Wow total fail7/7/2020 11:33:07 AM

Pros: Um 4k if u can get the drivers to load... supposed to be 151% better then my last card yet i dont see the improvement

Cons: Wow so many. Disc dont work(looked fine). Laged my pc while trying to load it( i7, 1151, ssd raid, win 7, good enough for this card). Then the online driver download bsod my system. Really dont get how none of that worked. Dx 12 dont work for civ 6

Overall Review: After fighting and reinstalling the downloaded drivers a few times it finally worked. Though no improvement to fps on most my games and this card is supposed to be 151% better then the last card. Useing displayport seems ok.

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some people are stupid!4/12/2015 5:52:11 AM

Pros: Sweet mobo. this thing rocks and takes everything I throw at it. fast. Raid works well (boots to windows in like 2 seconds from power button push). gotta love gigabyte for putting out stable board after stable board. every time I get one its the best out of that chipset.

Cons: make sure you got good cooling. 60c beep on the system temp can get annoying but lets me know to up the fan speeds.

Overall Review: running i7 4770 boosting to 3.9 constant. (water cooling) 2133mhz Gskill ripjaws X on profile settings set it perfect R9 280X 3gig pciX 3.0 (beast also from gigabyte) corsair gt force ssd 128gig X2 raid boots extremely fast when set to ultra fast boot settings corsair 800w power supply. (should be 900w) watch out for ultrafst boot settings it wont activate the keyboard or mouse till windows starts. I recommend installing the software AFTER you get it running right and then set it in windows. then when you need your bios you disable that setting from in windows and you can access your bios again. some people act like they are super techs and really don't know what they are doing so don't listen to the neg reviews I read them and they sound like they don't know how to build a PC..... GET HELP FROM A PRO IF YOU CANT BUILD THIS.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
cheap construction2/18/2015 2:02:14 PM

Pros: I had just the subwoofer ( max pro 12") enclosed it in a 1c ft sealed box. which was recommended. worked for about 3 months if that

Cons: the problem is in the construction of the woofer. the magnet is glued on with epoxy. then there is 5 pins that poke through the spider coming off the magnet they use what looked like a flathead screw driver to split the pin so it spreads like a rivet. problem is that the spider is made of metal so thin it cant hold under the pressure created when putting 1000w peak from a lanzar 1000w peak amp. so the split pin just slips through. the epoxy cant hold if the pins dont hold due to heat building up. so in the end i had a loose magnet that rattled every time bass hit. sounded like it was blown but it was a manufacturing probem because I only had the amp gain at a lil past 3/4. running 4ohm meaning the amp wasn't even putting 1000w to the sub.

Overall Review: I broke in the sub at 1/2 gain for a lil more then a month then went to 3/4. so around 600w-750w peak (don't know due to the 4ohm) if you try to put 2000w peak to this you'll be sorry. 500w peak each is all the construction will allow if you ask me but then the voice coil will over heat due to lack of movement. need's to move to cool itself.... I bought lanzar because when I was growing up it was American made. now its American designed/china made.

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device manager8/29/2012 6:46:24 PM

Pros: looks strong. safe. good enough for price

Cons: non

Overall Review: some people say they cant hot swap this. wrong! goto deivce manager, drives right click, check for hardware changes. (hot swap complete) some people think they have high tech knowledge and dont know what ther talking about hahahah. almost didnt buy this cause of that but i know what im doing so NP

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3-4 yrs still rockin3/17/2011 5:05:42 PM

Pros: this sounds bettter then any stereo ive ever had. even when i was useing the supplied headphone plug's. i now us the optical cable and it's even more crystal clear. 1000w peak! at 80% volume this system sounds good and has never blown out on me yet. i cant have it past notch 3 be for my neighbors get upset(apt)

Cons: even the high's can be heard through the walls/floors. after the 2nd year i bumped(changed the placement) the control module and it got really dim(the blue light) but it still works. PRICE!!!! ok the optical cable,, play a game thats quiet and it will stop sending optical signal. then say a guy creeps up on you and make 's just a small sound you wont hear it unless its more then 900 ms(with my sound card drivers)

Overall Review: ok optical cable,, to fix it to register at 500 ms. which is the amount of time this device takes to register the signal. i uninstalled my sound card and let windows control sound. that droped the time by about 300ms-400m. /differnt fix's include a program that send a silent signal to keep it on all the time. on FPS the sound is amazeing i get called hack just for useing sound! final thought if you got the money to spare grab one of these. mine has lasted about 4 years or more. i expect it to last me another 10 years. i never go past 80%sub or volume so it should never blow out on me and is way too loud at 80% anyways. 2 rooms away rumble at 60%

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time spent for nothing+RMA shipping fees2/12/2010 10:05:49 PM

Pros: lights, good timings

Cons: the bad. rma'ed three sets. 1. one stick failed 2. 2 sticks fail (rma'ed kit i had just got from them) 3. got new version on 2nd rma so rma'ed the 2.2v ones to have matching ones ..... had bsod's like crazy just wasnt stable like other ram i got in now. stable 2 days(for a system that used to bsod every day thats great!) 8 months and 3 out of 6 sticks failed me. not good odds

Overall Review: this is for the older version (2.2v) that should have its own product page.. ,,,,, phenom 940, foxconn A79A-S, 300gb vilociraptor, xfx 4870 1gb these are good parts but acted up with this ram. installed ocz gold 2x2gb kit stability is a must!

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shipping/winter damaged1/4/2010 5:44:19 AM

Pros: sd card slot, got here before xmas

Cons: the lcd froze in shipping and/or rough shipping came non-fuctional

Overall Review: if it worked. it would be a great product. for being recertified you get it for about 1/3 the price(when i got mine)

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mission failed12/1/2009 11:04:03 AM

Pros: havent gotten it yet sure it works though

Cons: cali warehouse shipping is to be disired. they'er kinda slow geting packages off.

Overall Review: order bigger trucks if you have parts still waiting to be shipped that day!!!! one day is enough to make me go somewhere else to get one. wish they were slower so i could have canceled.

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never preorder11/24/2009 5:28:07 PM

Pros: great game

Cons: preordered a month in advance, twos days after being out droped 6.99 should have waited

Overall Review: good game im just nit picking

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what happend to seagate8/10/2009 3:22:03 AM

Pros: Vista got the drive going. lots of space. does work mostly

Cons: BSOD's my amd940 on 790fx build. random clicks i can hear when it times out. a click after you get it going again(by accessing info). this drive wont stay active and wouldnt be good for raid if its "timed out" and you want to start something like video file makes your rig look slow

Overall Review: i never had a problem with this build,,, then i added the drive and now i've lost 4 sticks of tracer ram and i get bsod all the time randomly. bottom line only get this if you are just storeing files and then disconnect it

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should review if you dont know!!5/10/2009 7:44:04 PM

Pros: great supply of power. works with 3870, 300gig vilosoraptor and 80 gig seagate fine....... or two regular hdd not vilosoraptor

Cons: doesnt run vilociraptor and another high gig hdd very well.

Overall Review: think when you buy. just cause it says 21a 12+1 rail, and 22a 12+2 rail. doesnt mean both 6pin have that. it means 4pin has one and the two 6pins have the other!!!!!! dont add those and think this will power your 44a video cards

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very clean and fast12/27/2008 2:54:58 AM

Pros: it works fine and is quicker loading then my other mem card device

Cons: none

Overall Review: this is so much better then the old floppys. puts a Esata plug on front and adds to the front usb's. very nice product and a good price

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very nice12/27/2008 2:48:35 AM

Pros: runs eax 3 flawless in bfv, optical out is great all my game sounds are great. music sounds better too movies in 5.1 nice, dolby optical is better.

Cons: i think its causeing a critical system failure! with just clicking a folder! the folder opening sound must b too much! plus, try changeing the options on something to do with any program joined with the driver cd causes the optical to shut down till the next restart

Overall Review: overall its a nice add to the build my main thing is gameing and when you get to the game it has no problems but surfing the net or expolreing the pc causes random system failure's ,,,,this is a new OS build too is whats messin with me.could b the hdd partitioning is the only other thing it could b

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WOWIEE12/27/2008 2:34:36 AM

Pros: EAX 3 , DOLBY DIGITAL OPTICAL=SICKNESS, 6CH DIRECT=SICKNESS. This reciever is crazy. i knew it would b nice but WOW. sounds good with all my games in eax. remotes options are a plus. control unit has enough options for me

Cons: i would also like to move the sub farther away from the control unit but oh'well....... Is too loud for joined apt.s with the sub up on full

Overall Review: x-fi titanium and this is crazy get um. eax makes me more of a threat when playing games. optical is awesome, never used it bfore but it was simple to hook up. ONE optical cable was all it took where the 6ch took a min to setup, individual volumes for the center sub and suronds, remote ++++ , seems the system is made for apt.s cause of the length of wire but its way louder then acceptable in them lol

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magnets in a pc repair kit?12/27/2008 2:17:25 AM

Pros: security bits! was the only reason i wanted this, also a solder iron+solder wick, and the cool soldering heatsink/twizzers, flashlight

Cons: the other tools hmm. hammer? magnetized screw driver, extender, and telescopeing tool? a worthless vacum/blower? and the kit has a spot that makes it look like its missing a tool? i could have gone without those tools and been better off witht the other driver rosewill makes with the longer philips,cause?no magnet

Overall Review: got this for xmas, come from newegg. great shape for the kit tools look good quality, its just not smart to use magnet tools around your vital info! im lucky and have the 45 piece kit to so i got the no magnet driver rosewill makes... rosewill take the magnet's out and put in the ball for the snap conection on the driverand extender

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good12/11/2008 1:28:53 PM

Pros: multi media buttons dont need drivers installed,works just fine

Cons: hmm, none so far

Overall Review: bought for my mom's pc i setup for her. everything works fine even without the drivers at least it seems that way.

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nice10/13/2008 1:49:32 AM

Pros: great drive for whatever. even gameing

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: good builder drive , and the cheapest on the seagate side. worth the money

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guess it works10/13/2008 1:49:31 AM

Pros: fit, no doa, good packing, can under clock

Cons: couldnt get this to be stable on 1066 now is in 800 at 555-18 . not gameing ram at 1066 but seems ok at 800

Overall Review: bought this to test the ga-ma790fx-ds5 with my phenom 9600 be. it failed. 1066ram+phenom9600+790fx= disappointment and the feeling of being cheated 800ram+phenom9600+790fx=excitement and dual channel phenom users dont waste your money amd's not ready for 1066 in my book, intel users have fun with this ram cause you know you will

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could be better10/13/2008 1:49:31 AM

Pros: fit, and can handle a O/C

Cons: this just doesnt do much better then a stock phenom heatsink.

Overall Review: only reason's i still use this is the ease of installation, most high end ones you gotta take the mobo out to install.this just clips right in ,,, other reason is it cools ram and blows toward the rear exaust fan. 2.5ghz on phenom 9600 load never hit 50c,paired with 35mm scythe less then 3mm between the two

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free gifts rock10/13/2008 1:49:30 AM

Pros: free, extra storage

Cons: kinda slow

Overall Review: this was free after a purchase of a cpu, newegg rocks

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WOW10/13/2008 1:47:45 AM

Pros: 21c with phenom heatsink idle, 27c load. best performance for the price. able to play jerico with a pre O/C rx2600xt smoth no studder on mediun settings

Cons: faster then i expected

Overall Review: i have to sell this now cause its too fast for justs a media center pc. cpu rocks when paired correctly with the other parts. saphire 690g,2gigs 1066 gskill,400w cooler master,msi rx2600xt, seagate .11 80gig hdd all bought newegg awesome build no bad parts, rock on newegg

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O/C's Dream10/13/2008 1:47:45 AM

Pros: high CFM, average noise(awesome for the amount it pushes),, thicker then most

Cons: short power connector, almost didnt go far enough

Overall Review: the power cord is shorter then most, this is the best fan ive found so far. paired with a zalman cpu heatsink theres less then 3 mm in between the two,phenom BE 9600 O/C to 2.5ghz never went over 50c, 2.3ghz was never over 40c. definate must if you have a video card that doesnt vent out the back

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best price9/2/2008 5:33:11 PM

Pros: works, no drivers needed, vista-xp, helps me fly in any game(easier then keyboard) drive cars ect.

Cons: after 6 months something is going to give. analog gets dust in it so it doesnt hit middle every time you let go, the cord breaks on the inside, cord gets loose at the stick so it unhooks then rehooks just by moveing the stick around (to my lap from floor)

Overall Review: ive had 4 of these in the last 3 years buying 5 now. i wish they had stronger cord support from the stick, a stronger plastic on the cord( to withstand being rolled on by my task chair), some way to clean the analog sticks, these are tough though drop it and you shoud be fine

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good enough but ive seen better9/2/2008 2:09:38 PM

Pros: if im right it can go through 46 read write errors before theres a problem wow, my last drive could only handle 6

Cons: price, and no more open box specials, not even close to ocz core series

Overall Review: wanted a good drive and i got it even on open box special!

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works good2/28/2008 12:08:43 PM

Pros: worked to flash my mobo to a better bios that supported the phenom be

Cons: 100%in vista ultimate half the time when just the os is running

Overall Review: im going to use this on my next build to sell itll work great when im done with it with xp

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