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Best Scanner Yet

EPSON Perfection V500 Photo B11B189011   Film & Photo Flatbed Color Scanner
EPSON Perfection V500 Photo B11B189011 Film & Photo Flatbed Color Scanner

Pros: This is the 4th flatbed scanner I have owned. I purchased it after my 2 previous Canon Canoscan 8400f scanners "died" (sensor failed to calibrate after about 9 months of use). My old old old Epson 1200 scanner is still working fine, but can't scan slides. So I decided to return to Epson after my bad experience with Canon. The Epson software is absolutely fantastic -- it allows you to scan multiple images (both slides AND prints) in one "session". The quality is just as good as my previous Canon scanner which I thought was fantastic (while it worked), and the resolution is better (of course technology has improved). Scan times are great also -- 12 minutes to scan 4 slides at 2400 DPI compared to my Canoscan 8400f which took just under 1 hour to scan 4 slides at 1600 DPI. I am running a 1.8 MHz single-core CPU running XP and with "Digital ICE" turned on which adds a bit of time. I believe a faster PC may improve those scan times.

Cons: I miss the "play sound when done scanning" option that I had with the Canon scanner, but that isn't a big deal. It was handy to alert me to put in another batch of slides when I was off doing something else. The slide holder slips out of place easily when trying to get the slides out of the holders. When scanning old slides in plastic carriers, it is very difficult to get them out without dislodging everything. I found that a plastic toothpick is handy for getting under an edge to lift them out.

Overall Review: The automatic settings work very well and I haven't had to delve into any manual controls. This is unlike the Canon auto settings that tended to wash out light colored portions of photos. The Epson software is totally stable and I have not found any scanner settings that cause the scanner software to crash. This is a welcome change from the Canon scanner software as some settings ALWAYS caused a crash and could not be used.

Most Critical Review

Works OK on home network

TRENDnet TV-IP551W 640 x 480 MAX Resolution RJ45 Wireless N Internet Camera
TRENDnet TV-IP551W 640 x 480 MAX Resolution RJ45 Wireless N Internet Camera

Pros: Adequate for basic home monitoring locally on a wired network.

Cons: Power cable is very short. Wireless setup with WPS did not work even after multiple multiple multiple tries at different distances, settings, etc. Remote monitoring setup is too cryptic to figure out. Hostname - what is that? A list of web sites in a drop-down menu with no explanation. If you are hoping to monitor your camera and get a live video from a remote internet site, don't get your hopes up unless you know someone that has done it before. Motion detection - no guidance on the sensitivity number, but I will warn you that if it is high, you may get 30 or 40 emails from one trigger. FTP works, but has some quirks. I set up FTP to get a photo every 3600 seconds. 3600 seconds is exactly one hour, but I get one new file exactly every 2 hours. I wanted to set up a trigger on motion, plus a trigger every hour - no such luck. You can do one or the other, not both. Documentation is pretty sparse on things that need explanation (such as setting up remote video monitoring). Audio is useless - a loud 60 cycle hum is all you hear. You can hear a little bit of sound on top of the loud 60Hz hum if you shout loudly in the room.

Overall Review: No way to shut off the bright annoying flashing lights on the front. For some reason, my router assigns the camera a different IP address every day. I don't know what the issue is here as my PCs and printers get the same IP address. All are using DHCP. Makes is a little more challenging to find it on the network every day.


Easy setup - good coverage

ASUS Wireless-AC1700 Dual Band Gigabit Router (Up to 1700 Mbps) with USB 3.0 (RT-ACRH17)
ASUS Wireless-AC1700 Dual Band Gigabit Router (Up to 1700 Mbps) with USB 3.0 (RT-ACRH17)

Pros: Easy setup Good coverage of my house You can schedule a daily/weekly automatic reboot Has a secure guest network Looks cool

Cons: Power cord is kind of short

Overall Review: I bought this to extend my WiFi coverage to a part of the house that was poorly covered. The device recognized that it was connected to another router (not a modem) and basically was ready to go. The only thing I had to do in setup was change the password and enable the Guest Networks and schedule an auto reboot once-a-week. Of course Newegg got this awesome product to my house amazingly fast and they are just the best place to shop at!

Terrible Motion Detection Algorithm


Pros: Nice beautiful hi-res color pictures

Cons: I have the camera set up to FTP still photos to a URL when motion occurs. I get hundreds of photos every day where nothing has changed. I had an older TrendNet camera that I replaced where the motion detection worked great - I very seldom got false triggers on motion detection. This is a much newer camera and has more features and controls but has a terrible motion detection algorithm that produces hundreds of false triggers . I also set up Line Crossing detection, and it also triggers when nothing is crossing the line also, but it is not as flakey as motion detection. The camera also features "Intrusion Detection" with no explanation of what that is in the documentation. It appears to do nothing. All in all this camera is a huge disappointment. I don't think it would even work correctly if you put it in a dark closet where nothing moved.

Overall Review: I will definitely look for another vendor for my next IP camera.

Worst purchasing decision ever

BUFFALO LinkStation Duo 2-Bay 2 TB (2 x 1 TB) RAID Network Attached Storage (NAS) -  LS-WX2.0TL/R1
BUFFALO LinkStation Duo 2-Bay 2 TB (2 x 1 TB) RAID Network Attached Storage (NAS) - LS-WX2.0TL/R1

Pros: Small. Quiet. Worked OK for the first 9 months. Probably would work OK as a network backup device, but it is not suitable as a network server. Buying from newegg is always a great experience!!!

Cons: After 9 months of usage, I started getting "Communication Error with LS-WVL" popups on all 5 of my computers that were using the NAS and running NAS-Navigator2. I replaced my router and network cables and that did not help, so it was definitely a problem with the NAS. A month after that, Drive 1 in a Raid 1 array started getting errors. I broke up the Raid array, intending to reformat Drive 1 and then rebuild the array. After breaking up the array, the device reformatted both disks. I don't think Buffalo understands that the purpose of Raid 1 arrays is to preserve data in the case of a hard drive failure. Documentation is very poor and does not address breaking up Raid Arrays, or actions to take when you have a bad drive. The online forum has a question from a user as to how to go about replacing a bad drive and it is sitting unanswered and has been for months. At its best, the NAS would have spotty performance. When scrolling through photos ( I have thousands of photos on my NAS), I could scroll through 15 photos, then have to wait 10 seconds for it to get another batch of 15, repeat ad infinitum. This could be very frustrating to Type A personalities. The NAS did not meet my performance expectations and did not meet my longevity expectations.

Overall Review: There is no way to tell when the hard drives are spinning, so it is impossible to tell if "Auto" power mode actually saves power and preserves Hard Drives from excessive spinning. After I get the good hard drive out of this thing, the rest is going in the trash. The death of a Buffalo is a tragic thing, but I will be glad to get rid of this after all the grief it has caused.

Great case for your i5

RAIDMAX Tornado ATX-238WR Black / Red SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
RAIDMAX Tornado ATX-238WR Black / Red SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Pros: Fits my Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4P motherboard nicely. Easy access to the SATA ports on the far edge of the board by opening the case back panel. All the right hardware with 6 standoffs was included. 3 case fans!

Cons: Some of the 3.5" bays are a bit difficult to get a drive into, but there are enough of bays, it isn't a problem for me. Top 5.25" bay has a nifty fold-down door, but it didn't work with my DVD drive and had to be removed. The drive mounting is a bit primitive (no rails) so you have to open both panels and put screws into both sides of the drive. Works OK, just not as slick as some other cases I have used.

Overall Review: For the price, I would definitely buy this case again. Looks beautiful. Didn't cut myself on any sharp edges. Great airflow.