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High on Action, Low on Scare4/8/2011 7:51:13 AM

Pros: This is a top notch on-rails shooter with a well thought out design. -Once things start heating up, the challenge becomes which enemies to take down first as you'll often be faced with 4-5 at once. While you can freeze them, you can only use it once every 15 seconds or so. -Good voice work and audio. -Use of the "glow worm" is a nice touch. You have to shake the Wiimote in order to charge it up. Doesn't feel gimmicky and adds an element of anxiety.

Cons: -Not as scary as I would have hoped. -The dialog, while well-acted, is pretty Michael Bay-ish which makes certain situations almost comical.

Overall Review: Overall, this is an essential title for a Wii-owner looking for more of a mature experience. Side note: If you have a problem with motion sickness be sure to turn the camera shaking all the way down. Think Blair Witch shaking...constantly.

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Good practice for Kid Icarus: Uprising1/28/2011 7:39:25 AM

Pros: A great combination of air and ground combat that rewards the player for twitch responses and patience all at the same time. Non-stop action from start to finish with appropriate music. Has the ability to switch to Japanese dialog. And the biggest plus: You can skip the cut scenes. I'm not saying they're bad, but it's great when you play through the game a second time or you just don't care about the story. I'm looking at you Other M!

Cons: The character models are fairly bland and the dialog is cheesy at times, but you'll be too busy dodging bullets to care about it.

Overall Review: I had thought about purchasing this game a while back, but decided to wait until it came down in price. After reading impressions of Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS that frequently referenced S&P 2, I decided to give it a shot. An absolute must-own for Wii owners who value Nintendo's first party efforts. Get it now before it goes out of print!

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