not as good as i expected, but still great.11/26/2008 7:24:17 PM

Pros: lots of songs. music studio can be fun. same great gameplay

Cons: before i got this game, i was pretty excited. now its not realy a big deal. the drums are fun, but the red pad tends to not work sometimes. the guitar is good looking, and has a good feel to it, but the star power button sucks, its a little heavy, and it has a few other flaws. the gameplay on the guitar is basicly the same as in the other guitar hero's. the mic... the mic itself is okay nothin wrong there... but singing... you have to get your voice the EXACT pitch and tone as the songs.. the music studio isnt all its built up to be, so dont be too excited about it. there are lots of songs, but not too much of a variety. the career just isnt that good.

Overall Review: now, with all its flaws, it all comes down to the gameplay, which like all the previous guitatar heros, is great. so if youre looking for a fun party game, or just somethin to pick up and play, you might wanna get this, but id look into rock band 2 first. ps: i preordered this from the egg, then once it came out, they oversold it. i was likely not to recieve my copy for a few weeks, so i just cancelled my preorder and went and picked it up at walmart.

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