Amazing GPU, even better undervolted9/2/2021 5:41:48 AM

Pros: I was able to get a +130 OC @ 2090 MHz and +1k memory OC stable. The issue was the fan speed which was running at about 75% when I did this. This was too loud for my ears and the wattage was boosting near the 450 watt range under stress testing. I decided to under-volt. I dropped the frequency curve on MSI Afterburner down to 1000 and locked the voltage in at 950mV. From there I raised the frequency up to 1950MHz, locked the frequency and it ran stable. By doing this, the card never goes over 950Mv. The wattage never comes close to 350 watts and averages around 260 watts. The fans barely if ever his 50% and the card rarely goes over 60c. For me, this is the sweet spot for performance, thermals and fan noise. It is virtually silent at this level. The card kicks all kinds of but and under-volting was the way to go. I play at 1440p. Under-volting gives me great peace of mind knowing that I'm not over heating and stressing the card out. It's built to do that but I don't see the point with 75% fan speed. I want to enjoy my gaming sessions which I'm doing without the fans going nuts. Although the card can handle 450 watts under load, I don't really see the point. It's a perfect and beautiful card sitting in my case.

Cons: Price

Overall Review: I would purchase this card again in a heartbeat. I obtained it via the Newegg shuffle. It took about 15 tries but I won it. Super happy with it.

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Like it better than my Logitech G90010/6/2016 3:42:27 PM

Pros: Same 3360 sensor as the G900, same amazing FPS performance as the G900, 1ms response time, weight, RGB, etc, What makes it stand out is the simplicity of the mouse and the shape. It feels like a Razer Death Adder. Rubber grips on the sides make it a better mouse. Excellent grip. It fits higher in the palm of my hand and for my larger hands, I'm more accurate. It just feels better than the G900 for me. The G900 is narrower than this model. It's an excellent FPS mouse that is very approachable. I never have miss clicks or have accidental clicks like I experienced with the G900.

Cons: Battery life is a tad less. With RGB lights on I get 24 hours with the G900, for this mouse it's 22 hours. Who cares frankly?

Overall Review: Buy it because you'll love it especially if your hands are a bit larger. I love it.

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