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Great Product11/24/2015 11:23:06 AM

Pros: Easy to setup, inexpensive when on sale, it just works

Cons: Didn't do it sooner, power supply could be better, ObiTalk/Ring.To/Anveo 911 setup was a little confusing. I think I just happened to sign up with Ring.To during a site problem, but I eventually got the porting/Anveo 911 ordered. The ObiTalk site lists two options for Anveo 911 service - $12/year standard and $15/year with alerts, but during sign-up I only got the $15/year option with alerts. Not a big deal for me, and maybe I missed a "hidden" prompt for the basic service.

Overall Review: Ported my AT&T landline to Ring.To for free. All kinds of sites would have you do the "Pay as you go" cell or SIM route - $10 to $15 for that, then port it to Google Voice - $20 for that, but both of those would have cost more money than the Ring.To/Anveo 911 route and it just seems like a lot more hassle to go that way. The Ring.To port was ordered on the 13th and completed on the 16th within an hour of the scheduled time. The Obi200 was automatically configured once the Ring.To port was completed. Once the port was completed, I disconnected my internal phone network from the outside feed and simply plugged the Obi200 into a nearby phone jack. TADA - phone service back up using existing phones. I might have been without phone service for a couple minutes tops. As another reviewer also noted, I replaced the power supply and there was a lot less noise on the line.

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3/12/2005 8:31:19 AM

Comments: Great display for the money. You might have to play around with the settings to get it just the way you like, but after that it works great. Replaced a 19" CRT with this display and WOW! More room on the desk! Oh Yeah - no, that's zero, zilch, dead pixels. As always, Newegg rocks! Order processed same day and FedEx saver shipping got here 3 days after I ordered.

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3/8/2005 6:35:26 AM

Comments: Been working fine for a couple months - on 24x7 - use as backup device with Seagate 160DB HD. Original one I ordered didn't come with a drive cable. Newegg sent a replacement out very quickly. Drive cable is very short and there isn't a lot of room left after installing an HD, so make sure you attach the cable before you screw in the HD. Case is somewhat flimsy before adding the HD, but it's solid once the HD is installed. Heat is not a problem - even during heaviest workout, it's only slightly warm to the touch. And how can you not like the neon blue and red - adds an interesting glow to the office at night!! As always, Newegg kicks on the order processing and post-sales support. Pros: It works, no heat problems, and one word, N-E-O-N Cons: Drive cable too short, a little cramped, flimsy before device installed

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