Great gaming CPU....5/6/2017 2:53:31 PM

Pros: I purchased the i5 7500 from NewEgg on 5/6 in the afternoon, and after a quick install am writing this review the next day. Had a G4560 that is a great CPU but was having some trouble running a few games without stutters and dropped frames, so I decided to put my Pentium up for sale and invest in an i5. Don't get me wrong -- the G4560 is without a doubt absolutely the best value CPU on the market today, but I noticed in CPU heavy titles like Dishonored 2, Deus Ex, and a few MMOs the dual core CPU was having some issues. The i5 7500's single core performance is just below a 4790k, and it turbos @ 3.6 ghz on all 4 cores making it's performance the same as a 6600. The 7600 turbos @ 3.9 ghz on 4 cores, but the $30 price difference equals into negligible difference between the 7500 in gaming scenarios. Investing in this CPU and an SSD has made a world of difference in silky smooth gaming performance.

Cons: The pre applied thermal paste can turn your fingers into greasy greyness if you are unaware. Also I've noticed a slight increase in noise from the CPU fan coming from the G4560....but not that big of a deal. Some people have also mentioned that the CPU fan's plastic pins seem flimsy but with 4 turns and a tug the heatsink removed pretty easily without damage.

Overall Review: Playing on consoles made me wish for nuclear winter. -SuperMcMutant (steam)

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Nice video card to mark my rebirth into the PC Master Race2/26/2017 1:00:49 PM

Pros: -Didn't drop it on the floor like Raja Koduri did on Linus Tech Tips -Am currently running a 1380 mhz core and 2,200 memory OC on this reference style card and still keeping temps in most games below 75c without the card sounding like a hair dryer on crack. -With rebate card (which XFX has received and is in the process of returning atm) was able to purchase for under $200. Last year my dreams of 1080/60 gaming were held back by $340 gtx 970 price tag.

Cons: -Runs hot with Wattman's present fan profile (80c)... You can tweak the settings a bit and keep the card a bit cooler but when the fan runs at more than 2500 rpm it starts to become noticeable. -Fan sounds like a jet turbine above 4,000 rpm.

Overall Review: I rate this card a 4.5 but decided to round up since I am able to maintain a good OC (+10% in synthetic benches) and am otherwise very happy with it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the review, we really appreciate you taking the time to write it. If you have any questions, please let us know. XFX Support Mark at XFX
The best sub 100$ CPU on the market in 20172/9/2017 4:00:54 AM

Pros: After almost 15 years of not owning a gaming PC, I finally got fed up with console performance and decided to pull the trigger and purchase a budget PC. In choosing the CPU I decided to go with the G4560, because after some research it became obvious that for 1080/60fps gaming this is the perfect CPU. It performs around 5% slower than an i3 6100, which is almost twice as expensive. It runs cool with the stock cooler even when under heavy workload.

Cons: Not really a con per se, but make sure that if you pick one of these up you choose a motherboard that supports Kaby Lake out of the box, like the b250 Gigabyte one I purchased. The h110s need a BIOS update to support the 7th gen processors, and that requires a CPU installed to update. Also remember that the thermal compound comes pre applied to the cooler. Don't be like me and get your big green fingers all greasy.

Overall Review: -SuperMcMutant

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