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Newegg was wonderful10/5/2016 8:09:29 AM

Pros: The shipping was timely, the game is DOOM, and I was thrilled to see I got a hard copy, and I was surprised that even on lowest of low it still looks good.

Cons: The game itself is very poorly optimized, there is zero support for Crossfire or SLI setups, also its 64.6gb+ game and for a game that runs this poorly with this much lack of support the space on my SSD would be more useful spent elsewhere. Not too mention the only thing worth the time on the game is the story.

Overall Review: Had I known that crossfire would not work I would have spent my money on something else.instead I got sucked into the hype didn't look up any information and because I have 2 radeon HD6870 2gb cards in crossfire I have to disable one and run the game on low with borderless window mode at 1920x1080 with 34-46fps. I also have an FX 8350 that cant be fully utilized because I am stuck running one gpu.all in all I would say I am pretty darn disappointed with the game but Newegg's service is awesome.

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