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Basic, cost effective laptop

COMPAQ Laptop Presario CQ57-214NR AMD Dual-Core Processor E-350 (1.6GHz) 2GB Memory 250GB HDD AMD Radeon HD 6310 15.6" Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
COMPAQ Laptop Presario CQ57-214NR AMD Dual-Core Processor E-350 (1.6GHz) 2GB Memory 250GB HDD AMD Radeon HD 6310 15.6" Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Pros: Cost effective Decent performance Nice screen

Cons: None noted

Overall Review: In regard to another review, I 'm not quite sure why a Tech Level 5 HDMI Guy would even buy this computer. It's obvious it doesn't have an HDMI output, so why buy if that was so important, and then bash it on the rating? I think this computer is just fine for what it is...a basic laptop for basic computing. It will easily handle everyday tasks such as email, web browsing, watching/playing std CD's/ DVD's, and lower resolution multimedia such as y**tube videos and so on. If you are into gaming, high resolution tasks, and/or more demanding applications, you should expect to pay more and get a higher performance laptop. I like these cheap laptops- they will perform most tasks and you cry a lot less down the road when they get stolen, broken in your baggage, quit working, or your kid drops it during a college party. Its also a lot cheaper to upgrade to newer models as better technology arrives.

Most Critical Review

Declining performance....

PaperPort Professional 14.0
PaperPort Professional 14.0

Pros: Worked well when first installed.

Cons: Performance declined until it was unusable. See other thoughts. I rated it at two stars instead of one because I get almost 3 months of useful performance out of it.

Overall Review: I installed this on a newly built machine with attention paid to a clean install of Win 7 Ultimate w/ no unneeded extras. For sure I thought all the complaints about this product were unjustified....and I have been a user of PaperPort since around V6 I think- it has been a primary program for me. Worked great at first except it installed no less than 4 versions of MS Visual C+, then with updates, it settled at 15 versions. Then a Flexnet updater as well. It still worked fine and I was happy until the performance steadily decreased, becoming slower until it became unproductive. Went through all the troubleshooting, 2 proper re-installs, etc. Nuance Cust Svc? Good luck. Unless you can get this for $30 (and the rebate took 14 weeks) I can't recommend it. Could be fixed (IF the install/reinstall works as it should, which it didnt in my case, again good luck with Nuance CS) but no way is it worth the time to troubleshoot- there is a better product out there.


Good luck if you.....

NordVPN Internet Security and Privacy Software for Windows/MacOS/Android/iOS - 6 Devices - 12-month VPN Subscription - Download
NordVPN Internet Security and Privacy Software for Windows/MacOS/Android/iOS - 6 Devices - 12-month VPN Subscription - Download

Pros: - Is highly rated for security and lack of log retention.

Cons: - NordVPN Customer Service is dismal at best..

Overall Review: Good luck if you need NordVPN Customer Service. I thought I would try NordVPN, and bought it here at the Egg. I had a simple subscription question, so I followed the NordVPN contact instructions and sent them a message from their site interface. My first message went completely unanswered. I sent it a second time a few days later, and added that they did not respond to my first message. That also went unanswered, and also had a pop-up when I sent it that said "If you do not hear from us, try again in 24 hours". Seriously?? They advertise bad Customer Service? What if I really had an issue such as an account lockout? Maybe I am spoiled because I currently have HMA! (also from the Egg)- (and yes, I realize that HMA! does have some log retention) but their Customer Service ROCKS! I did have a Win 10/HMA! issue, it was complex, but HMA! responded quickly and competently in perfect English, in multiple stages, and best of all, solved the problem!


Icy Dock MB324SP-B Suggestion

ICY DOCK 4 x 2.5 SSD to 5.25 Drive Bay Hot Swap Backplane Cage Mobile Rack Comparable to Tray-less Design - ExpressCage MB324SP-B
ICY DOCK 4 x 2.5 SSD to 5.25 Drive Bay Hot Swap Backplane Cage Mobile Rack Comparable to Tray-less Design - ExpressCage MB324SP-B

Pros: - Swapping drives between trays is simple. - Economical.

Cons: - QC not as good as I expected, see other thoughts.

Overall Review: Yeah I know, nobody likes bad reviews....but here is a suggestion if you go with this unit. Before you waste time installing it, try all of the trays in each of the bays. The unit I received would not properly eject 2 trays from Bay 4- when the latch was activated, they would kick sideways and jam in the bay, requiring some fooling around trying to jiggle the tray out. I found out if I pushed hard on the side of the unit (which would be impossible if it was installed), the trays would eject. I tried the trays with drives installed as well, but got the same outcome, only they were harder to get out once jammed. Looking at the unit closely, Bay 4 was maybe a mm or so wider than the rest...probably due to low manufacturing tolerances. If it matters to you, this unit is entirely plastic with the exception of the metal top cover. I really wanted this to work, especially with the simple method of changing out bare drives, but how can I recommend a product that arrives defective? And then, of course, what do you do when it's holding up a build? I decided to cut my losses since my time is worth something- I installed a different used unit, and returned this to the Egg since I wasn't sure if the faults above are typical of this unit... and I don't want to be the manu's QC Person.

Very light on system resources..

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2014 5 Devices - Download
Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2014 5 Devices - Download

Pros: Very light on system resources Always the latest version Customer support was good when contacted See other thoughts

Cons: Will used some data if used on a phone, but not a worry if you have unlimited data Lack of internet connection will affect performance

Overall Review: Works very well for my purposes, running it on XP, Win 7 starter, and Win 7 Pro. Per WR Customer Support: "Disregard the version year, you always have the latest product because we update daily". Also, "You can take advantage of a good price and add the key to your existing subscription (be aware of your version e.g. Complete vs. Plus, etc. and also the number of devices ) and it will 'stack' (add on) to your existing subscription, or, you can save it indefinitely- your subscription date starts when you add the key to the first device".

Good Value

Rosewill REGD-TN439L0 Infrared Thermometer
Rosewill REGD-TN439L0 Infrared Thermometer

Pros: Good value Backlit display C and F scales See other thoughts...

Cons: None noted

Overall Review: I bought two of these and compared them side-by-side. They read within a 1/10 of an F degree at 100F, within 1/2 of a F degree at 32F - consistency between units is always a good sign. It might not be accurate enough for research work, but its great for comparing relative temperatures. I used it to test the case temperatures of some modems, routers, and power supplies I recently bought and it worked well. As with any IR thermometer, the surface color (clear vs. black, etc.) and texture (rough or perforated, etc.) can make some readings inaccurate (but relatively close). At $17 on a SS deal, is a great value.

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Some issues...ORICO 2.5 to 3.5 inch Hard Drive Adapter Converter

The units (2) that I received did not easily mate with the backplane socket in the racks I have...there was a misalignment of the connectors. It was not the racks- regular 3.5" drives slide in perfectly. It was these adapters. I'm not in the habit of slamming drives into a rack for this reason...usually I slide the drive in, close the rack door slightly to lower the ejector, then "feel" the drive alignment with a finger until there is engagement, then push the drive home and close the door. These adapters are "pass through" with a backplane SATA connector and drive SATA connector mounted on opposite sides of a PC board. After experiencing trouble with insertion, I removed the boards from the adapters and shimmed the 2 screws with one thickness of paperboard (like a paper washer). The adapters then inserted effortlessly- the backplane SATA connection on the adapter was too low from the factory. But, because the connectors are mounted on opposite sides of the board, the drive sockets were too high (and were too high initially also) for the drive to lay flat in the adapter. Be careful if you decide to screw the drive to the adapter on the connector end- it probably is not touching the adapter and you could break something. I left those screws out, so the connector would not be damaged. In the end I left all the drive screws out...I felt it was unlikely that the drive would go anywhere. The plastic shell of the adapter appears to be a well made part with threaded brass inserts. This would be an A1 part if the manufacturer can get the socket alignments right. I dislike having to repair brand new items.

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