Little workhorse3/25/2014 5:15:55 PM

Pros: Great little server. I currently have it as a WHS box providing backups, but only because I had an unused license. I would probably either roll it with FreeNAS or unRAID for backup purposes.

Cons: Doesn't come with more memory out of the box.

Overall Review: Love how it can run ESXi. The processor isn't all that beefy (i.e., no video transcoding), but for fileserver / devserver duties, this thing is awesome.

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I'm a fan of this case!3/25/2014 5:13:37 PM

Pros: I always wanted to built out this case, and it took me a few years to finally get to it, but I'm glad I did. Some complain about build quality, but I think it's high quality. Norco customer service seems very attentive as well when I needed to reach out about a backplane. Never even tried to use it with the stock fans--put in the new fanwall and Noctua's to keep the noise down.

Cons: Wish it went on sale more often. I also wish Norco provided a fanless option, since the first thing I did was replace every fan to reduce noise. Anyone want to buy some never-used Norco case fans?

Overall Review: I think the update happened a while ago, but the new backplanes only require one molex adapter per plane. There are also no more open/close vents on the drive trays. To account for this, I placed electric tape over the openings on my empty trays to aid with overall airflow (I want the air going over my drives, not just entering the case in general). I highly recommend not using a splitter but using the actual molex power from your PSU. Ensure the connection is firm to avoid any unnecessary issues.

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Contributed to fried drives3/25/2014 5:08:18 PM

Pros: Pretty sure this splitter is the culprit that ultimately fried 2 hard drives attached to a SAS backplane.

Cons: Wish I didn't buy it in the first place.

Overall Review: 99% certain this splitter killed my drives. Luckily the RMA process worked, but replacing 2 brand new drives with 2 refurbished warranty replacement drives irks me. Beware when using this product.

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Very reliable for me3/25/2014 5:06:22 PM

Pros: I've purchased many of these Green drives, starting with the EARS, then on to these EZRX, and now the same EZRX drives retail box as "Desktop Mainstream" drives. Low power, cool and quiet. Not the fastest drives, but they work great in my 15-drive home server. WD RMA process is pretty quick as well, should you need to take advantage of it (have needed to a few times), though the last time they replaced it with a refurb.

Cons: Still not sure if I need to use the wdidle3 tool on these drives, or if it was only on the EARS.

Overall Review: I'll probably start migrating to the Red drives for future purchases if the price continues to fall.

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Great power supply3/25/2014 12:58:10 PM

Pros: Single rail; super efficient; great quality; modular. Replaced a perfectly working Corsair Bronze certified.

Cons: Seasonic wouldn't send me an extra modular cable, but they did refer me to a dealer. Would have been nice for them to just send me the part that probably costs 10 cents to make.

Overall Review: It does what it's supposed to! Using it in my home server, running 15 drives (and counting).

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Big and fast7/18/2007 3:22:18 PM

Pros: It's big, fast, and runs fairly cool.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Some people reported that it's loud, but I haven't noticed. I have it in a Rosewill USB 2.0/eSATA external enclosure and I barely hear it working away. Runs much cooler than the previous WD 160GB SATA drive I had in there.

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Can't beat the price7/18/2007 3:20:38 PM

Pros: It's SUPER cheap and works great. Can't get any simpler than that. No problems yet whatsoever. Running with WPA-AES security.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: I didn't use the included software as I read on previous reviews that its a bit bloated. Works fine under XP SP2 through the XP wireless config.

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Solid keyboard7/18/2007 3:18:01 PM

Pros: Great typing feel, backlit keys are nice.

Cons: Had some initial issues when I first plugged it in where it didn't seem as though the keyboard was detected. After switching around the USB ports, it's running flawlessly.

Overall Review: The laser etched letters seem to be a bit off center, but nothing big.

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Great RAM7/18/2007 3:16:15 PM

Pros: Excellent price with rebate (thanks, Newegg!). The heatpipe design is awesome. I can tell the RAM runs much cooler than my previous Corsair DDR2800. Haven't pushed it much yet, but it's running super fast and clean!

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: You really can't beat this price/performance combo!

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Awesome10/27/2006 1:27:20 AM

Pros: Reduced the temps of my x1900xt by 20C. Easy to install.

Cons: Puts the heat right back into the case. But since it lowers it so much, it's worth it.

Overall Review: I was looking at some other options, but this is a nice cooling solution. Gets the job done, is quiet, and looks pretty solid too.

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Solid board, but expensive10/27/2006 1:25:08 AM

Pros: Awesome board! Great overclocker. Lots of features. Asus keeps fixing small issues with new BIOS releases.

Cons: Runs hot, but Asus says anything below 65C is normal. Though it made me a bit nervous at first, as I've had this board longer I'm more content with the temps. SATA options are a bit strange.

Overall Review: This board has so many features, a lot which I just don't have a use for (the Wifi is nice, but my router is so close to my computer that its unnecessary; remote is cool, but I just have no need for it. Would be great if I used it for fan control, but since I overclock, I can't really justify slowering the speeds). Don't use the EZ-RAID for your OS. Intel RAID is faster (and easier, despite the claim, but you'll need a floppy drive to install XP).

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Amazing overclocker!10/27/2006 1:19:32 AM

Pros: This is quite simply an amazing processor! Factor in the price, and it's a no brainer! Super fast, low power consumption.

Cons: 2mb cache, but do you need it?

Overall Review: I'm still surprised how far I've pushed this CPU and I'm not even a hardcore overclocker. I'm running at 400fsb at 3.2GHz (over 1GHz more than stock, at 1.2375 vcore--the second lowest setting on my Asus P5W DH Deluxe--and its rock solid). As I'm writing this review, I'm running dual instances of Prime95 on air cooling! For the price, I don't think anything can touch this!! Buy it now! Newegg ROCKS!

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Very nice10/27/2006 1:12:42 AM

Pros: Great card! I purchased it from Newegg without any posted reviews since there were no Sapphire x1900xt's in stock (my original choice). Glad I didn't wait!

Cons: Stock fan is a bit loud under load/initial startup.

Overall Review: I suggest replacing with a 3rd party cooler (I'm using the Zalman 900 with no regrets). It lowered my temps 20C! No problem running Company of Heroes. Can't wait to try overclocking it! Has some interesting software from Asus that I haven't tried using.

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Nice, but...10/26/2006 3:11:23 PM

Pros: Looks clean, good cable management, perfect for watercooling.

Cons: Too much vibration.

Overall Review: The low RPM fans don't really push enough air into the case. Replaced the front fan and the temps are better. But the vibration is way too loud for my taste (even before the new fan) and causes the floor next to my case to vibrate my feet.

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