love this CPU2/8/2014 5:31:50 PM

Pros: price performance overclockability everything? i cannot say any more good things about this cpu then i already have. after having it for over a year a half i can honestly say this processor is just as good as the old Phenom Black Edition processors. for the money it does more then i could ever want it to to. i use it for streaming all the time and it handles it with no problem. sure its not as fast at rendering like an i5 or i7 but if u have the money for either one of those then u wont be looking at this. for the money it cant be beat (unless the 8320 is on a serious sale) it renders videos in a decent time and handle mutlithreaded programs with no problem. if your thinking of picking up this CPU then i highly recommend it.

Cons: not much... power consumption, and stock cpu cooler sucks. if your over clocking you definitely need an after market cpu cooler.

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Great case for the money! READ THIS REVIEW!1/16/2013 3:26:08 PM

Pros: I love this case. When building my rig i did a lot of research when it came to picking my parts and choosing a case was no exception. lets start off with the room inside the case, simply put, its massive. for a mid-tower case there is more then enough room for anything you want to put inside it. the tool-less hard drive bays are awesome and they work without a problem. i filled up all my hard drive slots with no problem at all and the added 2.5in bays on top are a great bonus for SSD's or in my case spare laptops drives i use for back up storage. fitting in 8 hard drive total in such a small space is a wonderful thing. i played around with the cd/dvd drive up top and even though i dont use my cd/dvd drive it slides in with no problem at all. the thumb screws aren't tightened on too tight and can be removed with just your fingers, Corsair is really gunning for the "tool-less" approach cause the only time i needed it was installing the MOBO and the extra case fans. when it comes to fans this case can hold A LOT of them. granted it only comes with 2 included but thats not a problem at all honestly. the front intake pushes quite a bit of air and the back exhaust does the job also. but you can but a few fans online and add another 120mm in the front under the pre-installed 120mm to cool the hard drives. either a 140 or 120 on the bottom of the case as an another intake. 2 120 or 140mm fans on the top of the case as exhausts and 2 120 on the side as intakes also(not if using a CM hyper 212 see cons). so the air flow in this case is great for its size and not to mention the added rubber grommets are awesome when attaching new fans cause they reduce vibration and sound from the fan. the cable management is good too. plenty of on the back of the case to route cables, and the cut outs are just as good. all in all its a great case for any build honestly first time or experience builders. it can handle an H100 and any other type of water cooling you are interested in if thats what you want to do. expansion slots are easy to remove with the thumb screws and can fit even really long GPU's. the front USB 3 is a great addition and sure it doesnt come with a usb 2.0-3.0 adapter but you should know if your MOBO has a usb 3.0 front header or not. mine did so that wasnt a problem. the air flow is great and the looks are nice too. is it a perfect case? not at all but if your interested in getting it or even thinking about it then you definitely should! PROS: great air flow good cable management enough room for 6 additonal fans making 8 all together watercooling is a viable option it can fit full size GPU's fits a Hyper 212 (but nothing crazy like a Noctua D14...or could it?) enough room for up to 4 HDD's and 4 SSD's(or notebook HDD's) clean sleek look usb 3.0 infront rubber grommets are awesome addition

Cons: the cons of this case arent many and they're kind of minor things but i'll list them cause you need to be honest when it comes to reviewing anything. although the air flow is great for having a closed front end i wish the side vents were a little bigger and let a little more air in the front but adding another fan in the front should do the job. the lack of dust filters is kind of a bummer but for a case that costs less then 50% you cant really complain. the important parts like the psu and the front intake both have dust filters but i would've like to have see the side intakes with them too but thats just me knit picking. the side intakes are available to add 2 120mm case fans to cool the MOBO and the GPU the only problem i ran into was if you are using a mini atx bored with a hyper 212 on it you cant fit another fan on the top side intake. it could be casue im using a mini atx board and when i switch to my full atx bored ill have room for it so im not to worried right now. i just wish the front wasnt a closed front and it was an open mesh but thats ok and for what i wanted to spend going for a 300R wouldnt have been practical. and make sure that if you add a fan in the front and you have filled it up with hard drives make sure you get a fan meant for pressure because the holes are kind of restrictive and a normal fan wont push the air through that much. CONS: non open mesh front no additional dust filters (except on PSU mount and front intake) cramped side intake fan spot (i will update later when i install my new board) regardless of whats written in this section i definitely suggest you buy this case if your interested and it will do what you need

Overall Review: i wish i could give it 6 Eggs

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