Good reliable product6/19/2017 11:43:19 AM

Pros: Works as advertised at the speed advertised

Cons: None

Overall Review: I would purchase again

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What a Great Find4/20/2015 2:12:26 PM

Pros: Relatively small footprint, nice black case, external antennas, very fast wireless, good range, easy setup, runs cool. Fantastic value for the price!

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I've bought a lot of home network routers over the years, most of which were more than double the price of this unit. I had absolutely no trouble with setup and the software has a very good feature set. The wireless is VERY fast on both wireless bands, and it has very good range. I really don't think you can beat it for the price! I'm impressed!

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Very Fast - Very Satisfied12/10/2014 12:04:45 PM

Pros: Very easy to install as an upgrade from a standard HDD. EXTREMELY fast, speeds up everything. Magician Software very useful and easy to use

Cons: The Samsung cloning software was initially a pain to install and use. See other thoughts. As always, I wish it were cheaper!

Overall Review: I installed this SSD in an existing desktop with Win7 64 bit. All you need is a SATA port and power connection and off you go. Decided I did not want to go through reinstallation of OS and software. I had issues installing the Samsung Drive Cloning Software. I tried to install the software from the included CD. Everything went fine until the installer notified that there was an updated version available and if I wanted to install it. Long story short, this interrupted the install and it took a lot of effort to remove the faulty install and start over. My suggestion (which worked fine for me) is to download the latest version of the cloning software from the Samsung website, install it and everything should run without a hitch.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
So Far So Good8/10/2014 7:25:30 AM

Pros: Fairly Comfy, Fairly Thick. Helps soften cushion on a desk chair with worn padding

Cons: Strange size. Have to adjust on every sit. Gel pouch doesn't seem to do much. We will see how long it lasts.

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Good Value for General Use11/30/2013 9:24:51 AM

Pros: Refurbished well done except for some scratches in the case Black paint. Software setup went as expected. Small, quiet, good for everyday use for browsing and email. Good packaging for shipment.

Cons: Item ships with off brand keyboard and mouse that are VERY cheap and flimsey.

Overall Review: Bought this unit for my mother whose computing needs are limited. Average value. Will probably have to replace the keyboard and mouse.

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Acceptable Bargain Priced Monitor11/30/2013 9:15:38 AM

Pros: Light weight, good color saturation, no bad pixels, works.

Cons: Cheap stand, uneven back light intensity, speaker horrible.

Overall Review: For the price I paid, this monitor is good for everyday use (if your not picky).

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Great Upgrade for aging Xoom Tablet11/18/2013 11:26:37 AM

Pros: Ordered this tablet tor replace my aging but functional Motorola Xoom tablet. Although this is not a 'Pure" android experience, the added features that Samsung has included can be very useful. I don't know how much I will use the stylus, but it seems to work great. The screen is incredible and it is very responsive! The size and weight is perfect. The construction seems to be very sturdy and it feels good in the hand. Overall application responsiveness is very good. The IR blaster is a welcome feature.

Cons: The first unit I got had a defective MicroSDHC slot. It caused the 32GB memory card to constantly mount and remove itself. Most internet articles suggested that this was a memory card problem. I tried a Sandisk card first and then tried a Lexar card with the same result. Replaced the tablet and used the Lexar card and it worked perfectly.

Overall Review: When you first start the tablet, go through the initial setup and check for system updates before you go any further. There were three (3) android system updates for this device. Install all 3 updates. When you are sure that the system is up to date, do yourself a favor and do a factory reset and redo the initial configuration.

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Solid Build - Iffy Functionality10/14/2013 2:59:16 PM

Pros: I love the form factor and build quality. Small steel box with easy to install drive bays. The web based management is relatively easy to use. Quiet.

Cons: Documentation is Poor! Tech support is easy to reach, but not well versed on the product. Had several frustrating issues right out of the box. Still have several open cases to do with advertised functionality. Seems like advertised add-on and built in applications sometimes don't get along well together. It was even suggested by L3 support that the built in Antivirus and Snapshot functions should not be run together. I still have not gotten the Genie app marketplace to work properly.

Overall Review: I can't say what I would recommend over this box, but this box has been a real time waster over the past couple of weeks trying to get it's advertised features to work.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Easty, Thanks for your honest review. Our engineers would like to follow up with you on some of the concerns you had. Please get in touch with us directly at and we'll be happy to help further. Regards, NETGEAR Team
Good when it Works10/14/2013 2:53:21 PM

Pros: Good price and good performance.

Cons: Ordered two of these for my new NAS box. Spent almost a week diagnosing what looked like failures with the NAS. About 3 days in, smart data on the second drive started getting worse and worse, although not bad enough to trigger a bad drive indicator in the NAS. What a nightmare.

Overall Review: RMAd for a new one and all seems to be well for the last week. I think I got a good one this time. I can't help but think that Newegg got a bad batch of these. Hopefully they've worked through them now.

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Slime HDMI Good for Me9/25/2013 3:50:24 PM

Pros: Very Slime and Flexible. Makes it quite easy to route the cables cleanly and makes it easy to swivel my 52" LCD TV. Much better than the thick and stiff traditional HDMI cables.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I will never use a traditional thick HDMI again. Cable management is a snap and functionality is great!

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Perfect Cable8/5/2013 10:15:00 AM

Pros: VERY thin and flexible cable with small HDMI connectors. The 15' length and black color were perfect for my application.

Cons: None - Works great!

Overall Review: I think I will use these cables from now on to replace my current bulky and still standard HDMI cables.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Just Works!7/16/2013 12:26:12 PM

Pros: Small size, good documentation, easy to connect. Nothing to configure. Good speed overall. Given the physical limitations of my installation, this was a very good option. This order came with a Netgear gig switch, which came in handy!

Cons: Speed could be better. I'm getting about 82Mbps when the two devices are physically close to each other. About 2 rooms away, I'm getting about 60Mbps.

Overall Review: Easy Peasy

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Good Deal7/16/2013 12:21:55 PM

Pros: Very thin and easy to manage. I see no difference in signal quality over the fat cable that it replaced.

Cons: None

Overall Review: So far so good. Got this cable for free after rebate. I just ordered a 15' version of this cable and expect the same quality.

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Great for Home Office7/16/2013 12:18:47 PM

Pros: I like the color. The printer software has many configuration options (many more than needed for most) that let you micro control most of the printer/scanner/fax functionality. Controls and web interface are clear and quick. Print quality is very good, especially using color laser very white paper. Worked perfectly right out of the box. Software installed with no problems. Wired network setup was no problem. I particularly like the network options of scanning to email, scanning to network share, cloud printing from cell and tablet, etc. and some of the included apps. For a home office application, this printer is perfect. I have gotten so tired of paying through the nose for ink cartridges.

Cons: The printer is a little big for home office, but ok. Paper feed options are limited to the internal paper tray. There is no manual feed which can be somewhat inconvenient.

Overall Review: I am very happy with my purchase of this printer. I have been loyal to HP for printers for years and this one (so far) has not let me down. HPs printer software has gotten very bloated over the years (which had started to cause problems), but it seems to have settled down to a manageable software suite.

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Good little drive8/15/2012 2:59:26 PM

Pros: Using for off site backups. Plug & Go. Very simple to use and works great.

Cons: Not the fastest drive in the world, but every bit what I expected!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Flawless8/15/2012 2:57:20 PM

Pros: Small Footprint, super easy setup and good software. Works as advertised and has a great signal. I have used other EnGenius products and have been very satisfied. No surprises here. Great value for the money.

Cons: None to mention.

Overall Review: Have used linksys for years and will never again. This is a very good alternative at a great price.

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AZiO Enclosure12/16/2008 6:35:32 PM

Pros: I have purchased 2 of these cases and the work great. The fit and finish is perfect and installing the HDD couldn't be easire

Cons: None

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Great Memory12/16/2008 6:34:12 PM

Pros: I guess the best thing I can say is that I snapped it in, fired up the machine, and it worked. Need I say more!

Cons: None

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Intel is the Best for Me12/16/2008 6:32:18 PM

Pros: This is my 8th build and I have used Intel processors for all. This one did not dissapoint. The stock cooling fan is very quiet and keeps my processor at about 31c idle with barely +10 deg. difference at full load.

Cons: I hope that the new LGA1366 has a better scheme for mounting the cooling fan. Every time I mount one of the LGA775 fans it has been hard to tell if the pins are fully inserted and I feel like I'm going to crack the MB in half.

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Antec BP550 PS a WINNER12/16/2008 6:26:08 PM

Pros: This PS features a 120mm cooling fan which is as close to silent as you can get. Plenty of power connectors for everything in the case. I really like the modular cables that allow you to only install the cables that you need and keep down the clutter. Also got extremely lucky with a GREAT promotional price, Thanks NEWEGG!

Cons: The SATA power cables could be a bit longer. My installation was close. I sure this would not be a problem with a smaller case than I used and was not a problem for me, just a little bit of a stretch.

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Powercolor 4850 Rocks12/16/2008 6:21:49 PM

Pros: Arrived in perfect condition. Upgraded heatsink works wonderfully. Nearly silent operation at low load. Software appropriatly ramps up fan speed as load increases. At 100% load, fan at about 60% and temps very good at about 61 deg. C. Still very quiet even at 60% Fan. Plays all of my games at highest quality settings with no problem.

Cons: Using ATI Catalyst Autotune feature to overclock this card caused video artifacts in my games. Went back to the standard settings and everything back to normal.

Overall Review: Reading other reviews tells me that there may be some variations in the quality of construction of this card. I have been very lucky in that everything is perfect, cool and quiet!

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Great Stick12/16/2008 6:16:02 PM

Pros: Good looking and Fast. As advertised and a great price from NewEgg.

Cons: No lanyard

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SATA DVD Burner12/16/2008 6:13:55 PM

Pros: Perfect fit, perfect finish. Extremely quiet. Burns and plays like a champ.

Cons: None

Did you find this review helpful? 
Exceeded Expectataions12/16/2008 8:10:26 AM

Pros: Packing was perfect, condition was perfect. Exactly as described and pictured. Plenty of room in the case to install all devices. EXTREMELY quite with 3 120mm fans. Cools perfectly. Looks great. Temperature probes a nice touch. Like the external ports on the left side of the case. Looks great. Overall construction good. No problems with manufacturing quality / missing items, etc. Tool-less insertion of 5.25 and 3.5" devices was flawless. This has to be the most outstanding case I have ever purchased for the price!

Cons: None...

Overall Review: Front panel audio cable a bit short, but workable. Screwless expansion card hold down clamps a little weak. Just reinforce with included screws. I can't believe the quality of this case for the price!

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600N Performance7/10/2008 12:04:23 PM

Pros: Nice Looking Package - 4-port Gig switch works fine

Cons: Wireless Speed not good - Wireless Range Not good. I am using just the 5GHz band N-Only. Very few obstructions cause significant signal loss. Speed not as good as my other linksys router running G only. Must reboot the router about every week as the management interface hangs and eventually locks up the entire router forcing a reboot.

Overall Review: I have always had good luck with LinkSys product and decided to give this high priced unit a try, even though there were many negative reviews. I've now tried. Don't make the same mistake

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