follow up12/7/2011 5:42:25 PM

Pros: You do have to in fact set your bios to 1600. I had the 4 Gb version with slightly better timings that ran at the listed speeds automatically. I now have the memory slightly overclocked and it is running well.

Cons: I would think the max bandwidth in CPU-z should be just that (667 would be minimum, no?). I have not encountered memory that lists this way in cpu-z prior to this. Maybe consistency across the product line would cut down on the confusion as the 4 Gb dimms did NOT list this way

Overall Review: The memory works and I bought more. Outside of the 100$ price drop I can say this is good memory

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Pleasantly Surprised12/26/2007 2:04:34 AM

Pros: I went to XP64 after a long stint on Vista 64. I just like XP better not a huge knock on the Vista 64 ultimate I had running. It has run all my programs other that Cisco VPN. Also seems less resource needy as Vista.

Cons: Maybe it's my imagination but it seems to load slower than Vista did. Also, I added a 2nd SATA drive after my initial install and my usb devices locked up. I reinstalled the OS after adding the 2nd disk and have had no issues since.

Overall Review: I have had a pretty good going since the revert to XP. I am happy so far. I kinda worry about directx10 games down the road but maybe Vista will mature by the time its SP2 rolls around and I can always reload it. Also, to the reviewer below, AVG makes an awesome anti-virus program for free!! It usually ranks ahead of Macfee & Norton in reviews

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