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NG at Low Speed12/28/2013 3:14:48 PM

Pros: Moves air

Cons: Mine has the chirping sound at low speed like MrPogi's review states below. Mine is running at around 800-900 rpm. I guess the sound goes away at higher speeds like MrPogi indicated, but that doesn't do me any good when I'm using very little system resources surfing/emailing/etc and the bios chooses to run the fan at low speed. It should be the most quiet during times like that, but it just has that annoying whistle. I know the sound is in the electronics, since I can still hear it when I stop the fan with my finger. Maybe the electromagnets are oscillating from the pwm.

Overall Review: I seem to remember there may have been a setting in Speedfan that got rid of the noise, but I stopped using Speedfan and gave up on this fan long ago. Lots of people seem to like this fan so maybe it is just not compatible with the pwm circuit on my mobo (ga-ex38-ds4), although I've got another brand of pwm fan running happily at the same speed without any noise.

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Works Great10/20/2010 7:23:30 PM

Pros: Running 4GB at 1111 MHz, 5-5-5-15, 1.88v, tRC=52 Getting around 4800 MB/s according to Memtest86+

Cons: None

Overall Review: 2 passes on Memtest86+ with no errors (took ~2 hours) I can't wait 12 hours! Mobo is GA-EX38-DS4. At first the BIOS automatically set memory to 1066, but also automatically boosted the voltage to 2.1v (apparently to compensate for the higher speed). I guess the BIOS is programmed to overvolt at that speed, but this is low-voltage high-speed ram. Had to set SPD manually to get to 1111 MHz and bring the voltage down to 1.88v. Should have been 1.8v according to my settings so it looks like my MOBO reads high or supplies a bit high with respect to the memory voltage. Anyway, I also changed usual timing variables to 5-5-5-15 manually. Wish I knew how to set all the other ram variables my BIOS has: Rank Write to READ Delay Write to Precharge Delay Refresh to ACT Delay Read to Precharge Delay Static tRead Value Static tRead Phase Adjust Command Rate (CMD) All those are set to <AUTO>

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Finally happy!5/1/2008 10:02:33 PM

Pros: Large enough to cool very well, but not monstrously heavy.

Cons: It covers at least one of my 2 memory sticks (don't remember if it's both), but I don't plan on changing the modules already in there. A bit tricky to install on a 478 socket. I had to grasp the clips with needle nose pliers to clamp it in place because there's little room between the bottom fin and the top of the clips to get your fingers in there and a decent amount of force is required. No backplate is needed or supplied for mounting, but I still took my mobo out to install it because the mobo is 9.6x9.6 inches and my case is small - no room to work easily in there and I foresaw having to use those pliers for the clips. I just took my time and planned the install to work around the problems. Despite these issues, I don't regret the purchase because it performs the way I wanted it to. 45 minute install for a computer that will run for several more years (I hope!). 5 stars for the Ninja Mini.

Overall Review: I was looking to reduce noise, not overclock. I bought this cooler to replace a "non-heatpipe" cooler I bought 1 year ago. That cooler was an improvement over the stock cooler, but still loud when the temp demanded that the fan kick in at 100%. The Ninja Mini reduced load temp peak by 5 to 6 degrees celcius and idle temp by 1 degree and the Arctic Silver 5 hasn't even settled in yet. I don't suspect I'll get CPU temps requiring 100% fan speed anymore because this cooler saps more heat from the CPU -- it's not just about your cooling fan. More heatpipes and larger size makes a difference, and the Ninja Mini is a good balance of all factors. The case temp went up by a degree or 2 because the other 2 coolers blew downward onto the mobo, but I can live with that. The Scythe fan is VERY quiet compared to the other cooler I bought, especially at 100% speed. I went from the stock leafblower to a hairdrier, to the sound of a light breeze, and with better load temp and lower noise at 100% speed

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