Awesome product at a good price!6/13/2021 1:11:52 PM

Pros: Long battery life, while having an overall short recharge time. Comes with different head sizes, in case its too big, or small for some ears. Decent microphone, with nice buttons in them. Can pause, play, skip, and turn volume up/down, using the buttons on them. Really easy to connect, doesnt require you to turn them on manually, (although you can if you wanted to.) immediately turns themselves on, and connects to the desired device instantly. Really nice theater like sound quality, at such a cheap price.

Cons: Doesnt make me lunch.

Overall Review: I bought this on sale at $50, hey its even worth buying if its at its normal price!Overall, really well designed product, at a great price! I recommend this to anyone, whos looking for a great set of low cost wireless earbuds.

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