Very happy with this 30708/19/2021 1:21:06 PM

Pros: - Getting great FPS in my i9-10850k - You can set it to be very quiet which is important, as I use my computer for music production and audio engineering - Thermals are quite good

Cons: - Super ugly. I personally don't care for the aesthetics but the Newegg Shuffle decided that this was the video card for me.

Overall Review: If you can get this card, don't hesitate.

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Excellent Cooler4/6/2021 5:37:43 PM

Pros: - Works extremely well- Asymmetrical design will work with basically any RAM modules I can imagine.- Comes with a super long screwdriver so you don't need any tools- Looks awesome- Fans are easy to put on

Cons: - The instructions are a bit confusing. I had to look up a video of installation. Didn't realize that the bracket goes on the back of the motherboard (hey, I haven't built a PC since the days of Intel coolers that you just push into the mobo)

Overall Review: Does everything you expect it to do. Works very well. I've had no cooling issues. Recommended to anyone.

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Best value for a high quality, high wattage PSU3/4/2021 11:01:03 AM

Pros: - the price! I don't know where else you can find an 80+ gold, 850w at this price unless you get lucky with a sale - the cables have nice coverings on them, and are pretty stiff but you can bend them if necessary to twist around into sockets - Quiet. I don't hear this part of my rig much at all. I don't think the fan has even kicked on yet.

Cons: - Barely a con, but at first I wanted a PSU with RGB. But turns out my case (Pure Base 500DX) has a PSU shroud so it wouldn't have been visible anyways.

Overall Review: It's an excellent power supply. I would recommend it to anyone.

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These are almost all limited free trials3/3/2021 10:09:06 AM

Pros: - You get one of the photo editors for free, which I guess is cool

Cons: - Literally everything else is for a 3 or 6 month free trial. I felt like I wasted an hour going through the redemption process and investigating all of the software offerings.

Overall Review: You shouldn't be buying something if this included promo is the difference maker, but just know that it's pretty worthless.

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Incredible Case3/3/2021 10:06:57 AM

Pros: - Compared to my old case (RAIDMAX Smilodon) this thing is basically inaudible. I do audio production in addition to gaming, so having so much less fan noise is great. - But the airflow is still there. Even when overclocking my GPU, I don't run into any danger zones with temps. - There are plenty of cable routing options in the back. - The SSD

Cons: - I've already had to clean the glass twice just from touching it when adjusting its position, but that's the nature of quality glass panels. - Connecting to the CPU power header was difficult because the two top corner fans were in the way, so maybe plug that one in before you screw the mobo down. But I managed to get it with the assistance of a screwdriver. - I had to bend the heck out of the main motherboard power cable to get it in the socket, but it seems to be working fine.

Overall Review: The white looks amazing. This is just an incredibly well designed and executed case. Really quiet. Pretty easy to build in. Great temps. I would recommend this to anyone.

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Great value (if you get it on sale), Looks Great3/3/2021 10:02:36 AM

Pros: - I got these on sale, and they were pretty much the same price as most 16gb RGB kits out there - 3200mhz, but you will likely have to change BIOS settings before you actually achieve this - The RGB looks fantastic in my Be Quiet 500DX case

Cons: - Barely a con, but you have to download Corsair's software to get this to work with Asus's AURA RGB sync stuff

Overall Review: Absolutely recommended. The sticks themselves feel very solid, not like the shields or RGB is gently glued on like some other kits.

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Just Awful11/9/2010 4:53:00 PM

Pros: If you're less than 20 feet from your access point, you only have to go through the headache of setting it up once.

Cons: If you're farther than 20 feet, good luck. First, the hardware is awful. You might shatter the plastic just by inserting it into your USB port. Next, the software. I'm pretty sure Edimax or Ralink (I really don't know what company makes this device or its software). I don't think any thought went into making the software user friendly. I am a software engineer, yet I find it difficult to use. It tends to freeze for a couple seconds every few minutes. Many little aspects of the software make it unbearable. Lastly, the functionality. I wouldn't complain so much if it actually worked. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on a network with at least 50% signal, typed in a WEP password, hit connect, and watched nothing happen.

Overall Review: Honestly, I can't in good faith recommend this to anyone. Look for a different alternative. Spring for the extra 10 bucks and get a much better item.

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Great all-around8/13/2008 10:11:35 AM

Pros: Great performance all around (gaming, media, etc.) Runs quite cool in my Asus PK5-VM mobo. The price is simply amazing. I couldn't imagine a better option for a new computer.

Cons: Like the other reviews state, the fan can be a bit of a chore to get in.

Overall Review: I hate the fact that in order to please everyone, Intel make an instruction manual with no words. I think they would receive universal praise if they made an instruction manual with only English, and make respective manuals for different languages.

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Not worth the price tag8/13/2008 10:04:20 AM

Pros: It's inexpensive.

Cons: Terrible construction. It's made of the cheapest plastic I've ever seen and I suspect the two sides are bonded together with something similar to Elmer's glue. It has an awkward shape that may block other USB ports. I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable computer user, but even someone with a master's in computer science will have trouble interpreting the software. Everything is labled with acronyms. Somehow I got Windows to find my network and it started working. I seriously don't know what the point of its Config Utility is. The software runs in the taskbar, and you can switch to another mode in it. All this other mode does is prevent the device from working (from what I can tell.)

Overall Review: I know wireless is poor for online gaming, but I have no other option in my current house. This thing lags me approximately once per minute on Steam games. AVOID this item and spring for a PCI card.

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