BAD FAN9/10/2013 8:09:50 AM

Pros: Excellent video card very powerful for the price

Cons: Fan started making noise within 3 months, failed in less than 1 year. Can't ship out card for warranted replacement and they won't send out a fan.

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1/24/2012 1:00:29 PM

Pros: This is a good value for a budget gaming build. Enough room for the best video cards, fans, water cooling, etc.

Cons: Poor quality overall. Unrefined materials, no cable management, impossible instructions.

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OS INSTALL ISSUES!!!! READ BELOW1/24/2012 12:55:29 PM

Pros: This motherboard has more features that I will use in a lifetime. Overclocking is very mild if you allow the genie to do it's thing. (3.1ghz became 3.2ghz) as opposed to 3.4ghz.

Cons: OS INSTALL ISSUES!! READ HERE Ok, my loss your gain. It took me about 4 hours to figure this out but I did eventually. This MOBO was part of a new build where I had a new HD and my old HD. I had everything installed and ready to go. The BIOS read both hard drives fine, but the OS would not install. In-fact it wouldn't even load the OS loader, it just froze every time. Eventually after much troubleshooting, I had to flash the BIOS with the latest version to resolve the problem. It has been fine since. Non-The-Less, we shouldn't have to flash the bios to install an operating system out of the box!

Overall Review: Additional thoughts. The motherboard has a female power connector with 8 pins. My power supply had a male 6 pin connector and (2) 4 pin connectors. I contacted tech support, and they said a single 4 pin connector would suffice (there are markings on the female connector as to which connections you use in the 4 pin connection).

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1/24/2012 12:47:03 PM

Pros: This chip is fast. Got the 3.1ghz and i can't imagine needing anything more. I play several video games and CPU utilization on even the highest setting has barely gone above 20% for more than a second or two.

Cons: WARNING: YOU WILL WANT A SSD HARD DRIVE. a standard hard drive becomes the bottleneck with this processor.

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1/24/2012 12:41:05 PM

Pros: It's ram.. it does what ram is supposed to do!

Cons: None

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1/24/2012 12:37:54 PM

Pros: Great product at a steal! Does take some time to get the brackets ready and the mounts together

Cons: Difficult assembly.

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Great Deal !!11/30/2007 7:56:49 AM

Pros: Very sleek shape, great picture.. much nicer than my old CRT. And CHEAP!!

Cons: 1 Dead pixel, but you can only see it when the entire screen is black (it shows blue)

Overall Review: Buy it.. you can't go wrong

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