Picky with RAM3/27/2014 8:31:21 AM

Pros: Looks good, performs well, easy to install, easy to adjust settings, a very good buy for the price. Onboard LAN is very speedy and onboard audio is good too. All in all a very good buy.

Cons: Seems to be very picky with RAM. I picked up a 8 gig G. Skill Model F3-17000CL11D-8GBXL which this board won't for the life of me run at 2133. This is not on the approved list but timings and speeds should work. In all the time I've spent working with computers I've never met one this picky.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ASCI Blue, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please download and update the latest BIOS at link " http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/Fatal1ty%20FM2A88X+%20Killer/?cat=Download&os=BIOS ". Set XMP setting at BIOS, OC Tweaker, DRAM Timing Control, Load XMP setting [Profile1]. Visit the memory support list for reference at link " http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/Fatal1ty%20FM2A88X+%20Killer/?cat=Memory ". If you have any technical issues please contact us at http://www.ASRock.com/support/tsd.asp. We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email: http://www.ASRock.com/support/tsd.asp
perfect for lightweight applications and a modders paradise6/10/2008 8:13:22 PM

Pros: Can run XP with a bit of work. Quick boot times. Solid construction. Great for modding if you're willing to brick the computer and is going to make a terrific carputer.

Cons: The included linux distro was a bit cranky if you need specific apps installed. As an out of the box setup it is perfectly adequate.

Overall Review: A modders paradise. I'm currently in the process of adding a touch screen to my Eee. Yes this does void any warranty the computer comes with. There are plenty of other mods one can do if one is willing to risk the computer. My plans are to make the Eee a car computer used for music as well as OBD2 readouts.

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Impressive8/18/2004 5:04:23 PM

Comments: I've been a long time ATi user who was in need of an upgrade due to ATi's failure to deliver working linux drivers. I decided on the purple meanie AOpen makes due to price and performance. I gotta say I'm impressed. I had a few problems initally with the card as it's running in a Shuttle XPC (SN41G2 also purchased from Newegg) with a 200 watt power supply. After resolving two minor issues it runs like a champ. Stable system in both WinXP and Gentoo 2004.4. NWN in linux went from being barely playable to playable and then some. Doom 3 in Windows is playable in 1024x768 in medium, it hiccuped and died in high. The fan on this card is VERY quiet and does a great job at keeping the HSF cool. As it's in an XPC silence is of great importance since my computer also is used for movies and the like. Devlivery was great as always with the Egg, arrived in two days from New Jersey to my home in Central Oregon. In short: Highly Recommended.

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