Incredible Laptop6/27/2015 10:15:56 PM

Pros: -Beautiful, sturdy, and sophisticated packaging -The laptop itself looks great...very high quality -The screen and its colors are beautiful, 3K resolution is outstanding -Ran Witcher 3 on Ultra/High Settings 1920x1080 with 50-60 fps -Excellent cooling job; played for 3 hours and the keyboard and palm rests stayed relatively warm -Tons of storage between the SSDs and HD -Command center feature is very convenient -GSYNC is a must -Extremely fast bootup, about 5-10 seconds to Windows 8.1 login screen -NO BLOATWARE! Very few bloatware programs, very clean/nice out of the box

Cons: -One color on keyboard back light -Quite heavy for a 15 inch laptop, but to be expected -Fans are loud, but also to be expected

Overall Review: An overall incredible bang for the buck if you are looking for a powerhouse 15 inch laptop for both gaming and portability.

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