Very Disappointed6/11/2016 9:03:54 PM

Pros: - Compact

Cons: Very inconsistent connectivity, and yes it's definitely this pci card, I will tell you at the end. When you are streaming videos (youtube or any website) the video keeps buffering every few minutes, sometimes it loads fine then the video stops and you have to wait 5-10 seconds for it to continue loading. When you are playing an online video game you get lag spikes every 5 minutes. This is extremely fustrating when you've purchased a "good" wireless card. Now being a tech guy myself I did a bunch of troubleshooting and it's definitely this card. None of the other wireless devices in my room have this issue. I've even used my friends "old laptop" to stream videos and play online games and he's getting a flawless connection. What a joke! It doesn't matter whether you use the regular or 5G connection, and it doesn't matter how you position the antennas (I have tried everything). I must say I am extremely disappointed and most of all frustrated because it is currently the only Wifi method I have for my main PC, and I have to deal with awful connection everyday!

Overall Review: I shouldn't have placed my faith in TP-LINK. This is my last time purchasing a TP product.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Nima K., Thank you for taking the time to review our adapter. We’re sorry to hear that you encountered these difficulties. Due to the symptoms described, our Support Team would appreciate the opportunity to follow up with you in order to properly address this concern. At your earliest convenience, please send an e-mail including your contact details along with a copy and paste of your review to our Support Team at the address below so we may have a Support Agent follow up with you for assistance. Your case reference number is 160616-010636. We thank you again for your feedback and we hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards, TP-LINK Support Team (866) 225-8139
Unimpressed.6/20/2014 11:20:18 PM

Pros: *Good looking *Blue LED fan *USB slot *fan speed controller *Sturdy *Good angle and height- slim enough

Cons: 1) NOT ENOUGH AIR FLOW I was really surprised by this, even on it's highest fan speed, it does not deliver enough air flow. The 200mm fan feels weak for its size. 2) BAD MATERIAL- I used to have a laptop cooler with thick aluminum metal... and it was COLD to the touch.. which really helped cooled down the bottom of the laptop by touch. On this thing though, there's plastic all around and even the metal mesh in the center is just warm- it doesn't capture a cold temperature. 3) Nonadjustable- MID FAN ONLY. This is a PROBLEM for many laptops who have their HOT SPOTS on the Right or Left side. I have to place the left side of the laptop more in the center, leaving the right side of my laptop floating. 4) NOT AS QUITE as described. On it's highest setting you can actually hear it clearly

Overall Review: I am most probably going to return this laptop cooler and buy a different one

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Nimkal I am sorry to hear your cooler has not meet your notebook requirements. We do carry other model that have higher CFM that should fit your needs. I have linked our SF-19 Cooler which runs at much higher CFM. Please feel free to visits our site. Thank You CM Support Ruben 1-888-624-5099
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Screen banding fix1/17/2012 5:00:29 AM

Pros: I reviewed earlier and gave it 2 eggs. I did use the bios update fix. Just go to the Asus driver's website and get the 206 and 207 bios update (I did both just in case- with 206 first) Once you download it, click on the Windows button or Start button and type Winflash in the search. Open Winflash and then chose the bios update file. then click Flash and it will update and restart when done.

Cons: Problem did not fix completely. There is still color problems and some darker colors look grainy. It does not look as bad but it did not fix it. And i can see it clearly sometimes. Although if this problem is fixable through bios then I am happy and will wait for another bios update for this issue.

Overall Review: Its too bad the bios update did not completely fix the banding issue and the grainyness.. it made it better though. I wish Asus makes an update soon!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Owned for over 2 years12/10/2011 1:32:11 PM

Pros: + Low profile + 1ms response time for gaming (quick response) + comfortable + Razer logo on it :D + good price for gaming keyboard

Cons: - Keyboard keys get really sturdy and stiff once reached 2 years... I'm gonna have to get a new keyboard because now it requires effort to simply type... doesnt feel soft at all anymore... but its still an amazing keyboard. get it! nothing beats it.. Im still getting the same one if I buy a new one.

Overall Review: Get it gamer ;) my next keyboard remains the same.

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Owned for over 1 year12/10/2011 1:24:35 PM

Pros: + Looks really nice, has a beautiful design + The mic quality is good and clear + Never had any hardware problem with it- just plug and it works! + The button to turn on/off the mic has a light to indicate when mic is on - Mic height/level is easily adjustable- when it works (see cons) - Table mic makes ur keyboard alot louder than u are.. get annoying for ur gaming friends (see cons and other thoughts)

Cons: Its a great mic but after a couple of months the mechanics which hold the mic stick in position stopped working and it just falls all the way down... I have to place a small object at the bottom to hold the mic up otherwise its too low and wat u hear the most is my keyboard. One thing u want to think about table mics is that your keyboard will be noisier than mics on headset. I've had complaints about friends telling me over skype that my keyboard is load.. and I made my cousin buy the same mic so I gotta agree when he types I hear it loud too.. can get really annoying- this has nothing to do with the mic... its just a table mic so just think about it (see below for gaming)

Overall Review: if ur a gamer and u want to talk on mic alot through skype or ventrilo... then just get a good headset that has a mic... because u will get complaints about how loud ur keyboard is... and even if u put the mic further.. they will still hear the keyboard louder than you. Otherwise ur not really into gaming or if u dont care what ur gaming friends think (like me :P ) then get this for sure! great quality

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