Overall Great Laptop10/17/2011 5:29:26 AM

Pros: It has been over a year now since I owned it and it it is still at te same condition. one thing I changed which is the Hdd I replaced it with Intell's SSD 120GB. 1- runs cool. 2- solid feeling as if it is new. The screen base or bundle or what ever it is called still hard no flimsy feeling at all. No dead pixel at all. 3- Built mostly of Almuniom, which is not favorable for some but it is great on the long run. 4- Great Speaker worth every penny.

Cons: There is nothing major to be considered, but here are some of my marks: 1- As previusly said in others comment you dont have a full control of what you could run on GPU. there is a manuall option to choose programs to run over GPU but it dosen't work all the time. 2- Keyboard Layout. If you see it you would think there is no flaw about it everything on it seems perfect. But you might need time to be used to it. (not a big deal for me) 3- Color and design. I think this is the one area ASUS should work on to the conquer the Notebook. The stuff under the hood ASUS makes the best quality no dought.

Overall Review: I think it deserve more than 3 eggs. I haven't seen any major problem or defect in the other reviews except one review. This product overall is great. If you so picky about the layought and design you may consider something else. This laptop in my openion is a great machine and will be the longest Note book I ever had.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
good improvments12/9/2009 5:17:30 AM

Pros: speed imroved, no refree flaws anymore. Fifa leads the race.

Cons: Fifa overcome many flaws with the past two revisions. One thing left which is to bring a solution for easier buttoms combination (or none) for dribling.

Overall Review: soocer game has started to be played on game consols since the Nitendo with Konami (other named pro evlution soccer). till PS2 konami was leading the race. with PS3 Fifa has started to compete Konami. Fifa avoided the flaws in every new revision. the Fifa 2009 flaws was the advantage aprotunity, and the game speed wich been fixed in the 2010. Now I'm totaly satisfied with Fifa and left me no hesitation or confusion of which one is better.

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11/19/2009 4:18:57 PM

Pros: working well, the software included is one of the best of bluray players. heavy, you get the feeling it's a quality product when u hold it :) . looking good but not perfect. It's Plextor baby!!

Cons: the bluray writing on the player is to large and looks a bit tacky, but not annoying at all.

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