3/4 the way there4/14/2020 12:05:17 PM

Pros: Arrived on time. Good packaging. Clean product.

Cons: I think one DIMM is bad. (No memory registers.) There are two unused DIMMs as a result. (Due to pairing)

Overall Review: Four sticks were purchased so that it would be a matched set but, I think one of them was bad. I found a combination of the two factory sticks and two from this set so, I got what I wanted anyway. Other than that, the system runs fine.

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Excellent3/19/2020 10:25:26 AM

Pros: Zero issues. RAM is specific to iMac year.

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: Since bumping Mojave on the old iMac, figured adding RAM would help prolong its use. The 8GB is a good compromise when looking at the price. The iMac already had 4GB. Moved the old RAM to the two unused slots. Added the new RAM to the original slots. Boots first try with 12GB RAM. Excellent!

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First review, non-scientific, no issues with functionality4/12/2019 8:22:18 AM

Pros: - SO-DIMM RAM is easy to work with - Fit right into the slots, no force was needed - Memory worked on first start - System's memory capacity now doubled

Cons: - Could not find any reviews of OLOy SO-DIMM RAM prior to purchase - It did cost less but not by much versus the known brand names

Overall Review: I'm not a RAM guru so, this purchase was not made on any specific specs other than the base speed. The factory RAM has four VLSI chips on front and four on back. I chose OLOy because it was the lowest price of the configurations that matched this layout. Pictures were taken of the RAM speeds post install but, Newegg does not have a feature for me to add them, otherwise I would have. Just in case, holding on to the factory RAM but, OLOy looks okay.

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Low cost alternative4/9/2019 10:22:50 AM

Pros: -Name brand product -Very good condition -Worked right out of the box (the box was beat up but, not this) -Nice 4K monitor (the image is sharp/detailed - as it should be)

Cons: -Brightness fades a bit near the edges (may not be an issue for a television program)

Overall Review: This product is being used as a computer monitor via HDMI. The computer's video card outputs a 4K image. As far as televisions go, this is not the best and, certainly is not the worst (average - rating.) Since my $ was used to make this purchase for someone else, beggars can't be choosy.

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Pretty cool .. I like it.2/24/2019 10:18:22 AM

Pros: Comes with a good sized pot .. ready to go (after an initial wash.) Very easy to use, not much there to get confused with. Shows heat in F° and watts. Fast, fast, fast, I could not believe how fast it brought soup to a boil. Comes with a magnetic tester (refrigerator magnet) so you can test your existing pots for usage with the cook-top. Light and easy to store.

Cons: I thought the top to the pot was a bit cheap but, acceptable.

Overall Review: I would recommend it .. already own two. ;-)) Hey Rosewill, send me the free blender! Thanks.

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Good First Impression2/9/2017 11:10:58 AM

Pros: Clean look, large bright screen, plenty of disc space, ample RAM, quiet, VERY impressive audio output, Windows 10 Home, almost no bloatware and, very good condition.

Cons: Weight (kind-of expected, 17"), a little sluggish (HDD.) Does not support 5-GHz wireless. No indicator (LED) lights. Have used it for a short period of time.

Overall Review: About the clean look - when it is open, all you see is a power button, the keyboard and track pad - that's it - no indicator lights. A power, HDD and wireless light would be nice. About being a little sluggish - I'm used to a desktop with an SSD C: drive. Probably upgrading to a fast SSD would make a big improvement. About the 5-Ghz wireless, it can be remedied with a USB3 5-Ghz wireless antenna.

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it's got its good points3/3/2014 4:29:25 PM

Pros: Mini-ITX case, USB 3.0 & audio front ports, 220W PWR Supp, 5.25" & 3.5" drive bays, a unique HDD side mount, and supports a full size video card (must be single-wide though), good design with nice paint job.

Cons: Tight work area makes it a challenge to do a good job placing components and routing cables, heavy duty USB 3 cable is not very flexible, power supply doesn't leave much room above CPU fan, make sure video card doesn't have mounting nuts a top (like VGA port) or it will be hard to install (HDMI or display port at top is better.

Overall Review: After populating a MB, it usually takes me about 20 mins to assemble a system. This took a couple hours. Partly because I had to undo things and start over. I had to remove the memory to slip the board in. Fortunately, the CPU and fan could stay on the board. Note, don't purchase "high standing" RAM. You may be better off without heat spreaders. Note, read up on the hard drive placement before you start too. I went with an AMD system and there wasn't much room between the CPU fan and power supply. A thinner and maybe longer power supply would be nice or, place it under the drive bays. Thermaltake needs to ease up and the thick/heavy cables. Not only were they hard to flex they were a bit long too. They should provide a couple SATA cables with straight plugs since, the motherboards typically come with right-angle ones now. And from my experience, right-angles don't work well in this case (pun.) Lastly, I stuck the included rubber feet on the bottom of the case, not on its edge. As it turns out, they designed the packing foam assuming you would put the rubber feet on the case's edge. So if you want to pack the case back in its box and you put the rubber feet on the case's bottom, you're going to have to get out a knife and cut a slot in the foam to allow for the rubber feet. A better selection of components would make this case easier to work with. For instance, going with the ASRock B85M-ITX LGA 1150 would have been a better design to suit this case. Also, I think the stock fans from Intel sit lower too so, this CPU would have been better too, Intel Core i3-4330 Haswell 3.5GHz LGA 1150 54W. I still like this case, partly because it was a challenge and, because is has potential for interesting combinations of parts. Outfitting this with a blu-ray, SSD and data drive is definitely doable. - AMD A6-6420K Richland 4.0GHz Socket FM2 - MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 FM2 AMD A75 - Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR3 1600 - Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200 RPM - Thermaltake Element Qi w 200W PSU Mini-ITX

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2nd one is ok too3/2/2014 11:47:56 AM

Pros: FM2, HDMI support, USB 3, 6Gb/s SATA, WiFi, Gigabit LAN, eSATA port, GUI based BIOS is easy to work with, 32 GB Max, DDR3 1866 natively, etc.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This is my second build using this MB and just like the first it ran right from the get go. Don't' know if I'm experiencing some type of "other OS" memory block but, Windows 8 installs with this board flawlessly (boot from USB DVD.)

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good cpu3/2/2014 11:32:58 AM

Pros: low watts, standard fast clock rate, GPU included

Cons: none

Overall Review: Windows 8.1 Pro would not run a rating on the system, because of GPU?

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nice overall10/26/2013 11:10:10 AM

Pros: the case has a great footprint and that's what it was purchased for. the satin black finish is excellent. it's audible (case fan) but, not in the loud category. the power supply is adequate for the setup used. lots of vent area. overall a very nice looking case.

Cons: this case is the most expensive part of the build. even the MB couldn't believe it was out-priced!

Overall Review: didn't use the bracket to install/hold a dvd player. took it out of the case to provide better cooling. have used usb dvd players for a while now. system build: Thermaltake SD101 Steel Mini-ITX Tower MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 FM2 AMD A75 AMD Athlon X2 370K Richland 4.0GHz G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB SDRAM DDR3 1866 Western Digital WD Black WD5003AZEX 500GB ASUS EN210 SILENT Low Profile Ready Video

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nice for basic desktop10/26/2013 10:10:26 AM

Pros: fast, inexpensive, good technology, win exp score 6.5

Cons: none

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nice LAMP server4/2/2012 8:00:13 AM

Pros: Compact, low-power, quiet, good BIOS, light-weight, acceptable CPU (speed), fast RAM, good assortment of connections/ports. RAM amount is fine for Linux.

Cons: Not designed for user to open. But, it can be done with a credit card. Only needed for adding RAM. HINT: Remove the one screw at the base and then use a credit card to pop the cover latches (side opposide the power button. )

Overall Review: Wanted a MySQL database to test against at home. Installed Ubuntu 11.10 server with options LAMP, SSH Server. Then added phpmyadmin and webmin. Now, just leave it running due to the low-power and no-noise. It's great. Did not upgrade the RAM, just checked it out.

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excellent3/6/2012 5:41:40 AM

Pros: very easy to install - edges have flat areas for pushing down. heat spreaders are black for fast heat dissipation. and they're fast...

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: in this case, the windows experience index for memory truly outranks the processor. hard drives are now the feet dragging boat anchor - they shouldn't cost so much. Nothing fancy: Athlon II X3 3.4GHz Asus M4A88T-M G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB DDR3 1866 Galaxy GeForce GT 430

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a good starter hdtv1/29/2012 5:30:17 AM

Pros: easy assembly, light weight for its size, plenty of inputs, compact remote, nice color and brightness, everything works

Cons: uneven backlighting, VGA connection has ghost image, 1080p isn't as sharp as expected, dead pixel

Overall Review: This is a good starter HDTV. Good for TV shows, sports and as a PC monitor (like right now.) An avid movie buff should avoid this because of the uneven backlighting. The lighting hot spots are obvious in dark scenes. If you watch movies and don't use the TV as a PC monitor, consider a plasma. The VGA connection has an impedance mismatch somewhere. Could be the HDTV, my laptop, or the cable. However, the laptop HDMI port looks great on the HDTV. This is what is being used now. Something about the 1080p mode bugs me. Seems a little fuzzy from what I'm used to. The dead pixel shows up as a continuous red dot. It's on the very edge of the bezel in the upper left corner. So, it's not really an issue. The uneven backlight and fuzzy 1080p knocked two eggs off. Using: brightness-25 contrast-51 color-69 tint-R1 temp-WARM

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great mid level case2/28/2011 6:54:29 PM

Pros: plenty of air-flow options, design and build is very good, philips is only tool required, drives lock-in with no screws, black inside and out, power supply on bottom, very light weight, good assortment of hardware including ties and a socket, nice mid-size case for basic home use and classic looking design

Cons: for this model and design, none

Overall Review: this case is really light. the thin steel body has flex but, it's very well made and doesn't require force to assemble parts. purchased the optional cooler master clear fans to move heat out. for my application the window isn't necessary but, it's ok. this is my third cooler master case purchased - they've all been black inside and out, and all have been impressive. great mid level case for home PC. NOTE: the socket is for the MB standoffs and works (driven) with philips screwdriver

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follow up...12/3/2010 4:15:33 PM

Pros: An unexpected surprise. Connected the TV to a blu-ray player from the same MFG, the 5500, and this is what happened. When the player was turned on, the TV displayed 720x480@60Hz. When a blu-ray disc started loading, the screen displayed 1920x1080@60Hz. And has great detail.

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: As long as a blu-ray is playing, the resolution displayed is 1920x1080@60Hz and this is when the Info button on the TV's own remote is pressed.

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Great Price - Nice HDTV11/30/2010 4:34:02 PM

Pros: The color... it's beautiful. The onboard sound is actually pretty good for a TV. It's a plasma and I assembled it myself (ie. it's not heavy). Great size for most rooms. Plenty of adjustments to tweak. Looks great. They raised the controls on the TV's side/frame so that you can feel them.

Cons: The plasma screen isn't exactly black... and this is before turning it on. However, when watching a program that fills the screen and has contrast too, it looks fine.

Overall Review: Garbage in garbage out. If the TV get a crumby signal, you get a crumby picture. But on the other hand, if you send it a great signal, WOW it's awesome! I calibrated my screen so, some of you may want to try these settings: Mode=Movie, Contrast=96, Brightness=57, Color=56, Tint=G46/R54, Black Tone=DARK, Color Tone=WARM2. Enjoy!

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like it but, a little bummed11/12/2010 5:56:18 PM

Pros: I like this case. There's plenty of room, most of it is tool free, plenty of airflow, lockable and overall it's a nice design, solid. I like having the network LED too. It looks good.

Cons: The fans could be quieter. I wouldn't say they're noisy but, you know when the system is running. (I'm using it as a workstation.)

Overall Review: I am bummed though because the frame is bent. It's straight from the bottom up until the 5.25" bay, then the frame bends (slightly) to the left. I knew something was wrong when the (broken) front cover standoffs fell out of the case when I first opened the box. But, I had to get the system running, and follow up on it later. I doubt I can get the case replaced at this point. However, the youtube video on the Chenbro website enforces how proud the company is about their quality. And, that's why I bothered to write this; maybe they'll send me an unbent frame. I *would* recommend this case though.

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good reliable board11/10/2010 2:14:41 PM

Pros: Very fast operation for my application - working with video conversion. Paired this board with an i5-750, GeForce 9500, and Windows Vista Ultimate. I would build another one. (i5-750 requires video card)

Cons: Need to know the i-series lineup of processors regarding video support. (The info is available on the company's support site.)

Overall Review: The VGA and DVI ports on the MB can be deceiving for a newbie. There is no video built into the MB. The processor has the onboard video. However, not all i-processors have it. A good rule is, if there are two cores, there's probably onboard video. If there are four cores, buy a video card too.

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fast wireless combination11/18/2009 6:23:36 PM

Pros: 130 Mbps wireless connection. windows 7 64-bit OS. no issues with installation. the adapter is communicating with the companion D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N Router.

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: just followed the instructions - install the software first then, plug in the adapter. windows 7 popped up the "wireless network in range" dialog and a 130 Mbps connection was made. that simple.

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It's Fine10/4/2009 6:18:14 AM

Pros: This board was purchased to replace another ATX MB that has issues. It's been awhile since purchasing a Biostar MB (ASUS snob) but, it's actually pretty nice. It has a good layout and everything is labeled well. The board was assembled while out of the case, with all cables patched to the MB first, then dropped in the case and patched to the devices. First click of the PWR button, it started right up. The CMOS is nice and it responds quickly to the Del key to enter setup. The installed OS is Windows 7 (RC) and it did not need the MB drivers disk at all; all devices were found and installed. The auto overclocking works as stated, pushing the system (while in Windows) until it fails. On restart, it picks the best/stable combination found - pretty slick. This review is being written from the system now - it's been running continuously for two days. Rock solid and heart pounding.

Cons: Does anyone still have a PS/2 mouse? Much rather have the PS/2 keyboard and 2 USB port combination. Rather than the PS/2 mouse and keyboard combo.

Overall Review: This system ranks below 5 on the Windows Experience Index. It's running Aero but, is only being held back by the onboard video. A kickin' video card is all this board needs added.

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very nice maker9/22/2009 1:51:55 PM

Pros: Coffee from beans or ground, thermal carafe, delay timer, all parts dishwasher safe, and looks nice.

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: Wish it came with a clear graduated pitcher for filling the unit with water rather than using the carafe.

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great little camera7/17/2009 5:54:34 AM

Pros: Super compact, 12 M pixels, bright LCD, HD video, and really nice photos. Get a small carry pouch for it and wear it on your belt. This is a great carry everywhere camera.

Cons: It may be too small for individuals with bulky fingers. The wrist band should have a cinch on it to positively connect it to oneself (remember, it's small). The black model can be easy to loose visually.

Overall Review: I use it exclusively in Program mode. Note that there are three Program shooting modes; macro, normal, infinity - use them. You can see some examples in flickr set: PowerShot SD780.

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without sata2/7/2009 8:20:29 AM

Pros: Boasts nice features like raid and express gate.

Cons: For some reason, a sata drive shows up as E:\ (not C:\). And, initially it did boot (WinXP 64). But, after a few minutes, a restart locks the system at the BIOS screen. Disconnecting the sata drive solves this. The sata drive works in any other computer but, locks this MB at BIOS. Even a different sata drive has the same effect. So, I can only run this MB with IDE. There are no issues with IDE drives and the same OS. The MB doesn't pick up the mouse for use with express gate.

Overall Review: It runs... but what makes it an interesting MB isn't working for me. So in my opinion, it's only worth about a third of its price. Newegg I'm keeping the drives; it's a MB issue.

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fine, good price5/19/2008 5:07:57 PM

Pros: running Windows Vista Ultimate and the card works fine. clarity and color is good. no visible lag. it's ok by me!

Cons: do not use the drivers (for Vista) on the cdrom. for that matter, don't even use the one from the XFX website. ***this is what i found*** windows will disable the driver and the Aero environment will be gone. seriously, don't.

Overall Review: the driver installed by Windows Vista (from clean install) supports the GeForce 6200 and Aero environment. would not recommend less than 2 GB ram running vista. windows vista ultimate - nice os.

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