Great laptop choice.9/7/2016 10:01:20 AM

Pros: Keyboard backlight is red, which some may not like, however it has 4 brightness settings and are bright enough to tell that they are on during the day which is great. The keys require feel like they require close to the same amount of force to activate as my mx cherry brown for anyone wondering. I like the hardware in the laptop, but would definatly not upgrade to the 4gb 960m model. This model of the laptop is great if you intend to upgrade to an m.2 ssd that supports the faster speeds then traditional sata 3 limited m.2 drives.

Cons: The laptop comes with alot of bloatware. I defiantly suggest getting someone you know to go over all the aps that are included and remove the remaining bloatware you really dont need. Big issue with all 900m chipset and 800m (even 1000 series apparently some have reported) series is their screen tear issue, you will get a diagonal line going from one point of the screen to another diagonal point, For the 960m I know you can just force FXAA to remedy this issue, however the laptops don't seem to address this issue which is concerning since alot of people will eventually find this issue and not know how to resolve it. The finish on this laptop loves your fingerprints.

Overall Review: The Mediocre: The has great viewing angles but has a dark orange color to the monitor. You will have to adjust the color presets which isn't difficult to do. Reduce Red & Green and increase gamma on this monitor. The battery can be removed. This can be both good and bad, I would like an option that could secure it better so that someone couldn't just steal my battery (yes that has actually happened before with one of my laptops) however I think ill be fine :P Speakers are okay, nothing amazing but defiantly usable if I happen to forget my headphones. Make sure you update your drivers.

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Nice at a first glance but prepare for some deceitful advertising8/31/2016 7:29:31 PM

Pros: The laptop has a well thought out design that unfortunately is cut short by some hardware choices. Packaging was good quality and there is very little bloatware that I had to remove. The laptop felt sturdy and has a very good screen with great viewing angles.

Cons: Screen tear for days. I started testing out my games to see how the 960m could perform. not every title seems to cause this issue, however on the games that did have the tearing it was from top right of the screen to the bottom left. After trying newest drivers, drivers on disc even, fresh installs. I had no success. I learned that people are simply "avoiding" the problem rather then gigabyte & nvidia addressing it. After countless hours I figured out a work around by locking to FXAA , but I am very disappointed, it should have just worked out of box. Second part that really annoys me from gigabyte is their product advertising, Enjoy the benifits of super fast m.2 storage!!! up to 2000gb/s Then you get the laptop and look at the generic ssd that was simply installed into the m.2 slot. Great selling point, we have the slot but refuse to put a ssd in that takes advantage of it, MISLEADING! If you actually want to take advantage of this, you would have to buy and install your own m.2 drive and reinstall windows and whatnot to make an actual bootable m.2 drive. The back-lit keyboard is a nice feature however it is not bright. it can even be overpowered by the monitors brightness, making it hard to tell if its even on.

Overall Review: I could get the same thing functionally for less. Really wanted to take advantage of the m.2 storage for photoshop, cad and other applications/games. (For another 50$ I could have gotten ROG with an m.2 256 950) Keep in mind the screen tearing is also Nvidia's fault and affects basically all other Geforce 900 series chipsets (my buddies laptop has the same issue (its new as well)). It was funny rating this as it say I rated it 2 "stars" when really they are eggs. didnt give 1 star because I do realize screen tearing isnt entirely gigabytes fault although Im sure they could work towards a solution. I mean apparently this have been an issue for years! Common!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We apologize for your difficulty with your GIGABYTE product. Please contact us at with the case number 135977 in the e-mail subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue ASAP. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you. GIGABYTE VIP Support Team
Good features, but not great for 2 way sli/ crossfire.11/4/2015 9:25:32 AM

Pros: This motherboard has everything I wanted for the build I am going I used it for, however some dated tech, and features that wern't completly thought out could be improved. If improved, this would be my favourite board I guess Ill just have to wait.

Cons: The headers for this motherboard should be right angled. I can't use my motherboards 3.0 header or Audio header if I want to put a 2-way sli or crossfire configuration on this board. It would also be great if they would replace the PCI 1.0 slot with a PCI expressx4 or something, Its really dated tech. It kinda seems excessive to have 4 ram slots on this board, however it some people might want more then 32gb of ram I guess (for whatever reason) I wish the second pciex16 ran at the same speed as the first. it runs as 2.0 x4 speed compaired to the first 3.0x12 speed. Finally, I wish the motherboard cpu fan controller would control the fan speed based on the actual cpu instead of the motherboard. This also effects the motherboards emergency shut down, If my cpu would get up to 120 degrees C this motherboard would not shut down. because it isn't reading the temp of the cpu itself. So make sure you check temps when when under load because you will have to manage this yourself which shouldn't be an issue if you have an after-market heatsink, but can be a huge issue if you decide to overclock.

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Great performance for price.11/4/2015 8:58:31 AM

Pros: Great chip, Doesn't come with on-chip graphic which I really like. Probably best performance/price for all the FM2/FM2+ sockets.

Cons: Upgrade the heatsink, an option to buy this for a couple bucks cheaper without the heatsink would be great.

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No issues11/4/2015 8:53:59 AM

Pros: Came with the correct parts and performed as advertised. The price was very good as well.

Cons: They all function how I expected so none. Bought 2 packs of 2 to be safe since I can't beat the price.

Overall Review: Will buy again if the price remains around the same place.

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