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Good mouse, not for big hands.4/5/2013 8:30:58 AM

Pros: Great feel and texture to the mouse, on the fly dpi adjustments happen instantly, good tracking. Looks super cool, light up cat is friggin' awesome. Tons of features for the money. No fluff. Very well built.

Cons: Very small mouse - not for someone with big hands. Laser tracking feels a bit too twitchy at times. As others have mentioned, it does take 30 seconds to save settings. The driver could use some work.

Overall Review: I really liked this mouse, and I wanted it to work for me. However, it is a very small mouse and it just didn't feel quite right in my hands. I could claw grip it, but I wanted something with a little more bulk to fit my hand better. I ended up buying a Razer Deathadder, which is much bigger and fits my hand better. I can comfortably use a palm grip with the Deathadder. It also seems to track a bit more smoothly. The Deathadder mouse also saves its settings instantly, which is nice. Overall though, if you have smaller hands I would still recommend this mouse. It has a great texture and feel to it, and it looks awesome - much cooler than the Deathadder IMO. I probably would have traded this for the larger Roccat Kone XTD if it weren't so expensive, and the drivers were better. So even though this mouse did not fit me, it still deserves four eggs, and Roccat products are definitely worth your consideration.

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Video quality is a deal breaker6/13/2012 11:44:46 PM

Pros: This is an update to my review below regarding poor video quality.

Cons: I was able to contact Pioneer customer support, and they basically told me to monkey around with the settings and turn off video processing. After trying every available video setting (there aren't many) and trying different cables (all high quality - Monster, Microsoft, Mediabridge) I have had no luck in getting a decent picture out of this receiver. It just adds a lot of noise/pixellation and seems to slow down the framerate, making the video choppy. There is no reason to have a receiver with HDMI switching that severely degrades the video quality of HDMI sources. I could have just used optical or coaxial, but that defeats the purpose of HDMI switching. It's possible I got a bum unit, but I believe that the anchor bay video processor is just junk. Or Pioneer just makes junky receivers, i don't really know.

Overall Review: I am in the process of returning this and replacing it with an Onkyo. I lost a big combo discount (Bought it with a Polk 5.1 speaker system, which I like and decided to keep) by returning this. I essentially paid 330 for it, and I'm getting 130 back for returning it. Ouch. Fortunately, after some whining and moaning on my part, Newegg was kind enough to give me a gift card to make up for some of the discount I lost, so respect to the Egg.

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Not beer-proof9/22/2011 9:42:41 AM

Pros: Very solid keyboard and mouse. I use these in an HTPC setup where I am typically about 10-15 feet away from the PC at all times and I have no problems whatsoever with signal strength. Mouse is small but works well. It tracks over almost any surface, including my couch.

Cons: My bro spilled a bunch of beer in the keyboard one night and now it's all sticky. Some of the keys get stuck now. I wiped it down and it didn't help too much on the inside. Going to try to rinse it out, and if that destroys it, I'll probably just buy another one.

Overall Review: Install some kind of beer-resistant shield on the keyboard, and this thing would be perfect.

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DOES Work with Windows 73/11/2011 2:43:51 PM

Pros: It works with Windows 7, you just have to get the drivers from C-Media's website. Siig's drivers are no good. You can also use the cmediadrivers from google code (i have not had luck with those yet, but some people swear by them). Stop hating.

Cons: The sound card is decent, not spectacular, but it is only 30 bucks. For the price, I give it 4 eggs.

Overall Review: I'm going to try the cmediadrivers from google code again, they're supposed to make the sound better.

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A netbook that doesn't suck6/2/2010 4:39:02 PM

Pros: I was looking for a netbook, but was completely underwhelmed by the performance of standard 10.1" atom netbooks. I wanted something that could be an everyday PC if need be, and this guy fit the bill perfectly. It's actually faster than some of the desktop PCs I use. The integrated graphics card is very usable for basic video watching and such.

Cons: Keyboard is a bit mushy, but you get used to it. Acer win 7 factory install is super bloated to start with. I reinstalled win 7 64 bit clean and it runs much better, but I have yet to get the multi touchpad working correctly again since the reinstall.

Overall Review: I also installed Ubuntu and Linux Mint 64 bit and both work well, although Win 7 64 somehow kills any linux distro as far as battery life is concerned. With Ubuntu variants, I get 5-7 hours battery life, but with a clean win 7 on power save, I get 6-9 hours battery. This thing is extremely beefy for how small it is and for how long the battery lasts. So far I am extremely pleased.

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