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Works great with CloneBD.9/11/2016 12:52:50 PM

Pros: Makes an excellent archive copy of Blu-ray movies. I'm very happy with Verbatim's BD-R DL 50Gig blank disks! I use LG Blu-ray players, and they copy and play smoothly at 4X and 6X speeds.

Cons: I need to get a faster burner. Movies can take about 40 to 70 minutes to burn at 6X speed, and that's too long for Me.

Overall Review: These disks are well worth the purchase. Now, how long will they last before signs of data corruption? Only time will tell.

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Excellent case fan!7/30/2015 2:08:53 PM

Pros: Very quiet fan with strong air-movement. If your not into LED displays, then this is the 140mm fan for You. It move air like the ol' Cooler Master 120mm with bent-blades. Bent-blade fans have good static pressure for heatsinks and radiators.

Cons: No LEDs.

Overall Review: Makes an execellent case fan! Very quiet throughout all speeds.

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Excellent 1600 Watt Power Supply!7/30/2015 2:02:25 PM

Pros: I'm using 3 of these PSUs with no problems whatsoever. The onboard braided-cables look great. Each PCI-E cable has two 8-pin plugs. I'm using this PSU on a two 3-Way setups (SLI and CrossfireX) and on one Quad-GPU (CrossfireX) setup. The unit provides steady power under overclocking and Folding@home situations. This is one of the best power supplies I have ever used, and the price is excellent! The manual fan-switch is a total plus! The accident plastic switch casing on the power switch is a great idea.

Cons: It's a long box, so maybe a shorter version can be made for smaller chassis?

Overall Review: I'll probably purchase a fourth one for my next GTX 980 Ti SLI build.

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Excellent connection!7/15/2015 12:02:48 PM

Pros: I running this on an ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard. It works great, and it allowed me to set up a 3-way CrossfireX configuration without worrying about PCI-slot availability. It connects to an old Linksys 2.4Ghz router. The rabbitt-ear styling looks nice on top of a desk.

Cons: None. It is compatible to 802.11 n routers also.

Overall Review: It can be used on other computers in my house.

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Needed the Rosewill Hercules 1600 PSU6/5/2015 1:49:59 PM

Pros: I run two of these video cards on an ASUS Z87-WS motherboard and an Intel Core i7-4770k Quad-Core CPU. I had to upgrade the power supply from a NZXT 1200w to a Rosewill Hercules 1600w, just like Matthew B. account below. Under the new PSU it booted without any problems and runs CrossfireX smoothly. I play Steam games and I run Folding@home at 820,000 PPD.

Cons: These air-cooled cards definately require a well-ventilated case. I prefer cases with 140mm fans above the graphics card area. I modified a Chieftec Bravo fulltower in this manner, and it saturates the two video cards with fresh cool air. This prevents hot spots and overheating.

Overall Review: Even one of these cards is capable of running a 2K monitor or a 4K monitor using HDMI or Display Port. Currently, I running a 1920x1080 Samsung Syncmaster SA950 with HD3D, but I want to upgrade soon to a 1440 monitor.

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Great silent case with a very reasonalbe price tag!11/9/2014 3:16:10 PM

Pros: I've used this case on my last two computer builds. Plenty of room for possibe Tri and Quad video card setups. An adjustable fan control slider takes the fuss out of fan wiring. (three for each slide control). Easy access to the front fans and filters is superb! This is a perfect air-cooled case (3 fans for intake and 3 fans for exhaust). Combing the power-led and power-harddrive led witht he power-button is unique! Plenty of backside storage for cable and wire clutter keeps the platform clean for optimal air currents. Removable hard drive bays adds to versatility.

Cons: I wish the top fans had deeper countersinks for the fastener heads to fit more flush to the outside surface. I wish there were optional 140mm fan mounts on the side panel over the video card area.

Overall Review: For the price, this case is my Top Budget Choice! It's well worth the price tag for it's optimal design and sturdy construction. Only the NZXT quiet cases come close to this one (personal opinion)........

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Nanoxia 140mm fan is very quiet!11/9/2014 2:56:50 PM

Pros: The fan runs very quiet in high speed (1,400rpm). It pushes a constant heavy stream of air.

Cons: The strut carrying the power cables is quite bare and exposes the wiring close to the fan blades. If the wires should loosen just-a-little, the worst would happen (contact, noise and slower rpm). Compare the Nanoxia cable strut with the Noctua cable strut, and you'll see that it needs to be redesigned with better cable support and shielding.

Overall Review: I still appreciate this fan for it's air movement and quietness! I've used it in my last two Nanoxia Deep Silence 5 case builds. As long as it's functions are not hindered by any possible design flaws, it delivers solid performance. I've used it on the Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler with success! Time will tell, if it lasts as long as the other proven fans (Noctua, Zalman, CoolerMaster, Etc.)

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Great Folding@home abilities!9/4/2014 12:58:43 PM

Pros: I use to fold with three GTX 580s, but this single GTX 780 Ti superpasses. Project 13000 produced 172,000 PPD, while Project 7600 gave me 55,000 PPD. It's time to get a second card to optimize my gaming graphics and my Folding@home stats! This card runs cooler and quieter than the older GTX versions. It runs very quiet at idle, and under 99% stress with Folding@home, the fan only spins at 62% (2573 rpm). I ran Firestorm and Skydiver benchmark tests from 3DMark in Steam, and this new video card scored higher than three GTX 580 video cards in Tri-SLI ! However, the old GTX 580s were not far behind. On a few occasions, the EVGA GTX 780 with an AMD FX-9590 beat out an EVGA GTX Titan with a Core i7-4770k in 3DMark results on Steam. The frame on this card is super beautiful and sturdy.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: This is the best video card I have ever used, but now my personal budget is screaming: "GTX Titan!!!!"

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Quiet and moderate flow rate.2/17/2014 9:29:55 AM

Pros: I bought this fan to complete out the front fans on my NZXT H630 case. I have both 200mm fans running at their fullest rpm, and I the intake flowrate seems moderate, when I place my hand over the side intake slot. However, there are two more smaller intake fans at the bottom of this case also.

Cons: No cons at the moment, and the fans are still running quiet.

Overall Review: Very happy with the performance of this fan. It was easy to install on the NZXT H630 case.

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A solid case with quiet and sufficient air ventilation!1/7/2014 6:04:11 PM

Pros: The two 200mm front fan areas are excellent. Big fans are quieter and have high CFM rates. Te Matte Black paint coating is great quality! The .25" thick sound padding helps deaden annoying fan noise and lowers the industrial noise abit. There are silicone pads on the bottoms of the case legs. The NZXT Entry Mix 2 Fan Controllers works well on this case, and the full-size drive works with the tool-less drive bay locking mechanism. The internal chassis is all black! Very cool......!

Cons: When using smaller case fans, open spaces are present which causes slower air flow. I used Silverstone sound padding to seal up these open spaces around the case fans, and ventilation is much improved. You must seal up any open in exhaust and intake areas to guarantee good air pressure, otherwise ventilation will be far from optimal. When using large 200mm fans in the front of the case, you cannot use a bottom-forward 140mm fan (it has to be a 120mm fan). I think this tower could use at least one more 5.25" drive bay.

Overall Review: Having two bottom intake fans is required to assure proper amounts of fresh air intake. This is the best padded stock case I have used.

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Really nice "no nonsense" fan controller1/2/2014 1:53:49 AM

Pros: I mainly use a fan controller to fine tune the fan RPM down to make for a quieter operation. The NZXT fan controller has just the right wiring to hookup six fans for slider adjusting control. I like this setup very much! Because it's a full size 5.25" drive bay, it fits into any tooless drive bay with no problems. The choice of channel number color is sweet. Just toggle the button on the left-hand side. All in all, this is a great and simple fan controller without the fancy gimmicks that could malfunction at a later date. Thumbs up for this fan controller!

Cons: None, so far......

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Quiet and Excellent Flow Rate1/2/2014 1:28:21 AM

Pros: Comes with vibration pads. It is very quiet at full rpm. I have four of these running full blast inside an NZXT H630 silent case. I'm totally pleased with their performance! I was surprised at their quietness at maximum speed. They really keep the ventilation moving. I'm going to use them in my next builds. I have used Zalman, Cooler Master and Noctua, but these Phanteks run great, and they come with a few extension & adapter options to facilitate about every condition. Thumbs up for Phanteks 140mm case fans! I forgot to mention that it comes with rubber fasteners.

Cons: None, so far......

Overall Review: Phanteks fans are generally underrated. The proof is in the pudding! Phanteks fans deliver the goods!!!

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Kingwin 500 watt fanless works great!3/16/2013 9:56:44 PM

Pros: It's running two MSI R7870 Hawk CrossfireX video cards very well. Stealthily silent and runs fairly cool, even while running BOINC at 100% stress. So far, I'm very pleased with this PSU. It provides sufficient power for the AMD FX-6300 Six-Core CPU (and two CrossfireX cards). Also running 16 Gigs of RAM.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: It's an excellent addition to my fanless computer!

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Modded two MSI R7870 "Hawk" CrossfireX video cards3/16/2013 9:46:06 PM

Pros: I converted two MSI R7870 video cards with two Arctic Accelero S1 Plus coolers and two S1 Turbo Module 120mm 1000rpm fans. The result was rewarded with stunning success. It averaged 5C lower than the stock coolers (twin frozr VGA Coolers). Plus they CrossfireX cards are virtually silent, and you have to place your ear within an inch to hear any noise! Thumbs to Arctic Cooling! The fans are so silent,.....I just leave them on now (running full blast).

Cons: I wish you would sell the fan mount pins seperately from the kit, so I could try out other types of cooling fans?

Overall Review: I was very surprised how well the passive modes performed under BOINC folding stress. The temperature was steady (very little waver in the chart), and it never spiked at all during higher temperatures. The Accelero heatsink convects very well while exposed to lots of heat! Thumbs up to Arctic Cooling! The 1000rpm quiet fan is terrific and whisper quiet. I'm very pleased with the passive mod kit by Arctic Cooling.

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Silverstone Heligon He02 does the job!3/16/2013 9:27:37 PM

Pros: I almost bought the NoFen CR-95C, but I got the He02, because I wanted the option of using fan(s). I wound up using two Noctua fans (push-pull). This is the best passive heatsink I have ever used, and if you use just one low-rpm fan, the temperature really drops fast. In fact I ran BOINC (100% stress) with only one 800 rpm fan switched on! I was using an AMD FX-6300 six-core processor. The adapter mounts are stiff and very strong and allow for 4 different positions of the heatsink.

Cons: The heatsink is very tall, and it will hit a side-panel fan. It hit my 220mm fan, which I removed.

Overall Review: I would buy another one, but I want to try the new Zalman FX-Cube cooler, which is coming soon. Another passive heatsink to think about is the upcoming Thermalright HR02. Overall, this is an awesome CPU Cooler, and it runs well in stressful conditions. I'm very happy with this silent CPU Cooler! Silverstone rocks!!!

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Made a hybrid/fanless computer (no noise)3/16/2013 8:52:49 PM

Pros: I made two different computers from this MB. One was fan-cooled and the other was a switchable/fanless. Both MBs worked excellent. The fan-cooled used Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and the fanless used Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1. This MB performs with solid stability. Even on the fanless, the chokes (SFC) did not overheat. The MB can handle two video cards that are slightly wider than 3-slots! The slot arrangement is perfect for those extra wide cards.

Cons: The MB is not compatible with Windows 8, but it runs Vista and 7 very well. I wish the 20-pin USB plugged onto the top of the motherboard instead of the front edge. And I wish there were two of those wide USB plugs.

Overall Review: I used two MSI motherboards before this one. This one is the best out of the three! MSI motherboards and video cards score high in quality performance and stylish design! MSI rocks!!!

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Made a hybrid/fanless computer (no noise)3/14/2013 4:32:19 PM

Pros: I made a fanless computer with this case. It's pratically an open platform case with all it's screens. I removed all the case fans and installed an AMD FX-6300 and two MSI R7870 CrossfireX cards onto an MSI 990FXA-GD80 MB using a Silverstone He02 passive CPU Cooler. I modified the video cards with Arctic Accelero S1 Plus VGA Coolers and S1 Turbo Module fan kits. I added fans to the CPU and GPUs, but they are all switchable on or off with a SunbeamTech Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller. The Dragon Rider is a great case for a passive computer. The CPU fans are Noctua fans. In a quiet room I still cannot tell the difference with the fans on or off. Noctuas are so quiet, that you have to have your ear agaisnt them to hear anything at all ! The 8 slots make it eligible for dual, tri or quad setups. Also use a Kingwin 500 watt fanless PSU. The large 6-fan screen is super! Awesome ventilation! Silent operation means no noise pollution during multimedia games and programs where quietness is important.

Cons: I didn't like the PCI lever-locks, so I remove them. The ordinary screw is still the better mousetrap! I wish it had a 120mm fan mount in front of the power supply area for added ventilation. I would have preferred the hard drive LED and Power LED on the front bezel, but the top position is still a pretty good location.

Overall Review: This is an excellent design and a tough-looking appearance for a case. Having to remove the front bezel in order to remove a drive device is no problem at all. In fact it adds to the security of those parts.

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Works excellent in a fanless case!12/29/2012 3:16:59 PM

Pros: I installed this in a Zalman TNN-500AF fanless case, and it works very well. It averages 21,000 PPD in high stress under Folding@home. While folding 24/7 the modified fanless-version of this video card does not overheat or crash. It is very responsive on Steam online games, and my Samsung 23" monitor responds with a colorful sharp picture. The card runs perfect on the Zalman 400 watt PSU. The 2 Gb of video RAM make this a bargain deal for any nVidia 650 Ti graphics card. (Most of them come with only 1 Gb of RAM). I don't use the fan, so it runs cool and silent. This is the best video card I have used with my Zalman fanless case. I run an old Intel Core-2-Quad Q6700 processor and all my programs run smooth and responsive. This video card was a big improvement from my nVidia GTS 250. It came with more RAM, three times more Cores, nVidia 3D Vision and 3D Surround-multiple screens!

Cons: It doesn't have SLI, yet it's still quite adequate for any online game. If I used a fan, I think I would place a quieter fan-heatsink on it.

Overall Review: This card is perfect for smaller formats like the Mini-ITX boards.

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Runs Plenty Fast2/28/2012 6:35:21 PM

Pros: I placed the AMD 980 processor on an MSI 790FX-GD70 motherboard with 8 Gigs of Corsair RAM and an MSI Radeon HD 7970 video card. I overclocked the processor from 3.7 Ghz to 4.0 Ghz. I cool it with a Prolima Megahelams heatsink using two CoolerMaster 120mm fans. I run BOINC and FAHControl series 7 folding software 24/7. The system runs online Steam games well, and I plan on upgrading my monitor to an Samsung with HD3D Ready. I'm using an LG DVD with 3D play. Blu-ray and M-Disc functions. I'm anxious to try an Eyefinity setup......

Cons: No problems.

Overall Review: You can't beat the upgrade price for this OEM processor! The other CPU I was considering was the AMD Phenom II X6 1100t hexacore processor with the slower clock setting 3.3 Ghz, but can also be be set to 3.7 Ghz (Turbo Mode).

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HIS Radeon HD 4670 video card9/24/2011 12:22:16 AM

Pros: The picture is sharp and clear! I'm using an old Intel D875PBZ motherboard and an Intel Pentium IV Extreme Edition 3.4ghz (socket 478). It plays 1080p Blu-ray discs very well running WinDVD 2010 player. I had problems using PowerDVD player with Windows XP Professional OS. VLC Player works well on DVDs and recorded videos. I use Replay Media Catcher 4 to capture videos from other websites like YouTube and Google Videos. I'm very happy with this video card. I modified it, installing a Zalman flowered heatsink/fan, which made it virtually silent. When I'm not using it, it works Folding@home at a slow pace, but with no errors. It's been folding fulltime for over a year now, and this card has definately proved. Considering this card performed a much-needed upgrade on an ancient computer,.....I gave it 4 stars (it really has 3 stars).

Cons: The 1080p works on my 24" Samsung monitor, however the screen does not fill up the entire screen. It has about a half inch unused border. I've successfully played 1080p resolution on a 24" LCD monitor. In the near future, I will test it on a 27" LCD monitor and see if the HD movie uses the entire screen. It may have problems with bigger screens?

Overall Review: This is the only old Pentium IV computer that I own that can play Blu-ray and 1080p videos! Even though the motherboard uses an ancient 800mhz FSB, high definition movies play with acceptable quality (sharp and smooth).

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Really an EEATX format (Big Mobo!)1/9/2011 3:07:02 PM

Pros: The mobo fits on the Chieftec Bravo Fulltower, but 5 out of 10 holes are misaligned or missing. However, the board is stiff enough to allow a snug install. Window 7 Ultimate x64 and Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick runs very well on this mobo! Overall, I'm very happy with this "workstation setup".

Cons: The board is really and Enhanced Extended ATX format, and you can get a Supermicro pedestal case with redudant power supplies for about $900. But if your looking for a fulltower case, just make sure the motherboard platform is tall enough (this mobo is 1.5" taller than a normal ATX mobo). I use quiet fans and soundpads, but the Chieftec case has a somewhat louder wind stream noise than the Antec 1200 or the Lian Li PC-71B case. It is very tolerable though when using a manuel 4-channel fan controller. I do not use Supermicro's onboard fan controller. The onboard button speaker will give a constant steady alarm noise, but my system is not overheating and it is not monitoring the fans or for chassis intrusion. I don't know what is causing this, and it does this after running Mozilla Thunderbird. So I'm thinking it's a software bug? Regardless, I disabled the onboard speaker for now.

Overall Review: Dual AMD Opteron 2360SE CPUs, Dual XFX 260 GTX video cards, 8 Gigs of Kingston RAM, Zalman ZM-1000-hp PSU, LG Blu-ray SATA DVD-RW player, WD hard drives 7200rpm SATA, two Xigmatek Nepartek heatsinks,

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Very Good Memory but Weak Packaging.8/31/2010 12:26:54 PM

Pros: The RAM works great on a Tyan S2927A2NRF-E mobo with two AMD Opteron 2220 2.8ghz dual-core processors. There's two EVGA GTX 260 video cards SLI or parallel. No problems at all with the RAM, except slight warpage from improper packaging.

Cons: I wasn't pleased with the packaging which came all cross-country (New Jersey to California). Four memory sticks came in their original flimsy plastic containers inside a bubble-wrap enveloped. One of the sticks were bent bad. I bent the stick back and squeezed it into the RAM slot. It worked! This time, I was lucky, but memory should come inside a strong cardboard box to prevent damage from rough transport. Anyway, I lucked out.....

Overall Review: Corsair is great quality and fairly fast. I'm also using a Corsair "Survivor" flast stick (32 Gigs). I can put 5 DVD movies on it, and play them on my laptop! Corsair puts out quality memory with great response.

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Good for most resolutions...but not all....8/14/2010 9:46:29 AM

Pros: Overall, I'm still pleased with this video card. I placed it on an Intel D875PBZ mobo with an Intel Pentium IV 3.4ghz Extreme Edition CPU. The monitor is a Samsung B2430H 24" LCD. It works at 1280x1024, 1680x1050 and 1440x900, but is unable to function at 1920x1080, however it does funtion at 1280x720. I wanted to attempt a Blu-ray setup with these devices, but it doesn't look like I will. Since then, I've moved this computer to one of my standard LCD screens, and I am very pleased with the video card in the lower resolutions. Too bad about the 1080p. Others, might be having better results? The fan is real quiet and cools well.

Cons: No 1080p, but I can do 720p, however it doesn't look as good.

Overall Review: Powercolor has a 4670 video card, but the reviews are better for the HIS model (stick with the HIS AGP card). Hopefully HIS will supply improved driver updates in the future....I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Excellent Motherboard for Zalman TNN-500AF Fanless Chassis7/22/2010 12:39:18 PM

Pros: I replaced an Abit IB9 mobo with this one. Using a Zalman 600 watt PSU, Intel Core-2-Quad Q6700 CPU and an XFX GTS 250 video card inside a Zalman fanless case. The media center receives Cable Channels (VisionTek ATI Wonder HDTV Tuner) and plays HD-DVD and Blu-ray (LG Burner) onto a Samsung B2430 LCD 24" 1080p monitor. POW!!! Fantastic high definition color and Sound Blaster X-Fi sound! Streaming videos and movies come across smoothly. 4 TB of WD 7200rpm storage. This mobo works excellent in a fanless enviroment. It also does Folding@home at moderate speeds. So far this fairly-priced board does the job with no overheating problems. All hardware drivers installed easily. This mobo is faster than the last one (Abit IB9).

Cons: The North Bridge Heatpipe can touch the nearest DDR3 RAM stick, but not enough to obstruct installation. To avoid this, I use only two slots (total of 4 Gigs Kingston).

Overall Review: The skinny ATX mobo uses 3 less mounting standoffs, but the motherboard is stiff (very little flex). For Users with a tight budget, this is a good motherboard to purchase.

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Fine Blu-ray Player!7/12/2010 6:33:12 AM

Pros: I placed this on an MSI P43-C51 mobo within a fanless Zalman TNN-500AF chassis. It performs Folding@home moderately well, and it makes a super Blu-ray player! The screen is a Samsung B2430 24" 1080P LCD monitor. The CPU is an Intel Core-2-Quad Q6700 2.66ghz quad-core processor. I'm using Cyberlink PowerDVD to view Blu-ray.

Cons: None yet......

Overall Review: The video card is operating very well in a fanless environment. The GPU idle temp is 55C and under stress it's 72C. Surprisingly good Folding@home performance. Not bad for a fanless graphics card.

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