What a dashcam! Everything I can think of needing.8/12/2020 7:22:14 PM

Pros: - do not need paid service - 3 cams (front, cabin, back) - hi res (1440 front, 1080 cabin and back) - infrared at night - turns on nearby motion, as well as hit/push - files rotation - with hi res and all three cams - approx 12 days worth - plenty enough to pull what is needed before it rotates out. - locks recording if there was "event" (accident detected by G-sensor).

Overall Review: Unlike some others - I do not find lack of WiFi problematic. Viewing recordings presumably looking for something needed while sitting in the car with one's phone? Find that inconvenient. I'd rather pull SD card, stick in my desktop, and look in the comfort of my chair...

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