Best two cards I've ever owned1/8/2015 10:09:07 PM

Pros: It's run every game I've thrown at it at full settings with no loss.

Cons: Lotsa power draw. Get a bronze 80 PSU or pay the piper

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Seriously speedy machine12/14/2013 12:18:01 PM

Pros: Fast machine, you can read the specs, if that's what you're looking for then this machine definitely has it.

Cons: It's refurbished. I know it says it right on the title but I didn't expect the device to come so.... mistreated. This probably is or isn't the factory's fault for reshipping this device in this manner but you're going to hear about it here. FIRST : Pulled it from it's protective packaging and viola, everything looks neat and clean. Right up until I flip it over and see the plastic shield that goes over the memory and hard drive expansion area is just out of whack. Okay, I think, I can fix that. SECOND: I open the flip top to unscrew the cover to see the screw head is dinged to hell and back. It's horrendous. It looks like they paid a five year old to do the refurb job. I carefully undo the screw to expose the hard drive bay and see that EVERY SCREW IN SIGHT HAS BEEN GIVEN THE SAME POOR TREATMENT. One screw I get, but ALL of them? What gives? THIRDLY: Not needing to actually harrass those screws I inspect the bay, then the cover and then carefully place the cover back in place to find that THE COVER IS ACTUALLY WARPED. It wasn't positioned improperly. The cover is actually just bad. HOW DO YOU SHIP A THING FROM A FACILITY THAT HAS REPLACEMENT PARTS ON HAND THAT IS DEFORMED? This seriously bugs me even now. I'm not willing to simply return an entire laptop over a plastic cover, and considering the NAVY needs me elsewhere in the near future my shipping address will become quite unreliable. It seems I may be stuck with a warped back cover for the foreseeable future.

Overall Review: This comes after the drama that was my ordering this device with rush processing and overnight shipping. The order was processed the next day (did it during normal business hours) and the shipment wasn't released to fedex for over 48 hours. Calling customer service helped, and I'M POSITIVE that the rep did what was in his power to do, which was to make the shipping cost equivalent to 2 day and refund the rush fee. That is a adequate solution Newegg, I know it's somewhat hard to fulfill orders during this time especially with the snow ins your TN warehouse experienced. The problem is that you left your CS rep with only an adequate solution when my experience with this company has been above and beyond every single time. It was a kind gesture, and I do not want any more refunds or rebates, but in the future, the correct move from a customer service angle is a full refund of ALL shipping and handling costs, not to make up the difference for the time lost. Above and beyond is what I expected and I was given "Merely adequate". I don't know how this experience has made me feel but i'm starting to wane on my loyalty to the egg. I've often paid a few dollars more here for the excellent service from before until after the sale is 100% complete. This left a odd taste in my mouth and I sincerely hope it never happens again. You can get merely adequate service anywhere.

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This is the best case for anyone not restricted to size.5/9/2013 9:26:56 AM

Pros: HUGE Case, plenty of room to add parts and a amazing hot swap 2 bay hard drive enclosure makes for the ultimate computer case. Can be opened from one to three sides on the fly and has tie downs from front to back to make for some very creative and easy to plan wiring. I can't say it enough, this case puts away any issues and it's flat black styling makes it easy to just put on a table next to my Television without sticking out like a sore thumb! Well ventilated and easy to set up fans as you see fit.

Cons: Very large, if you suffer from needing small computer to fit in a tiny space this is not the case for you. It's easily as big as two mid towers stacked on top of each other's sides.

Overall Review: If it came with fittings to close off or seal some of the periphery venting then it would be perfect. The only thing it's missing is the ability to seal the case and force airflow in a specific direction or volume. Not a deal breaker by far.

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Great sound quality, horrible build quality.1/10/2011 12:58:44 PM

Pros: Excellent sound, only the best from sennheiser. Great for your every day listener or for light use. Long wire makes it possible to move around while using. Very comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. Headphones easily detach from the headband for single ear use/mixing.

Cons: I'm a mobile DJ, so I used these like I would a set of AKG's or similar. Cheaply made, wires came out from the base of the headphones. I've taken a soldering iron to it and made them 100x more resilient. Would have been a five star product if it were just a little more durable. Lasted almost a year in the falling apart state before completely borking.

Overall Review: When I bought these they were much cheaper.

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Works ok9/2/2010 6:04:04 PM

Pros: Cheap, Works.

Cons: Static produced seemingly by random. No channel selection which makes interference impossible to edge out completely.

Overall Review: For the price it's a pretty good deal. I would not use this in any professional capacity, however.

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Worked fine for a while7/8/2009 2:41:50 AM

Pros: Was a good bargain when I bought it.

Cons: Went to junk after a while. Huge timeouts, packet loss. Absolutely useless now. Gets hot and stops working completely.

Overall Review: looks and feels cheap, You get what you pay for.

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