Excellent monitor, take bad reviews with a grain of salt6/21/2021 8:35:15 AM

Pros: This is my first time with a curved monitor and I really like it. It is hard to explain but you are able to see a bit more of the screen at a time via peripheral vision. The image is very crisp and clear. Brightness is good. If you are like me and carefully look at the negative reviews before making a decision, you have probably already noticed a bunch on this item. Not to discount anyone's legitimate issues, but keep in mind that most people only review things when they've had an issue. For every dead pixel there are probably a hundred that don't. There is certainly some chance it will happen to you, like with most monitors, but I think the risk may seem higher than it actually is. This monitor is a great deal, especially if you get it on sale, and mine has no issues.

Cons: None that I can really think of. Wish it had the Nvidia sync, but at this price point I don't expect it. I've tried using the amd version on this monitor and haven't had problems using it with my Nvidia card. Your results may vary.

Overall Review: Good product, no issues with the screen.

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