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Can't find it.3/16/2013 8:51:42 AM

Pros: Never used it.

Cons: Never used it, but I will say that it is small, and I can no longer find it.

Overall Review: Wish this came with a GPS locator.

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Great Motherboard.3/16/2013 8:49:06 AM

Pros: BIG motherboard. Affordable. Gigabyte product, so I know it will last. easy to read where all the jumpers go, considering the color scheme of this particular motherboard.

Cons: Did not come with a puppy?

Overall Review: The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.

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3/16/2013 8:44:01 AM

Pros: 8 Cores. Have not gotten it close to truly working. WAY cheaper than an Intel processor. Decent Heatsink for a stock item.

Cons: I feel like my 6 Core Phenom II worked better at certain points, but is still a great product. Did not come with an AMD sticker for my case, and since I have a new case as of yesterday, I am no longer sponsoring AMD on my computer.

Overall Review: Should have waited for the liquid cooling edition, as it is the same price I had paid originally for mine. I feel slightly ripped off for that.

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3/16/2013 8:36:36 AM

Pros: 850W power supply. Keeps everything running. Great quality.

Cons: Can't think of any.

Overall Review: Zamboni is a fun word to say.

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Great keyboard for the money.3/16/2013 8:33:43 AM

Pros: All the buttons work. What else is there to like on a keyboard?

Cons: Does not have glow in the dark keys?

Overall Review: Could go for a stuffed pizza from Giordano's right about now...

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