Nuthin' But Applause2/24/2021 4:30:13 PM

Pros: - Easy setup from unboxing to turning it on. - A lot of thought went into the build and they took under consideration the size of the monitor to make sure it went on the work space and not the floor. - ZERO dead pixels - Crystal clear - little to no image warping at the corners. Very impressed.

Cons: - Considering the sheer size and price of this behemoth of a monitor, I would have liked to see 4k imaging. But I still feel foolish complaining about it. This monitor provides a beautiful picture! - Sometimes (during boot up only), the monitor defaults to a lower resolution and delays a good windows capture. Once I sign in, though, it goes immediately to 5120 x 1440. this doesn't happen all the time, so to be fair, it may be something I failed to set properly on the C/GPU.

Overall Review: Over all; I still gaze into my office and say "WOW" - out loud! It's just a huge monitor and I'm still getting used to the size and amount of work space. It does take a bit of getting used to. Before this monitor, I'd sit at my 34" monitor and move my eyes from left to right. With this monitor, you have to move your head from left to right. LOL. It's sick! Gaming - It's a game changer! Pun intended. As 4k becomes more and more commonplace within the electronics arena, I am a bit upset that there wasn't a 4k option when I purchased this animal. I admit, I am being picky. In the end, I'd have to say that I am extremely pleased with this monitor. No regrets! I'm loving it!

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More Than I Expected2/9/2013 9:14:30 PM

Pros: This is a nice book! Considering the payoffs/sacrifices you'll make to stretch your dollar. This is my first laptop! I've been hardcore on desk top systems because I like a screaming, sick system! Since I'm back in school, I needed a good stable system and a sturdy frame for it. ASUS has never betrayed my expectations. They've disappointed me a few times over the years, but then again, so has my Mother and I still love her, too. Sleek & sharp & high quality workmanship. The Core i5 is more than what I need for its purpose. The touch screen is super responsive and I've got a better idea for what Microsoft was hoping for with Windows 8. It also came with Office 2013 loaded and they give you a free month right off the bat. It's nice and this laptop handles it with ease. Not ONE issue since I've received it 2 weeks ago. Cold Boot takes about 35 seconds. Warm Boot or from Sleep maybe 7 to 10 seconds.

Cons: If I had to really bang my head over anything I'd have to go with; no Bluetooth. That is something I would have expected ASUS to throw in as a given. With today's level of technology and ASUS's bulk access to these devices at a significantly reduced price, how could they not? Too much Bloatware. Easily removed, though.

Overall Review: I was actually surprised Bluetooth wasn't available in it. It's no biggie, but it would have been the polite thing to do for us customer folk. I've always considered ASUS to be the "4 star hotel" of the computer hardware industry. There are only three USB ports and that tiny, little, infinitesimal and unassuming Blue tooth receiver is now taking up my needed USB ports. Putting the Bluetooth under the hood would have been the equivalent of leaving the mints on the pillow. I kind of expect that from a 4 star establishment. Other than that, I have no further criticisms. For what one can spend out there in Laptopland, this is the best bang for your buck, AND it's touch screen! From all the research I've done trying to make an informed decision, there is NO better deal for what you'll pay for this ultra book. Excellent job, ASUS.

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