Good drive5/6/2014 9:00:41 AM

Pros: Rigid, small, has both microUSB and USB connectors, reasonably fast, especially with USB3.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Tested real transfer speed using large files (small ones give cache speed, not write speed). 1) USB3: Write 18.6 MB/s, Read ~90-120 MB/s (DELL desktop) 2) USB2: Write 12.8 MB/s, Read 31.4 MB/s (DELL desktop) 3) MicroUSB: Write 9.7 MB/s, Read 6.6 MB/s (Samsung S2 phone, perhaps limited by the phone memory speed)

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Team M132 32GB USB1/20/2014 9:01:42 AM

Pros: Small, solid design, microUSB and USB 3.0/2.0, reasonably fast

Cons: Could be faster

Overall Review: Having a memory stick with microUSB and a standard size USB there is no need for any adapters for my phone and samsung Note pad, that have microUSB only. This one has very solid metal case and is small. It also has no cap on USB side - which for me is a plus as I will lose it anyway. I carry it on keychain - the small size and metal case are a must. Speed tested with 2GB file: USB 3.0: write 13 MB/s, read 33 MB/s (fast desktop, i7 etc.) USB 2.0: write 10 MB/s, read 20 MB/s (old 1.2GHz Toshiba R500 laptop) microUSB: write 9 MB/s, read 6 MB/s (Samsung S2 phone. Read is probably limited by the phone write speed) Conclusion: it is faster than my other regular drives that write at about 4-6 MB/s. There are certainly faster USB3 flash drives, but they are typically ugly and too large for my taste, and do not have microUSB.

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Works with Canon T3i8/21/2011 7:26:06 PM

Pros: I now tested it with Canon EOS T3i - works well. Fast enough to record HD Movies 1080p 30fps at 47Mbps rate (T3i's highest recording speed).

Cons: none

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Works well, fast8/17/2011 8:07:01 PM

Pros: Checked it with h2testw - it has 31638 MB, write speed is 13.0 MB/s, Read speed is 16.2 MB/s in my Toshiba laptop. My older class 4 flash writes at about 5 MB/s, so this new flash must be class 10 as advertised. Will be using it in Canon T3i, should be more than enough for 1080p video recording.

Cons: None

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Lighting fast!12/3/2010 5:45:34 PM

Pros: Fast, quiet, shake resistant, low energy consumption. Replaced the crashed 120 GB HDD in Toshiba Protege R500, installed Windows 7. Fresh installation: turn-off takes 5 seconds, boot takes ~15 seconds!!! You can actually turn computer off now! With all the toshiba drivers and antivirus turn off is 10 seconds, turn on is 30 sec. Going to Sleep and out takes just few seconds. The original HDD with Vista took a minute to turn off and few minutes to boot to Vista 32... A 60 MB file copies from one dir to another one in less than a second (same drive). Word 2003 starts as Word 2.0 used to start - in a second. Unbelievable. And the disk does not turn off when working in shaking cars, planes etc. Energy consumption - original R500 was already amazing with ~6 hours working time on its battery in economy mode, it now estimates 1-2 hour more, but I have not really tested it, just battery icon estimate.

Cons: Price/GB is high, but it is worth it.

Overall Review: I know for that price you can get 2-3 500 GB laptop drives, but I am happy to trade space for speed. 120 GB is enough for my work apps. Ordered overnight delivery on Tuesday morning, got it on Thursday, would be nice if newegg could have "overnight" sent out the same day as ordered.

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