4/17/2015 12:09:39 AM

Pros: great games!

Cons: none!

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Definitely consider this one3/23/2010 9:57:40 AM

Pros: Attractive. Very effective cooling. Quiet. More powerful than the 5770 that I also have (which is a great card by the way). If you can overvolt it, some sites' benchmarks claim it will be close to the 5850 in many tests. This is a nice looking shiny silver card and the temperatures are really encouraging. There is plenty of overclocking headroom. Surprised at the reviewer who got a bent card, packaging seems pretty solid. Supports DirectX 11, although this may not be very relevant for many people right now.

Cons: A little pricey. As others have said, drivers and MSI software support is still immature for this card. The primary issue I see is that overclocking limits are a little restrictive due to inability to overvolt with current software version. I wish I could get the voltage up to the 1.35V max that is listed on this NewEgg description.

Overall Review: Dragon Age looks stunning at 1080P+ with max settings including AA. With a single one of these overclocked it runs basically without a hitch. When I minimize the game, the fans immediately drop from an audible level to nearly inaudible... the noise levels are very tolerable and actually quite pleasant. Bottom line: If you are looking for something above the 5770 but can't quite stomach the 5850's price, give this card a try. I'm confident that as software utility improves, this card will truly shine. If you have extra money you might want to get the 5850, if you are really strapped for cash, settle for the 5770. If you want to try something different while getting a real solid card with future potential, try this out. All 3 cards I believe are winners. If you can hold out, some people think this card will come down a lot in a couple months. But regardless, you can get 1 now and then buy another and crossfire in 9 months time. Remember, this supports DX11.

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Help?11/30/2009 11:42:54 AM

Pros: good performance has kept decent temps

Cons: Using this in an HTPC out to Samsung 46" HDTV. Will not output VGA or DVI... in fact HDMI only works when I use an HDMI to DVI converter plug. Has anyone had these problems?? The HDTV ports have worked in the past so it's not a problem with the TV. The only thing I can think of is that I'm using an old version of Tiny Vista. However I HAVE gotten the latest video drivers for the card and that did not fix this issue (although it helped otherwise).

Overall Review: My 30 days is almost up so if anyone has any bright ideas please let me know! Thanks and New Egg is always the best.

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