The cables that come with the case (USB, LED, buttons) are almost too short.

Overall Review: The cons aren't enough for me to not consider this an excellent case. Please take note of the cable length though. If my connections had not been on the edge of the board, there could have been a problem here.

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Low Price and Full of Features5/8/2014 7:09:33 PM

Pros: Great GUI BIOS, all the necessary connections. Solid construction. Very nice software suite.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Gigabyte was a little late getting into the GUI BIOS and updated software, but once they did WOW. Drivers/software/BIOS for this board can now be updated to the latest in just a couple clicks. Software looks much more up to date. BIOS is very nice and easy to navigate. Was very happy with this board.

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Looking Good5/8/2014 7:01:59 PM

Pros: Great looking case. Extremely versatile. Good lighting colors/ Great connection locations. Perfect size.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I really enjoyed putting this thing together. My last two tower cases have always had the major buttons and connectors on the top, and honestly I will never go back. I built this for a customer, and he likes this as well.

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Can't Beat it for the Money5/8/2014 6:56:13 PM

Pros: Really, it's hard to beat. Antec has always been a high quality brand for me, and this was no exception.

Cons: The only reason this was not a 5 star unit for me was that it did not allow the Haswell build to sleep correctly. It would power down, but never wake.

Overall Review: If I was building a high-end rig, I would not be getting this. Worked fine for the i3 build it went into though. Now, there may be I few adjustments I could make in the BIOS for this (my unit went out to a customer) but I was I little disappointed to see that the unit is labeled Haswell compatible and did not quite deliver.

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Cool and Fast5/8/2014 6:41:56 PM

Pros: Plenty of speed for the money, much better integrated graphics than the Pentium models, 2 cores with 2 threads per core, supports VT-x

Cons: It's Intel, so you are going to pay for it (but it's worth it)

Overall Review: This is great for a quiet machine with some real power behind it!

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Great Drive For the Money5/8/2014 6:33:56 PM

Pros: Great speeds out of the box, easy to install.

Cons: None so far!

Overall Review: Had to tweak NIS when installing this drive. Turned off auto disk defrag in Windows, but found out that NIS 2014 will run its own if it finds it necessary.

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Can't be beat9/28/2012 5:58:33 AM

Pros: Plenty of space, built-in fans work perfectly, can be made virtually silent with built-in controller, plenty of options for hiding cables, designed to accept water cooling, very comfortable handle, perfect size

Cons: lousy manual, stock cable 'management' barely present

Overall Review: I don't think you can beat this board for the price. Look at the dimensions before ordering. It is the perfect height for simply reaching over to connect headphones or a USB device. Thank goodness the stock fans come pre-wired, because once you loosen the stock cables (to plug in USB and whatnot) you are confronted with a mess.

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great card9/27/2012 6:36:01 AM

Pros: Runs super quiet, easy to control with the included software, exceptional performance, card came with acceptable amount of thermal grease covering the GPU. Does not take fans to full speed during boot process.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This is a great card with a great cooler. Application for the card has many options, such as GPU, memory, and fan speed, with can be saved to several profiles. Highly recommended!

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just like a new one9/27/2012 5:46:26 AM

Pros: Works perfectly, love the option to add more devices, great connection, the most comfortable keyboard we have ever owned

Cons: none

Overall Review: Ours can set up just like a new one except for batteries and the CD. Cannot be beat for the price. We loved this one so much this is our second.

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Outstanding Processor9/12/2012 10:25:20 AM

Pros: I have to echo the last few pages of reviews I have read. This processor was flat-out amazing for its time, whether at 2.4 GHz or the 3.4 GHz I ran for the majority of time I had it. I was truly amazed at how fast it was compared to the Core 2 it replaced, and even the i5 in my current laptop.

Cons: At the time I started running it, was blown away by the heat.

Overall Review: Time to upgrade has never taken my so many years.

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