A big upgrade from my previous but with 1.5 issue12/16/2020 2:36:28 PM

Pros: Picture is very nice and crisp, can't complain about that. A huge upgrade over my old Logitech. Love the privacy slider, all Web cameras should come with that feature. All and all very pleased.

Cons: Two Cons. Well more like 1.5. It's a plug and play so there aren't any driver software. A plus since it's ready to go out of the box, but a negative if you want to mess with any of the contrast, aspect ratio etc. Still for the price you really can't complain and there are work arounds, and you can always use the built in drivers. Second con, and this one was big for me is the length of the cord. It's short, I would say a short to medium length. Most people won't have issues with this, but my monitors are mounted which just raises them enough that the cord length becomes an issue. Now it does include a tripod, but still, I would have liked to place them where I wanted with ought getting a USB hub, USB extension, or something of that nature.

Overall Review: I would have to say I'm very pleased with the upgrade. I cant really complain because it's so much better than my previous. I wish there were a few quality of life improvements, but I can live.

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