i think it actually slowed my system down10/3/2017 12:51:13 PM

Pros: good price for the job

Cons: mixing this with single channel ram isn't great.

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well rounded product9/30/2017 4:12:38 AM

Pros: has among the highest wattage out there. no major juice use. no crazy requirements. plug and play. has 2 additional power cables for graphics cards. works great for enthusiast mid-range cases.

Cons: cables are long and cumbersome with cable management. limited use for behemoth expensive cases that require alot of wattage.

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still working9/30/2017 4:09:04 AM

Pros: plays most games well. if you can overclock these , then you might want to get 2 of these with SLI and you can play almost anything. cost efficient after a few years of being out.

Cons: had a great run for battlefield 4 but you will have to tweak your settings like mad. if you can't overclock, playing new games will be a challenge. opt for something bigger or adopt 2 with SLI of a higher caliber card

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asus makes great products but nothing is ever fool proof9/30/2017 4:06:08 AM

Pros: durable.

Cons: DVI port went out after a few years. made me buy a bunch new electronics i didn't need. thinking it was the hardware.

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still running9/30/2017 4:04:38 AM

Pros: had for a while.

Cons: need something much more powerful for hardcore gamer enthusiasts for cooling options.

Overall Review: good for a run of the mill basic case.

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a bit misleading on product packing. not dual channel!9/30/2017 4:03:43 AM

Pros: durable ram. heat spreading tech

Cons: single channel ram, a lil slow. misleading advertising

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nice board9/30/2017 4:02:28 AM

Pros: lots of expansion. durable

Cons: little big and finding screws could be a challenge

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stands the test of time9/30/2017 4:01:21 AM

Pros: this will run most games flawlessly. very happy.

Cons: needs to be overclocked to run the newest games.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
9/30/2017 3:59:27 AM

Pros: can withstand a good amount of heat from leaving on. saves energy, durable.

Cons: none

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excellent9/30/2017 3:57:52 AM

Pros: holds a long charge up to 16 hours. has cooling technology for hot cards and other environments. priceless for leaving in your car for dashcam security. overcharging overheating protection. great overall product

Cons: you have to remember to press the button to power on most of your duration based electronics. cameras etc

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reliable9/30/2017 3:55:55 AM

Pros: can overwrite many times without slowing down. fast video skimming.

Cons: can easily be lost. especially in a car. ost 2 of these in the brake shaft paired wth a dashcam. be carefil

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holds a charge for up to 16 hours on my dashcam9/30/2017 3:52:21 AM

Pros: been charging this over and over and has seen consistent results. very handy to have., for the price is excellent. has been rated in the top 10 powerbanks. 10000mah holds a real nice charge for the price.

Cons: try not to drop it or let it bang around in your cab. the return process is very difficult after 90 days. use bubblewrap/cushioning when carrying with this, to protect your investment.

Overall Review: if you have more than 2 devices, you might want to buy more than 1, or something with over 10,000 mah. rav power makes durable banks.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
batteries last quite a while9/30/2017 3:48:42 AM

Pros: heavy duty. last in my camera for days at the minimum. very nice. get alot of life out of them and it charges real quick. the charger is made of top quality material. couldn't expect less from duracell.

Cons: the plug for the charger has no extension. if there would have been an internal extending plug it might be more versatile.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
works good9/30/2017 3:47:07 AM

Pros: quick and easy reading

Cons: must be handled carefully

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oddly enough nice dual channel ram9/30/2017 3:45:16 AM

Pros: fit in cases well. great for gamers on a budget, that play older games. games play flawlessly

Cons: depending on the processor, takes a about 60 - 90 seconds to boot up.

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well rounded product for bugdet gamers9/30/2017 3:43:20 AM

Pros: AS it states very durable. can push down on the board while installing heatsinks on fairly heavy items.

Cons: it's a micro atx board, so might have to reposition it for larger/unfitted cases, which makes it difficult to connect to USB

Overall Review: has an onboard graphics which seems on par with graphics cards. havn't tried it yet though

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
th price is right9/20/2017 2:47:30 PM

Pros: A+

Cons: N/a

Overall Review: does what it needed to do. fixed my problem with my monitor not recognizing my DVI cable, or port. VGA worked fine

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Very good product for intermediate desktop enthusiasts9/17/2017 8:24:26 AM

Pros: great for internet browsing, basic tasks, actually has some flexibility to upgrade

Cons: you won't be able to play games with integrated video. you will need a low profile video card. the performance isn't bad but it won't play any games later than 2007 in full 60fps. games 2010 or later won't play well without a serious upgrade of ram and cpu video card. has some flexibility to upgrade but not to high level gamer status. when computer is restarted from sleep mode the fan gets really loud and i end restarting it.

Overall Review: buy this for basic everyday tasks and light casual gaming. you can upgrade but the returns are limited.

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Money Grubbing7/18/2014 12:39:09 AM

Pros: None

Cons: Doesn't Work, Supposed to come with a 5v Ac adapter and it don't work without it. Now i have to wait for the other hub shipment that i ordered with it, to process an RMA back for a refund. Big Hassle! Newegg now rents out to these amatuer vendors for promotional webspace, which in turn hassles the customer and makes newegg look bad.

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