Probably the worst EggXpert review I have ever given5/20/2021 8:30:27 PM

Pros: Works descent as a wireless charger, great as a pass through. Nice design, solid, sleek, slim. USB-c 3.0-2.0 compatible as a fully functional USB hub.

Cons: Pauses charging often wirelessly, my $6 dollar store charger charges my Galaxy S10 5G an hour faster regardless of power input. No instructions what so ever. No customer support when seeking it. Cable is short, but that is a m00t point being you already own them. HDMI is 15 FPS on my ASUS UX533F Zen Book, 20 on my Gaming PC, non-existent on my Galaxy S10-5G (tried for the heck of it)

Overall Review: When I review an Item, instructions / Documentation / Customer service are just as important as the device itself. I did not receive any of this with this device. If you are a novice (not tech savy) and you buy this device, it may end up as a slow wireless charging device you don't know how to use the other options of that you paid $40 for. Not cool with me. The instructions, tell you to read the instructions before using the device. it is 6 inches tall and double sided.... there are no instructions. OK so I search there site, and find a PDF .... its the same thing. So I kick it up a notch, and kick to Customer service an E-Mail. I get a very rapid response asking me to state my question I already asked about the instructions, so I hit back and just asked, how do I use the HDMI port? They responded with "The HDMII port will allow you to View your device on larger screens" This is unacceptable to me as a reviewer, and I'm sure to most customers that may purchase expecting more. Some reviewers claim it functions perfectly right off thee bat, yet to not specify the equipment they are using it with......... neither does the 101 word sett of instructions.. Therefore to help you purchase Ii will include my test equipment specs. ASUS UX533F Zen Book running windows 10 PC is on a Gigabyte Z270X Desiiganare, Intel I-7700K cpu, 32GB Corsair RAM, and windows 10 Pro phone is Galaxy S10 5G Hopefully everyone else will update with what they used it on.

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Very solid rig.8/21/2020 7:25:09 PM

Pros: Nice thick material, not going to get a paper-cut working inside this case. PSU draws air externally and is filtered and vents externally to keep the case cool. Plenty of room for fans, with SLI I will use them all. Unlike most water cooling cases I have seen / bought over the years, the claimed radiators will not only fit, but you will not have to make sacrifices to have them. Quietest case I have ever owned, but the only one claiming to be. ROB Controller can be controlled be remote, or by the MB, I'm letting my Gigabyte Designare MB control it and it works great. Case has a TON of room in this layout. and makes cable management actually possible if you are like me and have 2 x RAID5's a Hybrid SSD for files and 2 x SSD's for your OS (soon to be an M2)

Cons: Magnetic PSU cover is pretty pointless as it does not have a side window, kind of a m00t point. Not sure I like the front magnetic access cover. If it stays off as much as it is not the kids may end up destroying it, lol.

Overall Review: Overall quality is great, I couldn't even tell it was made in China until I found its instruction booklet. My old case was a CM Stacker I bought 13 years ago. Power button went bad and was not replaceable. This case is maybe 30Db quieter compared to it, witch was an open, but filtered case. I didn't have any issues with the length of my PSU wires, my 13 year old Corsair 750TX PSU has some pretty long wires on it. Case temperatures under full load are about 7°F higher, nothing overheats. Rig is an I770K OC'd, Two GPU's in SLI and a ton of HDD's because my gaming rig is also my Home entertainment storage.

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Worked right out of the box6/14/2020 8:56:25 AM

Pros: Main board picked up it's settings / timings with out changing anything. Passed 3 rounds of memtest with zero errors.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Usually this older style RAM never picks up right in the Main board, you have to set it manually to get it to run at full speed. This picked right up, and I have all 4 slots filled not only with a different brand RAM, but a different Capacity. Maybe it speaks for the main board just as much as the RAM, but it is rare..

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Powerful set of tools, easy installation.6/14/2020 8:48:58 AM

Pros: Microsoft has the best Office tools on the market.

Cons: You have to wait for shipping before you can make the 3+GB download to install it. Key code is tied to your Microsoft account and you will only ever have to type it in once. So waiting on the key card in the mail seems kinda pointless.

Overall Review: Product is powerful, and shipping was fast..

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Fast delivery6/14/2020 8:41:59 AM

Pros: Fastest delivery option, almost instant

Cons: No hard copy, but it is not needed..

Overall Review: Pretty painless purchase.

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Very light, very thin, very powerful.2/10/2019 9:53:58 PM

Pros: IPS display is off the hook for graphics, at any angle. SSD hard driver performance is 1750MB/s read and 1620MB/s write for sequential reads. USB port is good for 434MB/s read and 335MB/s write to my external SSD. Bluetooth functions very well and is very capable. 3DMark11 scores 6779 on performance mode 3dMark Night raid scores 16010 3DMark Vantage scores 17830 PCMark Vantage scores 12302 Modern Warfare 3 with all settings maxed out runs at about 120 FPS (single player so no network bog down) Portal runs at 210 FPS maxed out Diablo runs 310 FPS (Original game) Battery life is pretty good I feel, 2-3 hours gaming 6-7 at work with our software installed, and about 8 hours just streaming music. WIFI is extremely capable of any internet connection, my fastest download was 690MB is 2 Minutes and 13 Seconds. You can adjust battery to only charge to 80% or only 60% so if it is always plugged in, or plugged in most of the time your battery will not go bad any where near as fast (this is very nice)

Cons: Don't try to run OpenGL applications if you don't know how to on NVidia chipsets. Case is VERY prone to fingerprints, wish they put a coating on it to help keep it clean. It's a Laptop (sorry I'm Biased)

Overall Review: Not normally a Laptop person, but I could use one for work so I accepted this review Item. I am very surprised on it's performance compared to what laptops used to be compared to computers. I mean, I can actually game on it, no issues at all, and at good setting, SSD is very fast, CPU is not quite up there with my home rig with it's i7-7700K OC'd to 4.9 GHz or it's dual OC'd video cards........ But IT WILL GAME and do so fairly well. I ran this thing through every Torture test I know, even OCCT PSU for 24 hours, and it never blinked an eye. Heck I even had to reinstall windows because of the testing I did HAHA. All in all I find this Laptop acceptable in every aspect, as a Primary Gaming Computer it's not quite up to my standards, but I am an extremist I suppose. When I was in College I would have killed for a laptop like this. I'm sure I will enjoy this laptop for years to come at work, and maybe even game on it more when we are not busy.

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Very well made12/23/2018 7:30:50 PM

Pros: Fast charging, and fast to charge. Feels solid, very rugged / durable. Has its own cover to protect it and it's charge ports. Reasonably compact for it's power.

Cons: Descriptions do not tell it's measurements. It is 7 inches long, by 3.5 inches wide, by 1 inch thick........ There you are.

Overall Review: This has been perfect for me, can charge my phone 11 times before I need to charge it again, or a laptop. Has a USB-C port, USB 2.0 port, and 3 USB 1.0 ports. charge 5 devices at a time. I live in an area were power outrages are a commonality, something like this is very much needed. I also frequent race tracks for days on end, and camping and concerts............ 11 charges............. Perfect. It weighs almost nothing, and is small enough to store in a cooler pouch, or Large pants pockets.

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Great drive10/21/2018 9:19:57 PM

Pros: Solid, un-Bendable enclosure, seems very rugged. Solid 140Mb/s on large files, Solid 80MbPS on small files, close to 20Mb/s on tiny files. Pretty solid numbers for a drive. Comes with an adapter to USB -A Doesn't change the speed of the drive. But if you do not have USB 3.1 - 3.0 you will be fine, USB 2.0 or earlier will leave you in tears on data transfers as it depends on your hardware. Comes WD software for the N00Bs that want everything to be automated and do what it does instead of what they specifically want.

Cons: Cable was kinda long for laptop users, and kinda short for PC users............ so basically perfect, I just wanted to type something here.

Overall Review: So far my use of the drive has been a good experience. after a full blown 3.56TB upload to the drive it did not get hot, slow down, or even die. I have tested this drive to the max with tiny, medium, and large files and it never gets warm. Heck I even dropped it once to see if it would slow down ....... it did not. So far it is a Very solid platform and I hope WD expands on this platform

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Great drive for a budget, and better warranty than most in it's class8/1/2018 9:16:37 PM

Pros: 3TB's will store a ton of DATA Drive runs cool , never hit higher than 37°C in my very well cooled case, even after a 2TB DATA Transfer. Small and large files read and write at about the same speed........ Not an extraordinary speed, but near the same speed.

Cons: I hear the head click on rare occasions. other than that it is pretty quiet.

Overall Review: I ran this drive in my I7700K @4.73GHz with 32GB of RAM in my Gigabyte Z270x-Designare MB to test it. Read speeds in real world applications are about 120MB/s with a 13.4ms Access time. Large files (730GB of movies being copied from my 2TB SSHD) the drive was running 100% usage and writing an average of 102MB/s with an average access time of 1685ms. My SSHD was reading the files at 45% usage with a 2.0ms access time as fast as it could take the DATA. Small Files (640GB of Music from my 2TB SSHD again) The drive was running 100% usage and writing at an average of 89MB/s with an access time of 2123ms on average. While my SSHD was reading at 55% usage with a 3.2ms access time average. This drive won't be living inside my PC as I have much faster drives available, but it will live in a budget machine for some one. It is a great drive for users that need tons of storage, but do not require a lot of speed, (Those Access times though.....) With the access times I listed I would not suggest attempting to place this drive in a RAID array, no way any controller would go very long without dropping the drive like a hot box of rocks.

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Love it, quiet, fast, and runs cool5/22/2018 9:38:45 PM

Pros: After 800MB of files it never slowed down. Large files average 140MB/s Medium files average 105MB/s Small files average 2.5MB/s Small enough to fit in your pocket, large enough to fit a lifetime of Photos. great little drive to carry stuff around to were ever you need it.

Cons: no real cons, wish it had a longer usb cable supplied, software only downloadable for windows.

Overall Review: Very quiet little drive with a lot of storage. I have the Blue one, it is a very nice, Bright but dark blue. Software available lets you back-up files on your PC, or secure your data with Encryption (windows only)

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Reasonable price, solid platform.3/6/2018 8:22:13 PM

Pros: Nice and small for 650W PSU, and very quiet. 120mm PWM fan is barely noticeable. Corsair's internals in this unit are of mid range quality, and for the price it is worth it. Nice grey color theme, I think, will prevent to much color clashing in most case setups.

Cons: Not Modular, but not an issue in many builds.

Overall Review: As usual Corsair has pumped out another High efficiency PSU that captures its target area of the market in it's price range.

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Coolermaster shot this one right down the middle and scored.1/6/2018 6:29:49 PM

Pros: Semi - passive and very quiet. Plenty of length and connector choices on the Flat braided heavy cabling. 5 year warranty Very reliable 120MM fan. Low Ripple noise, even under full load, And over 80% efficient across all loads.

Cons: Teapo Capacitors, It's not going to burn your house down, but they could have done better.

Overall Review: In the market they targeted, at this price. This is a great buy for your heavy loaded rig, or Gaming PC. It is quiet, efficient, and capable of clean power for years in your build. Coolermaster is one of the Companies I have watched "Grow up" over the years Even back when they were Thermal Master they made exceptional products, and always strive to do so. They have a few bad eggs over the years, but for the most part have been a great choice for products. This PSU is no exception with HEC internals, a very reliable and quiet fan, Heavy Cabling and a 5 year warranty.

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Fast and large10/31/2017 7:12:44 PM

Pros: It not only gave me the numbers advertised, some were slightly better. Drive runs 3°C warmer than room temperature after a 400GB file transfer. New architecture keeps the drive very cool while using very little power. WD SSD software is very useful and easy to use, you can even run trim whenever you want. (however the original Sandisk version of it has more tools and is almost identical.) 500TBW endurance rating far above most 3 year warranty. LDPC error correction on a Marvell 4 channel controller

Cons: None that can be spoken of, other than the drive is not much to look at if you are running an open case with it visible.

Overall Review: Crystaldiskmark on my I-7700K PC running a Gigabyte Designaire MB with 64GB of Corsair Vengance RGB DDR4 3200. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CrystalDiskMark 5.5.0 x64 (UWP) (C) 2007-2017 hiyohiyo ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * MB/s = 1,000,000 bytes/s [SATA/600 = 600,000,000 bytes/s] * KB = 1000 bytes, KiB = 1024 bytes Sequential Read (Q= 32,T= 1) : 560.651 MB/s Sequential Write (Q= 32,T= 1) : 531.653 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 357.427 MB/s [ 87262.5 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 313.701 MB/s [ 76587.2 IOPS] Sequential Read (T= 1) : 533.554 MB/s Sequential Write (T= 1) : 506.068 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 42.004 MB/s [ 10254.9 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 138.997 MB/s [ 33934.8 IOPS] Test : 1024 MiB [F: 0.0% (0.2/1863.0 GiB)] (x5) [Interval=5 sec] Date : 2017/10/31 21:40:16 OS : Windows 10 [10.0 Build 16299] (x64) And on HD Tune it did not fair as well as my SanDisk only getting 389MB/s compared to 465MB/s The WD does great on smaller file sizes but chokes a bit on Larger files compared to my sandisk. However my Sandisk only scored 510 and 490 on the Crystaldiskmark Q= 32,T= 1 test. HD Tune: WDC WDS200T2B0A-00SM Benchmark Transfer Rate Minimum : 373.5 MB/sec Transfer Rate Maximum : 389.6 MB/sec Transfer Rate Average : 380.6 Access Time : 0.1ms Burst Rate : 177.6 MB/sec CPU Usage : 1.6% Overall if Gaming or most using it as a place to store small files with large capacity and high speed this is the best drive for it. If you need large space for massive files and high speed is a must another drive might be better suited.

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Solid Gaming RAM9/5/2017 8:59:44 PM

Pros: Great looking low profile Memory that clocks well, and easily. Will fit just about any space needs, it is very low profile. XMP profile make sit very easy to get it up to speed without any hassle. (Provided your Board supports it)

Cons: None that i can see.

Overall Review: I'm running this in my Z270x-Designair MB with my i7700k CPU at 4.8GHZ and it is running flawlessly. It runs every bit as fast as my 32GB set of Vengeance RGB Lighted memory and I am definitely going to build the PC I do around it. Corsair is a very solid company when it comes to memory, keyboards, mice, and high end power supplies. You definitely get what you pay for with them!!

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6TB of Purple Power8/23/2017 7:06:30 PM

Pros: Rugged design for 24/7 use in hot and Harsh environments. 6TB can hold the data of 16 Cameras at 1280x720 for almost 9 days. Low Power Consumption means less heat created. Seamless integration with many name brand enclosures. Fully capable in large raid arrays.

Cons: Only 5200 RPM, but designed for 24/7 Use up to 180TB/yr

Overall Review: An excellent choice for any Surveillance system with capacities up to 10TB and the drives over 4TB in size support 8+ Bays while the smaller drives support up to 8 bays. Was not a loud drive for me, Maybe 30 decibels, but you are going to hear 10 of them running together no matter what. In my use after sustained use the drive leveled out at about 120MB/s during constant use, this will vary by system obviously.

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Came in a super nice box8/2/2017 7:32:36 PM

Pros: Kidding, who cares about packaging, you are tossing that in the trash anyways. Very solid performance from this drive, and runs at about average temperatures. Noise is on Par with my other 7200 RPM drives in this ranking. That box though WOOOO!!!

Cons: Low warranty period in comparison.

Overall Review: This drives performance is besting my other NAS SATA drives and it is twice the size. They are getting 184Mb/s and this drive is getting 208Mb/s. I have no complaints on this drive that actually matter, quite a nice drive, but other drives do have longer warranty periods in this class. For better performance keep it cool, I noticed even though the drive stays cool the Modules tend to slow after long periods of use slowing the drive quite a bit, point a fan at it and it wakes back up so I will classify this as a hot drive even though the temps reads OK. but even that isn't an Egg off the review because if you are arunning a serious NAS and don't keep your stuff cooled you are gonna get fired anyway.

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Very fast, very functional.6/22/2017 9:29:21 PM

Pros: Easy OC with unlocked Multiplier, hit 4.8GHz on a $20 Hyper 212 cooler I bought years ago.

Cons: Very hot CPU, as hot as my AMD 939 chipset 4800+ unless you unlid and repaste it (very risky)

Overall Review: Very fast and functional CPU on a strong chipset like 170 or 270.

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DOA, but great looking board (long story)6/22/2017 9:07:50 PM

Pros: Love the lighting effects, and the aesthetics of the boards look and feel. XMP profile hit perfectly with my Corsair RGB DDR4 3000 32GB set of RAM. Fan controls in BIOS are VERY NICE, you can control all fans to the CPU temp if you like. (or system 1 or other things) 5 fan / pump headers.......... though I admit I wish it had a few more. Additional PCIe slots are usable even with dual slot GPU's installed (big deal with me)

Cons: Board was DOA when it arrived, 4 or so pins were missing from the CPU slot. Support took 6 days to respond to my E-mail, and them took 10 days to ship it back after they received it. Customer service was very knowledgeable and well behaved when contacting them, but the 6 day response kinda erked me a bit. they did not charge me for the repair, and it was fully tested before returned to me. BIOS is a bit on the lamens side, wish it had a broader range of options for more advanced users. Only real modes it has are n00b and tweaker. Do not update the BIOS to F2 as it is ONLY for Optane memory use, unless you are planning on using Optane.

Overall Review: Only egg lost was the DOA and 6 day wait for a response with Customer support. I work when there call hours are available and had to use the E-Mail system, definitely needs Improvement. So far right out of the box this is a good board for a moderate Gaming rig with a mild OC, I will do a bigger OC later after adding win10 and a better cooler. It gives all your basic Voltage and basic speed settings, but no advanced level tweaks that i like to use. The lighting and it's software are very nice, and you can be pretty creative with it if you like. With all the RBG stuff I have from creative it is kinda taking over my living room as far as Ambient light :D (keyboard, mouse, fans, RAM) if you like your PC to bee seen, and seen well, this Mainboard will do your rig justice.

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Very Nice RAM6/22/2017 7:47:11 PM

Pros: Have so far tested it at speeds of 3300MHz XMP sets it Directly to all its specified timings on my Gigabyte Z270X-Designare main board. RGB Lighting is great, love that you can flip / remove the grills. Link software also can set the lighting to temperatures within the system AKA turn red when hot, blue under 44c.

Cons: Sticks are very tall, can only run one fan on my heatsink, to be expected though.

Overall Review: This RAM is a very nice touch to a veiwable system, no extra wires, and tons of options / colors to deal with for any color / lighting scheme.

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Well priced3/16/2017 1:39:01 PM

Pros: For what it is it works well for me. Easy set-up Great price Perfect for an area with low usage, not for gaming or file streaming

Cons: Sometimes it can be hard to find an outlet in range of the area your trying to cover that has a good signal to your main router. Learn the difference between DHCP and Static connections, you want static.

Overall Review: It's great for it's price and what it is. If you want to game or do rapid file transfers you want to be hard wired, or at least need a hard wire to a Wireless Access Point. If you are trying to gain a signal in an area that will receive allot of traffic (more than 2-3 phones or more than 1-2 laptops) then you definitely need to look into TPlinks Power line adapters. Or learn how to set up an additional router as a Wireless Bridge. If you just want to use occasional WIFI in your Garage or out building or back patio this is perfect for you. EDIT: After 2 years this device still works perfectly. I have recently gained another unit and added it to my bedroom, and it performs the same.

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Love it2/26/2017 7:18:34 PM

Pros: Great feel, nice weight, and great fit for my XXX glove size wearing hands in comparison to most. Lighting is great, no bleed through, and fully customizable 4 lighting areas. I don't play MMO's, but the G-Keys make life easy in FPS games for sure, move your hard to reach F-keys and other keys to the mouse pad G-Keys. Can Costomize my lighting across my keyboard and headphones with it (all Corsair RGB)

Cons: Software can be a pain, see my direction in "Other" as well as other review made so far. I spent some time playing with it to do a proper review. USB cable is quite stiff, if it is not allowed to move freely for at least 24 inches it can hamper your movement. The 1 Button in the most forward position is so low down I can barely press it. I wish I could reprogram the Profile button to be a DPI down button so I can go up or down............ it only stores 3 profiles anyway so what is the point of the profile button???? I like the weight of the mouse, but I would like to be able to change it's weight, I do like a heavy mouse or I come off the desk to much.

Overall Review: Since I saw so many flaws with the software in other reviews, and my own experience that I decided to play with it for several scenarios to see what happens. 1. Profile names = Profile xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2. Software will not save to mouse. 3. Software states current configuration will is not the same as in the mouse. 4. Software profiles crash and mouse becomes unusable. 5 Software profiles crash and K70 Rapid-fire keyboard becomes glitchy. 6. software installs, but is barely visible/usable. All these scenarios seem to have a common thread, either older versions of the software, or other CUE components previously installed causing glitches due to old profiles not including new components. Many issues in other reviews I have read on this can be resolved by taking these steps. To keep it short, I rolled it into one. Lets say you started with the VIOD Headphones on there Cue 1.14.43 software. when you uninstall the old software even following the direction in the Corsair Forums the profiles still remain for the headphones. The same will happen with your keyboard. My fix did this, uninstall the old CUE, go into APP_DATA and delete the corsair folder. NOW install the latest CUE software for the mouse, 2.9.53 currently, this is the tricky part. even if it does not install perfectly usable, go to each device and update it's firmware. RBG Polaris, Keyboard, Void headphones as well as the mouse. they must be updated THROUGH THIS SOFTWARE TO WORK WITH THIS SOFTWARE. NOW, reboot the PC and all that as instructed. THEN, un-plug the mouse.......... Hold BOTH the left and right click keys on the mouse, and plug it back in while holding them, this will force an update on all RGB devices that are plugged into the PC (make sure the headphones are plugged in by USB and turned on). Now you need to uninstall the software again, make sure you select the option to erase all user profiles while you uninstall it. Reinstall the software after all the reboots, and then begin setting up your profiles .............. each profile will span across all your devices, mouse keyboard, headphones, and Polaris. The reason for all the glitches is because of the latter part of this, each profile MUST contain the characteristics of EACH INSTALLED DEVICE, or it will become glitchy, or even unusable, after all, you want them to switch all at the same time for profiles right??? GmsCool

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Great drive1/10/2017 7:44:39 PM

Pros: Not an enterprise class drive, but pretty close. 7200rpm disk and 256mb cache make this a hard competitor in it's class Very quite drive, VERY R.A.I.D. compatible After weeks of use with 4 cameras at 1920x1080 I haven't filled this drive yet, it hasn't missed a moment of capture, neither has it gotten over 36*f in my well cooled case.

Cons: This is not a drive you buy for gaming or storage, this is specifically meant for video capture, by desighn and by Firmware, not really a con, but need to mention it is has a very specified use for this drive.

Overall Review: With peaks at 230MB/s writing, and reads 180 MB/s this drive with it's very large cache is extremely versatile, and very much worth every penny in it's class. I've seen a few hard drives in my days, and Seagate has been on the top of the line for me for over a decade. Currently in use I have 2 x 500GB drives 7200.10's from 2006 in raid 0, still running flawlessly, 4 x7200.11 750GB drives in raid 5 since 2008, only one failure a year ago. A 2TB SSDS in use for two years, never a hiccup, and two 2TB 7211's in raid 1 as an external back-up on a high point raid card for back-up in use for 6 years............ never a flaw.

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Great fans, not a "fan" of the wiring / lighting12/8/2016 9:49:06 PM

Pros: Great positive pressure and airflow, and not very noisy compared to my other fans (I have a lot of them in this rig) Several modes of display, and solid colors. Packaged very well.

Cons: Center hub mounted LED's are dim. RGB controller has to be externally mounted ............ messy and undesirable Can not be synced to my other Corsair Keyboards, Headphones or other case RGB lighting

Overall Review: They are a good fan and a nice novelty for a Novice Builder or easy add-on improvement to a rather dark and warm case. But they are nothing that I could fall in love with. My only wish, is that they could ... would .... will.. link them to the other software to the other RGB devices AND GET THEM ALL IN SYNC! Now, that would be cool.

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One of there best wireless extenders yet10/23/2016 6:54:18 PM

Pros: Two antennas!! Very easy set-up. White

Cons: Short cord Only allows small items to be plugged in with it, no power bricks.

Overall Review: This is one of the best I have tested from them, and I have like 5 of these things from them. Very easy set-up, better signal than the others, and far fewer drop-offs. Has plenty of user configurable settings available for different needs.

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Cheep upgrade9/28/2016 10:36:20 PM

Pros: Worked right out of the package at 1.5v changed settings to 1.35v and proper CAS settings and it was even faster than expected with a 10% power savings on average.

Cons: CAS settings are not labeled in the package People say the package is hard to open........... but I use a seat belt cutter to open packages like these and it's like butter

Overall Review: MACbook pro, upgraded from 4gb to 8gb............................. beware of your macbook's capabilities before upgrading, many say they will take it, but in fact will not.

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