Fast and quiet12/12/2011 2:29:13 PM

Pros: Great performance for the price. The fans are quiet and overheating is not an issue at all. you dont need to OC, runs games fine on ultra settings. NVidia control panel>ATI's CCC

Cons: none so far, I've only had it a week.

Overall Review: Upgraded from a Radeon HD 4870X2 i had for 3 years. I wonder if i will get the same life out of this one. here's a list of how my games perform: BF3 @ 1920x1080 ultra settings (AA 2x) average FPS:40 Skyrim @1920x1080 Ultra settings (AA 4x) average FPS: 30-60 Civ V on largest map size with highest graphics settings still lags a bit between turns SC 2, Total war Shogun II, LoL, Tropico 4 and other RTS games run flawlessly.

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