Awesome Motherboard12/21/2017 6:31:19 AM

Pros: -Comes with plenty of RGB placements -USB 3.1 Gen 2 is a definite plus -M.2 heatsink is nice to cool temps down on my ssd. Also having 2 of them is a plus, NO EXTRA WIRES -The GPU socket is notably bigger and can handle the sag of my 1080TI, but time will tell. -RGB LEDs are great and the aura sync works with all the parts. The manual is pretty easy to understand and the software to sync all the fans and lights in my case are easy to use. -Aesthetically it is pleasing to look at and I get plenty of compliments. Also the audio is far superior with that Supreme FX chip.

Cons: -Wish there were more LEDs but I like the subtle look more, just wish I had the option.

Overall Review: Overall the motherboard is great, does everything I need it to. It has all my wires going to the right place and angle is congruent to my case. The new silver/gunmetal look is also very nice and such an eye turner. Two placements for SSD M.2 is nice because I personally don't like the huge HDD and the internal SSDs. It uses up more wires in my psu and cable management is already so daunting after building the PC. The ROG logo on the heatsink looks great and makes me feel more like a pro-gamer. Thank you ASUS for putting this out just in time for coffee lake. I love everything about it.

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Great Modular power supply12/20/2017 11:58:30 AM

Pros: -Fully Modular -Smaller than your avg size psu, great for cable management. -80+ Gold -Hybrid mode keeps your computer running without using the fan. Power Supply stays on but the fan doesn't keep running unnecessarily. So overall your psu should last years. -10 year warranty, I repeat, 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

Cons: -I could do without the gold accents on the psu but the psu shroud in my case covers it all, so not bothersome at all.

Overall Review: Overall I love this psu, keeps my computer running and doesn't overwork itself in hybrid mode. Seasonic is known for their PSU's so I trust they make the best out there. 10 year warranty also gives me relief because if I have any issues, I know they'll replace it. You've got a forever customer in me SEASONIC.

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Exemplary Case. You've done it again Fractal Design!12/20/2017 11:39:45 AM

Pros: -Space -Tint of Glass Panel -Black on black parts -The artsy design on the front panel -Plenty of room for my cable management considering size of the case entirely

Cons: None

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this for anyone starting out with a budget and wants the subtle design with premium finishes; i.e. Tempered Glass panel and psu shroud. Great deal right now at $80. I love the angular design on the front panel. The space in this case is insane as I could even fit a 240 or even a 360 radiator either on top or in the front. I love how much air flows through, temps are down since I've used this case. Both of my SSDs are m.2 so I don't have to worry about the extra cables but the ssd drives are in the back behind the motherboard so they wont look awkward in your case. The only thing I wish it had was a vertical gpu bracket/mount but I can live without it, it'd just be nice if I ever wanted to get creative with it. Overall I love the case design, its features, and how much I can fit inside the tower (using the Fractal Design Celsius s24 radiator on the top and 2 more fans on the front panel. I hope there will be more to the meshify lineup in the future.

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