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Perfect TV for me

42" 1080p LCD HDTV
42" 1080p LCD HDTV

Pros: Out-of-the-box colors are pretty good. Obviously it's good to calibrate any HDTV that you get, but for those that aren't high-tech, you'd be plenty satisfied without making any adjustments to your color settings. The SRT technology makes standard TV look great, so don't worry if you currently have no HD content. I have my computer, Blu-ray, Xbox, PS, and external speakers hooked up and there's still plenty of inputs for future additions (which I will be getting with my tax returns). Matte finish (personal opinion, but I don't like all of the glare that comes with shiny finished screens, and the colors are bright, so I didn't see any reason to get a shiny finished TV). Plays 1080p just fine. I did a lot of research before buying a HDTV, and in the end, I found that this TV had more to offer, and looked better than a lot of the Sony's I've seen.

Cons: It's not 62 inches. It's not 120Hz (almost all TV's under 50 inches you're not going to notice a difference between 120Hz and 60Hz, so don't worry about that unless you're looking for a 50+ inch TV). The remote acts a little sluggish at times, but I don't always notice it, and no one else that uses the TV has mentioned it, so maybe it's just me.

Overall Review: HDTV's aren't new anymore, so a lot of brands that may have not been top contenders in the HDTV market are now fully caught up and are more than worth a look. I have never though much of Toshiba in the HDTV market, but just in the last year they have put out some incredible products, and I've actually found myself favoring them over most other brands at this point, weird, right?

Why pay more?

Link Depot LD-HS-6 6 ft. Black & Red Ultra High Speed HDMI  cable
Link Depot LD-HS-6 6 ft. Black & Red Ultra High Speed HDMI cable

Pros: Works as good as any other HDMI cable I've come across, even those that cost 10x the price.

Cons: none.

Good Blu-ray Player

SAMSUNG Blu-ray Player BD-P1500
SAMSUNG Blu-ray Player BD-P1500

Pros: Plays movies at 1080p perfectly, via HDMI. It is compatible with my Toshiba REGZA TV, meaning I can use my TV remote to control my Blu-ray player- one less remote is always a plus.

Cons: None that I have come across.

Overall Review: The first player I received was damaged, but that was UPS' fault, not NewEgg or Samsung (at least as far as I could tell). Had to wait 2 weeks before I got my new one back, but once I got a working player, everything went smoothly.