9/13/2008 7:28:00 PM

Pros: Great card for the money. Going to buy a second one soon for SLI. It will run every game I have tried (like GRID, CRYSIS, and NFS ProStreet) on highest settings @ 1280x1024, with 3.0 GHZ cpu, gpu overclocked to 626 MHZ, and 2GB of RAM. 10467 3D marks on single card with this setup.

Cons: Overclocking support software this card comes with seems cheap, like it was just thrown together at the last minute. TV S-Vid out doesn't seem to detect my older television but luckily i have an analog converter box. I will soon upgrade to a HDMI TV anyway. Besides that this card is flawless for the money.

Overall Review: Cant wait to see what this setup will do when the second card is installed!

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