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sweet1/10/2006 12:58:25 AM

Pros: VERY nice... its tall... but thin... i had a coolermaster before... MONTHER of a cooler... i run this with a 52CFM fan and a little air duct thingy... keeps the fan away from the cooling fins for equal air distro. my AMD runs at 30c

Cons: better instructions... i had no prob figureing it out... but they were very bad.. small little pictures and no words

Overall Review: this cooler will fit both 90mm and 80mm fans/ducting/filters.

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sweet1/10/2006 12:54:36 AM

Pros: very very nice runs very fast see no lag... built my computer for Doom and WoW... Doom i do see some lag.. some.. but i think once i have the second card it will go away... oh and some more RAM.

Cons: well it has a very nice big fan... and what does that mean? DUST im gonna have to clean mine pretty soon and i don't have cats or dogs... just dusty inside... sucks a lot of air through it.. but look at it this way.. it stays nice and cool... seen it get to abou 60c when playiong doom 3

Overall Review: i hear it is grea to overclock.. gonna go water cooling if i ramp it up because i think the cooler on it now is kinda maxed out when playing heavy games

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sweet1/10/2006 12:51:03 AM

Pros: sweet MOBO it was very easy to set up came with matching cables for the IDE and the SATA.. looks really nice. i upgraded my northbridge chip heat sink... kind of a bad idea... if you get this and think you wanna do the same.. don't unless it is a really flat cooler... other than that... very nice

Cons: the heatsink issue

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sweet1/10/2006 12:47:29 AM

Pros: love this RAM runs real fast and i think the listing is wrong.. it runs at 3336 without tweaking it. it even said it on the package if im not mistaken. but other than that... RUNS NIIIIICCCEE and newegg got it to me real fast

Cons: can't think of any... so far been real nice

Overall Review: i like th heat sinks... you can reall feel them working

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sweet drive11/21/2005 7:10:51 PM

Comments: i purchased 2 of these in feb. of this year... they are fast as heck... as far as the guy before me that said he didn't notice much diff. i don't think his system is very set up... i ran these with 1.5GBs of PC3200 RAM and a 3.4GHz 800MHzFBS 1MB cache and it rocked.. never heard them make a sound. grea all around and if i remember right they came within two days when i paid for 3 day shipping.

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