Not what it claims to be5/4/2021 4:14:12 PM

Pros: Seems sturdy enough

Cons: Not aRGB as claimed. Only powered by molex style connector.

Overall Review: If you're just looking for color, this will do. Be aware that the color cannot be controlled. It is powered only by a 5V and common pin on the connector.

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Good Printer, Moderate Support2/5/2011 11:06:07 PM

Pros: Easy WiFi setup, fool proof cartridges, great quality.

Cons: Only marginally helpful foreign tech support.

Overall Review: My mother had purchased it for herself.vvOut of the box, I began to set this printer up. I made it through setup to the point of initializing the print heads. I continued to receive print head errors. I called tech support, which actually went to a real voice quite quickly. I went through the entire sequence again with the tech guy who believed it was the network. I didn't think so. I don't claim to be part of the Geek Squad, but do have a fair knowledge of tech. I spent a good hour and a half on the phone with a very nice agent from New Delhi India. Unfortionately to no avail. But through brute force and ignorance (and some poking), I found that one of the ink traps (the cotton bats where the ink cartridges clean and rest) had been knocked loose during shipping. This is something that I would recommend everybody check. Make sure those cotton pads on the left side of the printer are properly pushed in place. This little problem was the only problem so far.

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